Love Advice From the Great Duke of Hell | Episode 3

Love Advice From the Great Duke of Hell | Episode 3

owo whats this
a friday vid! enjoy!

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thank you for coming on such short notice as you may have already noticed while coming here there is a massive fucking hand on the roof of our building this is without a doubt a direct attack from the demon worshiping cult known as the sons of Baphomet as only an entire group of skilled conjurer's could have cast such a powerful spell a blatant childish provocation using their forbidden magic but the citizens are still unaware of the evil forces that surround our world for we the holy order have kept it safe for centuries and this will not change we have to quickly locate if I may I believe they're even more pressing issues to discuss and what could those issues be we first needed a sad once and for all who the best Powerpuff Girl is I'm sorry what do you mean we already know who the best girl is yes I know buttercup is by far the best but there are still fools who think otherwise what did you say I mean she can kick some serious ass and is freaking cool what else do you want bubbles can communicate with animals you uncultured swine and she speaks Spanish and Japanese are you mentally challenged how can you be rooting for that cry-baby no Mojo Jojo best girl you No but what is wrong with them this is ridiculous you bunch of heretics need to acknowledge bubbles greatness you're crazy ego what is that a lack in this unrealistic character at least buttercup is relatable unrealistic character bubbles is just so sweet and cute how is that unrealistic you're flawed way of looking at people's heart is what will bring your doom Smith speak for yourself you're blinded by your own ideals Mojo Jojo still best girl are you shut up just why that monkey please stop heretics heretics everywhere they're hopeless these morons can't be trusted anymore fortunately I have at least one reliable agent she may be inexperienced but her skills are genuine good afternoon agent Moore I have a mission of great importance to give you I'll come by tomorrow to give you the details yes sir understood goodbye right um I'm coming you all right star said to give me all the bloopers keep them all in so in return I expect all of them to be in the next video all five or ten minutes of it which will probably end up being twice as long as the video itself but it gives it care still though know how he's like without a doubt a direct attack from the demon worshiping bitch who ever fuck it's just like no doubt just appear there it's gotta be demons obviously it's because I rolled my arse and started speaking Spanish and then I just went to show you better include that please that's comedy gold right there ladies and gentlemen

21 thoughts on “Love Advice From the Great Duke of Hell | Episode 3

  1. How are these top rank agents of an secret organisation that hides the existence of the Supernatural Evil surrounding humanity such weebs? XD

  2. Igor and smith are in a powerpuff waifu anime wars. Then we got the chick saying 'Mojo Jojo' is best girlโ€” I feel as if they can be FULLY trusted.

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