40 thoughts on “Love Advice from GWAR

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  2. "theres people outside and sometimes they're inside so go to those 2 places" i rewatched that so many times. funniest thing ive heard all week

  3. Gwar should've done videos like these all the time! All the pussy millennial snowflakes love being offended, why else would they get so easily offended! Tasteless comedy is important in Gwar! Bwahahahaha!

  4. GWAR is my new god – he is so fuckin smart (ass) – he's shamelessly disrespectful, politically incorrect and basically dumb as fuck. he makes that insult Dog Triumph seem like a boy scout. GWAR POTUS 2020. you heard it from me 1st!

  5. Gwar your pal Chuckles The Clown needs some love advice.
    I was seeing this girl for a few weeks now had lots of amazing sex over those few weeks.
    And then i sneezed.
    And that's when she realized i been standing outside her window masturbating.
    What should i do?

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  7. as soon as the dog-guy came on, i was like 'im in love with a dog named pookieeee' and sure enough, they gave him the correct advice XD

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