Lonzo Ball Gets TRASH Rating In NBA 2K & People Are Not Okay With It!

Lonzo Ball Gets TRASH Rating In NBA 2K & People Are Not Okay With It!

The 2K team are still slowly sharing the overall ratings for players around the league and the most recent to be posted was Lonzo Ball. The reaction is mixed to say the least. Lonzo also expresses the difficulties he had playing with the Los Angeles Lakers.
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the 2k team are still slowly sharing the overall ratings for players around the league and the most recent to be posted was Lonzo balls the reaction is mixed to say the least Lonzo also expresses his difficulties he had playing with the Los Angeles Lakers what's going on phone fanboy Chris but you can also find me over on my youtube channel CK 2k but make sure you subscribe right here hit that notification bell and don't forget to like this video no matter what happens in lonzo's career unless this man pops off for 30 points per game and like 25 assists in his next season people will still find reasons to hate on the oldest ball boy as much as I dislike the Lakers I've openly admit to being a big fan of number 2 and thank God he was traded well in this week's episode of hate on Lanza for no reason the 2k team posted a picture on Twitter announcing Lanza is going to come in at a 79 overall rating if the reviews are mixed because people who actually watch the dude play believe that's a bit low while the skeptics think that two caves being generous the fact of the matter is in each of his last two seasons oh came into the season with an 80 overall rating now before I continue it's no secret that I actually played 2k hence my damn youtube name CK 2k and the fact that people are so upset about his rating just blows my mind can we talk about the fact that to case still games oh his stupid like arm shirt sleeves wait doesn't even wear those anymore that's not a big issue but neither is the fact that he's a 79 over all y'all do understand that 2k updates the players ratings throughout the season right and for those who think it is too high first off you're just eating because for someone to be as talented both on defense and passing the ball that alone will make his rating pretty high now imagine if he shoots the ball next season at a higher rating that will only add on to his overall now his counterpart the Aaron Fox got a rating of 86 and even the resurging Derrick Rose is sitting at an 80 so in hindsight a 79 kind of makes sense all I'm saying is stop trying to find every little thing to kill this poor kid and let the dude live that's just my take but up let's check in with Twitter and see what they have to say on Zoe's rating Joseph responded by saying if Tatum is an 85 Mitchel and 88 Fox at 86 Lanza deserves in 82 what is this blasphemy first our rating brick-oven Mitchell over top 25 player drew then this okay y'all please stop hating on my pelicans man down now I'd love to see so bump it up but let him earn his a – Joseph also Tatum ain't no damn 85 but as usual we're not talking about him Jamie seems to agree with Joseph's rating he says she'll be at least an 82 what the fuck is this Lakers were lost without him everyone just basing him off stats shaking my head the King simply used a very relatable meme saying and we are off to the comments section let's see what the experts have to say Jay also thinking zou should be a higher rating said it's too low he's easily an 82 to 85 well that's a lot more Alonso stairs than I expected but like I said earlier let's wait on the update if he's healthy there's no doubt my mind Zoe's rating will get bumped up so let's get back to zou in the real world shall we logical fest how difficult it actually was for him growing as a player and person while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers before he was even drafted he was already connected to trade rumors and that carried on all the way until he was finally shipped to New Orleans with the arrival of LeBron it was no secret though rebuild process would go out the window and the Lakers proved it by shipping all of their young talent for a superstar Lanza spoke on how it felt to be a young guy in a win now organization he said I think it was tough being a young guy especially in LA with all the people looking at you we had a lot of responsibility over there I think just growing up being in the league two years you find ways to block it out I know I was doing it myself before I got hurt I know B I was I know J Hart was it comes down to just playing basketball everything else is extra and that's the sad reality of big market teams fan bases especially the Laker fans are so accustomed to having stars and chances at winning championships right now that the thought of building scratch is blasphemous hello it only took the damn next 20 years to finally commit to a damn rebuild compared to throwing money away at all of the wrong people year in and year out so what say you for my family's lawns Oh 79 overall rating too low or is it too high let me know what you think in the comments below spin you boy Chris and I'll catch you guys in the next video I'm out

20 thoughts on “Lonzo Ball Gets TRASH Rating In NBA 2K & People Are Not Okay With It!

  1. Ironically, the NBA Draft doesn’t ALWAYS know how to pick em… Sometimes the top picks end up being the biggest losers. We dove into the history of the draft to find the players who had the most potential but for one reason or another didn’t live up to the hype. Tell us who you think the biggest disappointment came from: https://youtu.be/WGZieLGsMaA

  2. Most Laker haters either A. Hate cuz we have won so many times. B. They don’t like Kobe Bryant. C. Mid 2000s Dr. Jerry Buss picked youth over age and kicked shaq out and kept Kobe. (In retrospect shaq only got one more and Kobe got 2. And I know a lot people from SC that don’t like Kobe for this specific reason. And that’s where majority of the clipper fan base came from.)

  3. If his free throw more than 50% okay but my plasma with hdtv saw it even the tattoo game @ that % im givin him 63%

  4. Its too low. I watched a lot Lakers games this season and he’s a fucking stud. His offense will come along he’ll probably average like 18ppg for his career and finish top 5 in passing when he retires.

  5. Lonzo deserves the rating he got. He has to prove it this year and stay healthy. Stop bandwagonning on BBB. How much did lavar pay you

  6. Also ja morant is a 79 and I feel Lonzo is a better passer and defender than ja. Yes ja can get buckets but we haven’t seen what he can do in the nba so that’s why I feel he should be at least an 80 if the rookies who haven’t even played a game yet deserve the same rating as a arguable top 5 defensive pg in the league

  7. Look in my opinion I watched almost every laker game last year Bc Lonzo is my favorite player. He locked up big name stars like kemba when he was playing well, Russell Westbrook, curry, and dame Lillard all shot 32% or less while being guarded by him. He is a way underrated defender and a gifted passer. I know sometimes he makes bad flashy passes but he is still young and that comes with being young and still needing to grow. I’m just saying Lonzo deserves at least an 80 or 81

  8. Shid 79 ain't bad shit, that's more than what I thought they'd give him TBH 🤷🏾‍♂️I fuck with Zo tho he just godda gone get in his bag

  9. I mean his defense isn't bad his offense could still use work before the game comes out he might be an 81 to 84 I believe

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