LG G8 ThinQ: 50+ Tips and Tricks (Brilliant)

LG G8 ThinQ: 50+ Tips and Tricks (Brilliant)

In this video, I will share 50+ tips and tricks for the LG G8 ThinQ smartphone. LG G8 is an amazing smartphone and comes with the new air motion technology, so you can control your smartphone with your hands.

In this LG G8 ThinQ review, we will get you well acquainted with this smartphone by giving you tons of tips and tricks.

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now before we dive in if you find my videos useful make sure to click that subscribe button and also make sure to click that Bell icon on the side to get notified every time I upload a new video and of course if you do use Twitter Instagram or Facebook make sure to follow me on all at sake Tech online also for the latest updates all right let's dive in hey guys sock here from sake tech it in today's video I'm gonna show you guys 50-plus tips and tricks for the LGG eight thin q smartphone that is right over here so LG was kind enough to provide me with their retail units right over here so let's dive in and discover a ton of features that are packed into the software of the LG I do I'll let you know that I will be talking about the hand motion technology that allows you to unlock your smartphone with your hand and also control the LG G 8 with your hands as well but that will be towards the end of the video now the very first thing I want to talk about has to do with the notch so as you can see the LG does have a notch but ology does give you a couple different options on how to hide or show the notch so let me go into the settings I want to show you exactly what I'm talking about so let's go to the settings right over here let's go into the display and of course LG calls that the notch area the new second screen so when I tap on this one here is the standard view so this is what you get with the notched view now let's say that you're not a fan of this nice view what you can do is you can go to the custom over here and you can do the usual and do a complete black bar on the top which is the option you get on most of the other smartphones and of course when you go back into the settings display new second screen you can also actually pick different colors on the top and here's two of my favorites now this one is okay but it still gives you a color and makes it not a little bit visible but these two over here actually make the knotch much more tolerable than other smartphones okay so it actually gives you some screen real estate on these two sides and also kind of phases the not out into the screen so it looks much better so I have this option as well right over here which is my favorite and you can also do a call option which is this one right over here it's all gonna be up to you you know some people don't even care about the night some people do care about it but then LG gives you these extra options to customize it which looks much better and of course over here you can also choose the way the apps twist around the corner so I can if you don't want this twist you can tap this one then you get a more squared version and if you tap on this one you get more twisted version so I'm gonna keep it like this because this is the way I like it I also like this one right over here but this one is a little bit more colorful so I'm going to keep that right now okay now let's go back out and move on to some other things now one thing I like about LG is the amount of software customization they provide to the end-user the next thing I like about the LG G a is a feature that has been disappearing from other phones but I'll he's keeping it so that's great so let me just launch an application so let's say that I do launch the application and at the bottom we have a navigation bar there's a black dot here that I can double tap and that's gonna make that navigation bar actually disappear now I can bring it back just by swiping up from the bottom and then tapping it one more time okay so to enable these things all you do is you go to the settings you go into the display and then you go to the home touch buttons and of course from here you can customize the bar at the bottom with these colors as you please but then you have that option to show lock and hide icon okay so if you disable this option and if you launch an application that black dot is not gonna show up but if I go back into the settings go to display go into home touch buttons and of course enable that then that black dot is gonna show up with every other application one more thing you can also go to gestures okay so if you want to use Android P style gestures you can do that as well or you can just use use the actual buttons which is gonna be my preference all right one more quick thing I'm gonna talk about if you go to the settings LG does give you the option to use this list view for your menu or if you want something more coordinated you can actually tap on this one click on tab view and now you have the tab view that you can go around just like this it's a little bit more compact more organized but I prefer the list view so I'm gonna go right back into it but it's an option you have I'm gonna come back and talk about the extensions over here in a minute now I do want to show you when you order the extensions there's something very important here that's called the air motion technology so the air motion technology allows you to launch applications and control your phone with your hand hovering above the actual screen okay so you can control the phone with an gestures I'm going to show you this in a minute but let me just talk about a couple other things as a matter of fact really quickly I'm going to cover two things under the extensions tab which is a lot of customization so one thing you have is floating bar and the other option you have knock-on so I'm gonna enable knock-on and this is what it is I can just knock on the screen and it turns off and I can knock it again he's gonna turn it on okay and one more thing with the lock screen if it's raining outside it's gonna show actual rain droplets on the lock screen but anyway let me just go back here I'm gonna come back to the lock ring as well going back here go to the settings going to the extensions that's a knock home but this is one of my favorite options something that's not talked about too much it's called the floating bar extension so if you enable this you can go inside and then you can actually customize it but first let me show you what it is so let's go back outside and here's a little arrow in the corner if I tap this arrow we have the floating bar but the floating bar is multifunctional so I can swipe over this is a screenshot you Dilys I can swipe over that's the music controller if I had any music I would see play pause if I swipe one more time I can see the app shortcuts that I just saw now going back into settings extensions let me just hide that and the floating bar I can go into the shortcuts and change the shortcuts I want to see on the floating bar as you can see okay and then swipe it over we have these other options which are screen capture music player and quick contacts so basically with screen capture I can go over here I can tap this one it'll take a screenshot as gonna save it to your gallery okay as long as it's properly enabled but this is this is this is a floating bar that is very useful now let me quickly let's I can tap on this one it's gonna launch the application let me quickly play a music over here so let me go to the app drawer here just launch it let me just play something here okay and pause it now when I go back to my floating bar from anyway I'm gonna see a play previous next track buttons I can tap on this or pause it alright so that's fantastic little thing that's floating on the screen that's gonna be very useful now one more great thing is if you go into the settings and if you go into the display and if you go into the actual home screen right over here what you have is you have a left home screen that can be disabled or you can have a Google feed or a smart bullet so if I click none and click OK when I swipe over nothing happens but if I go back into those settings which I which I can also do from here I can press and hold and I can go to the home field settings it's gonna take you to the same exact place so I go to the left home screen I tap on it enable the smart bulletin click OK and then this one here gives me a nice condensed and smooth smart bulletin for informational purposes what I do like over here is you can tap on the Settings and he can disable the things that you do not want so I can disable LG health LG smart smart world pocket advisor let me just disable a couple so you can see the difference so now when I go back into my bulletin it's gonna be it's gonna look a little bit better but you can also attack on this button and actually collapse them or tap it again and expand the whole thing so this is a fantastic little utility on the side for quick access to apps camera and stuff like that and again if you press and hold and go into your home screen settings you can also have Google feed if you don't want the smart bulletin or if you don't want nothing that's a big not a big deal but I do like the smart bulletin it's actually not laggy it's very smooth so I'm gonna keep it right there all right now let me quickly talk about the always-on display so if I go to the settings right over here and if I go to the display now here's what I like about the way the always-on display is presented so if I go into the always-on display as usual you have all these various options you can pick now if you pick the digital clock version what you can do is you can change the color of all the clocks but you can also swipe over and pick the actual design right from that screen okay so you got all these options for the always-on display and of course always-on display comes up when you turn off the screen so as you can see it's gonna show up right there okay let's go back inside go back to that always-on display right here always-on display and again if I were to choose the analog clock okay again you get the preview can change the colors or whatever you can swipe over to all these different options which is also great okay I like the size of these big guys this is a great always-on display I'm gonna click save on it but same with this one dual clock okay so you have one option two options here if I go back here we have signatures so I can actually have a signature here you know which I can edit hello so that can be my always on display but this is also editable so that's great so if I pull this down you can change the actual font as you can see and also the color okay so that's great and then we have all these different image type always-on displays again very nice for people that wanna customize their smartphones so LT certainly gives you a lot of customization options when you grab one of their smart phones now one more quick thing with the always-on display if you do enable the quick tools a music player you do have extra options on the always-on display so if I turn off this device and as far as I know this is only available on the lg smartphones but now I have access to these quick tools I can swipe over and I can get access to shortcuts over here if I swipe over that's my music controller as you can see and if I swipe over again I can get the battery and the other stuff right over here okay so you do have some extra options you can enable in this smartphone and one thing that a lot of people do worry about is the always-on displays too dark so what you can do is you can actually enable this and it's gonna be even a brighter display but you do get a little notification here saying the prolonged usage can drain the battery so if I go back out now the always-on display is gonna look much better because it's gonna be much more visible but it's gonna eat a little bit more back okay but again if you have access to a charger all over the place and you want the full functionality all the bells and whistles enabled this is the way to go right over here just disable that for now and let's move on now one more amazing thing about the LG smartphone is that there is a button here on the sides you have volume up volume down a button and then the power button now this button actually allows you to access Google assistance so if I press this boom it brings up Google assistant alright so some people as you know the Samsung phones have a Bigsby button that is not as customizable or it doesn't allow you to launch the Google assistant but this button here does allow you to launch Google assistant and of course if I go over here to the settings and if I go into the extensions and if I go into my shortcuts and if I scroll all the way down that's right there open Google assistant when I press that Google assistant key okay so I can press to disable it if I don't want it now if I want to directly talk to my Google assist I can press and hold that button alright and if I double tap it it's gonna give me a snapshot of my day so all these options are enabled so with this one button you can press it to launch removal assistant double tap to talk to Google assistant or or double tap it as the third option to actually see a snapshot of your day and of course you have other shortcuts right over here such as being able to open the camera by double pressing the camera power key which is the usual you do have the option also to launch the camera by pressing twice on the volume key when the phone volume donkey when the phone is actually turned off or locked off so you have all these different options now let's go in and talk about the air motion technology but I also want to talk about one last thing that I think you're gonna like if you do go into the lock screen right over here lock screen and security and scroll down to something known as the content lock I can actually lock files under a pin number so you set up a pin number and mine is very easy right now but you can actually a lock content in the gallery and the memo application so if I go to the gallery right now you see nothing if I tap this button is gonna say show lock files I tap it put my password boom and there's the picture that I had saved right over here okay so if I want to save a picture like this I simply tap on tap on lock and unlock that I'm sorry lock that file and it's gone so you're gonna need files to see them now right now I did an on lock on it so it's available but if I wanted to hide this photo all I do is tap on this one and tap on lock okay and then that's going to lock that actual image only accessible through here and with a PIN number so that's under lock screen and content lock and of course you do have a fingerprint sensor on this smartphone you have a face unlock sensor which is in fact a 3d face scanner much like the iPhones face scan or not not a 2d so it's gonna be very secure and of course you have the hand ID lock so if I go over here I have actually registered my hand so I can hover my hand on top of the actual screen and the sensors built into this notch are gonna read my palm and unlock the phone okay so that's something I can do let me lock the phone double tap to wake up and I can go like this and as you can see the phone just got unlocked that's the hand lock feature and using the same sensors you can also control your phone by using going to extensions and going into the air motion technology there's three things you can do you can do shortcut and capture control music and videos and control calls and lock alarms so if I go to this one over here I can actually bring my palm on top and just pinch it like this and then go like this left or right to launch the Play Store or the YouTube application and these are all customizable I'm gonna demonstrate that this in a second first I'm going to show you the options so I can pick any app that I want so swiping left is going to open up the Play Store right now and right is gonna be YouTube and then this one here is gonna be for control music I'm gonna show you that in a second as well alright so there's my hand and it's gonna recognize my hand and then I'm gonna pinch the hand and it's gonna bring up the control I can go left or right let's go right to launch YouTube and that's right there now let's play this video and let me show you how to control the video so I'm gonna do the same gesture I'm going to pinch on the screen after showing my palm I can pause this video or I can go right back and I can actually play the video by switching over to the right side and of course I can also control the volume by twisting my hand on the screen as you can see which is fantastic so that's in fact the ear motion technology so let's uh move on and talk about a couple other things I want to talk to you about as far as customisation goes only LGG eight now if I go into the lock screen and security if I scroll a little bit down you'll see over here that we have this customized lock screen option if I tap on this one there's a couple gene customizing the lock screen you can tap on the clock you can have it on the left or the center okay this is the way I like it you can also change the shortcuts in the locking so if I tap on shortcuts I can add more shortcuts or just have two on the side so let's just to give you one example I'm gonna add one more over here let's just pick the calculator cut now if I turn off the screen and go back to the lock screen you'll see that the calculator is gonna be right there in the middle go back into that setting screen go right back let me remove that by the way let's so let's tap on delete icon select come on I wanna remove it's gone okay and then of course our the thing that I want to show you guys was the weather animation make sure this is enabled if you want to see the rain droplets okay so if it's raining outside obvious it's just a different kind of weather it's going to show the weather animations on the lock screen alright so that's that right there and then if I go back out oops right here go back into the setting at the bottom you have contact info for the last phone for this one I just used whatever I want you could have a signature on your lock screen that's gonna replicate what I typed their sake tick right over there okay so that's fantastic it's nice to be able to customize your smart phone couple other things you have if you go to the settings over here you can go to the display and if you scroll down you can go into screen color and then allows you to pick all kinds of different color codes from these presets or if you're an expert you can modify the way that you want to see okay I keep this on auto but if you're watching a movie on your phone you can go to cinema it's gonna give you a nice look and if I go back again we do have the HDR video effect if you enable this and if you play a video the video is going to look much better it's gonna look brighter and it's going to look more vibrant it's gonna apply the HDR effect to the videos that you play so there is a good setting to keep enabled and then finally if you go to the sound if you go all the way down not all the way down but a little bit down over here you go to sound quality and effects you tap on this one and from here you can access all the nice sound quality features for example you can able the DTS 3d surround sound you can tap on this one is gonna be a wide sounding sound you can go inside you can do front ok or you can do side to side it's all gonna be up to you or how you want to experience that 3d surround sound alright so that's the last tip I wanted to share with you guys but if you do have any questions comments or concerns make sure to drop them down below alright so if you found this video useful make sure to subscribe to sake tech by clicking that button and also click that Bell icon on the side to make sure you get notified every time I upload a new video and if you do use Twitter Instagram or Facebook you can follow me at socket F online to get the latest updates as well alright how a fantastical

35 thoughts on “LG G8 ThinQ: 50+ Tips and Tricks (Brilliant)

  1. Sakitech i just got lg g8 my question do you have a video how to tranfer from older lg g4 to lg g8?
    Or do you have step by step for beginner..as you see i waited sincec 2015 to update..dont get me wrong still will be lg g4 active for my granddaughter to play..but i need to tranfer my stuff or just sign up to gmail and go app store and start opening all my apps from new chip smc?

  2. I just ordered this phone my concern was not having the second screen. I am glad to see they have a workaround with the floating bar extension.

  3. Tell me ….Several friends..family..and my customers…im self employed…all have mentioned…when I call you…They don't hear the ringing sound…Its just silence till my voice mail starts …I have missed a lot of calls…and business…I took my phone back to the sprint store I got it at within 15 days of my 30 warranty and they can't fix it nor would they replace this phone for another one just like it…isn't that breach of contract???? Even spoke to the area manager….he refused to switch me into another phone….What ever happen to CUSTOMER SERVICE….IVE BEEN WITH SPRINT FOR 17 YEARS…AND IN LESS THAN 18 MONTHS….I WILL HAVE ANOTHER CARRIER…

  4. I just picked up my G8 this morning. Your video is fantastic and I'm having a blast learning what this thing can do! Terrific…thumbs up!

  5. The LG G8 was truly the best overall all around phone value for the first half of 2019.
    And had many unique and stand out hardware and software features.
    Flush cameras.
    Supervise lens w/o with the least distortion.
    Night mode pretty much as good as Google's.
    2 year warranty.
    Face and fingerprint secure unlock
    Hand unlock.
    Hand gestures.
    Pro manual modes for photos and video.
    Class leading audio recording.
    Class leading adaptive audio playbackbthrough the headphone jack.
    The top BT hires codecs.
    And a street price of 600'650 since introduction class leading ppl and resolution for oled other than Sony's 4k
    Well done LG
    Look at the complaints notch no triple camera
    Needs larger removable battery
    Better hdr and auto modes
    Free excellent pack in headphones and case
    Tie in promo with tidal and spotify
    LG needs to work with Sonicwerks or similar to have a preset list of headphone profiles and something similar to nuraphone and Samsung hearing app to measure your hearing and make a personal profile for you.
    Better stereo speakers.
    Shutter button.

  6. Can't you just double tap the notification bar to turn off the screen? Is it not working anymore?
    Sorry, my lg g4 beat is too old so I dont know if they have eliminated that gesture. I'm just kinda bothered that you always go to the homescreen to turn off the screen by double tap.
    Anyways, I love your tips and tricks videos about LG. Please keep doing videos like this. Looking for the LG G5 video

  7. I'm returning my 1+7 pro and not because I don't like it! But at Xfinity or (Comcast) they are offering a 400$ gift card with the G8 until 8-4-2019 I simply couldn't say no to free money! Learning that G8 has a great camera, quad dac, face recognition that rivals apple and tons of customisations, always on display…it was a no brainier, I hate the notch and will miss all screen but all of the other things I like better…soon all phones will be all screen and then LG will reign supreme!!! LoL, another thing LG needs an overhaul on how the os looks….if you are watching LG copy 1+ it's clean, more frequent updates and you would really steal the show

  8. There are TVs that have Android Pie but not the LG flagships from just last year. So when buying an LG phone, you must be sure you're only buying it for the audio coz apart from that, LG phones are leagues behind the competition in everything.

  9. Please tell what you think about the battery life amd your typical daily usage? Thank you so much. A great video.

  10. Still can`t buy this phone in the Netherlands Come on LG i want this phone 🙁 Almost bought a S10e (Another great phone)


  12. Thanks for the in-depth demonstration of the LG G8.
    No one puts this much effort in their videos anymore.
    much appreciated.
    The custom layered sound recording feature is also great LG feature rarely demonstrated.
    And the real FM radio.
    I miss the IR remote blaster and removable battery though.

  13. Thanks for showing LG a little love
    Its one of the only phones with secure face and fingerprint unlock which apple is rumored to be doing soon and will get much credit for and an audiophile's dream recording listening wireless and wired with basically all the codecs supported MQA ldac aptxhd dsd flac etc.
    I too hated the top left notch on the LG v10 and v20 and the top middle LG's newer phone.

    It also aside from Sony has the highest resolution and ppi flush cameras.

    I see apple and others in the future using hand Id type tech where you will not even have to touch the screen on your iphone iPad computer laptop desktop monitor or tv to control it.

    Because apple Google samsung have the money and engineers to
    Take LG's innovation and refine it and call it their own

    Google's pixel 4 will have enough tof type sensors to take hand id face id and motion control to the next level with their software expertise

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