LG G6 Review: Better Phone Than the Galaxy S8?

LG G6 Review: Better Phone Than the Galaxy S8?

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I bring you my full LG G6 review in this video. The LG G6 is the first flagship phone of 2017 to incorporate the super thin bezels that we are now seeing on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and expect to see on the iPhone 8. The LG G6 camera has two sensors making for a 13 megapixel dual camera setup. What do you think of the LG G6 specs? Would you buy one?

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– What is going on, Tech Squad? Andru Edwards here,
editor-in-chief of gearlive.com, and you guys have been
asking me for my final review of the LG G6, especially since
the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, so that's what
this video is going to do. It's going to give you my
final thoughts, my review of the LG G6, one of the best
phones you can buy right now. Now, of course, I also do
have my full Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus reviews upcoming as well. And outside of the smartphone game, I just got in the Dell
30-inch OLED monitor. I'm gonna do a review on that,
and I've also been compiling some really cool Netflix hacks. So if you're a Netflix subscriber, you're gonna wanna stay
tuned for that one as well. So be sure to hit that
subscribe button down below and tap on the bell icon
if you want a notification whenever a new video
drops here on the channel. But without any further delay, let's jump in to my LG G6 review. The LG G6 was the first
major flagship phone you could buy here in 2017, and it's definitely worth your attention. And this is basically one of
the first of the new designs of phones where they're really doing a great job at getting rid of the bezel. On the side here on the LG G6, the bezels are almost non existent. Then you have a thin strip at the top and bottom of the phone. What that means is you're
able to fit a bigger screen in a smaller body than
you're used to seeing. In the LG G6's case, you're looking at a 5.7-inch LCD panel in a phone that's significantly smaller
than the iPhone 7 Plus, which only has a 5.5-inch display. And I'm actually really happy
with the display on the LG G6. It's bright, it's sharp. It has great color accuracy as well. I even like that the four
corners of the display are slightly curved, too. It just gives it a nice visual appeal when you're using the phone. Now, LG says that those
curves actually help protect the screen from cracks since it's further away
from the edges of the phone. And by the way, speaking
of watching content on these amazing displays,
big shout-out to Plex for sponsoring this video. If you're unaware, Plex
is a service and an app. You can download it to an
iPhone from the App Store or to an Android device
from the Google Play Store, and it allows you to stream content stored on your home network. It's super simple to use,
super simple to set up, and it's free. There is a paid version
called the Plex Pass, and that gives you early
access to new Plex features, lets you watch content offline, gives you mobile sync, cloud
sync, and camera upload and so much more. I'll leave the link down below to Plex and where you can download
it as well as where you can find out more about the Plex Pass. The aspect ratio on the G6
is 18 by nine or two by one for people who want to be
super literal about it, but all the 18 by nine
number really does is convey the difference between 16
by nine and 18 by nine. Basically, the phone is a little longer than the displays that
we're used to seeing. So if you think about how much time you spend on your phone looking at lists, whether it's a vertical list
of tweets or Facebook updates, Instagram, basically any
social network, YouTube, you're usually looking at list
of content or you're reading a webpage that is
basically a list of words. So a longer display
actually makes it easier for you to see more content
on the screen at one time. This display also supports
both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision for high dynamic range content, and it looks really nice. It's actually really impressive to get HDR out of something that you
can hold in your hand. The narrow body points to
the other useful innovation of the G6 which I mentioned earlier; that is, that the bezels are tiny, bordering on nonexistent on the sides. Now, they're not literally missing like they are on the Galaxy S8, and I'm still not sure
which side of the fence I fall on this, but I think
I actually prefer having a flat display with extremely small bezels than a curved display where
there's no bezel at all, but then you get the phantom side touches because it's pretty
impossible not to touch a display that curves around the side. And those rogue edge
touches are not a problem I've experienced in any
of my time using the G6. It should also be noted that
the front display is protected by Gorilla Glass 3, as is
the cover of the rear camera, but the rest of the rear body
is actually Gorilla Glass 5. So this phone feels really sturdy. It doesn't feel like something
I'm going to drop and break. Beyond the screen, the rest of
the G6 is impressive as well. The body sports an all-glass
design on the front and back, which I think makes the phone look great. There's a slight curve on the back, which feels nice in the
hand, and the glass does show fingerprints depending
on which color you get. There's no camera bump here, which I thought I should mention. LG was pretty excited about that. It's never bothered me when a
phone has had a camera bump. I don't know why so many reviewers put so much time and energy
into talking about that when I've never heard a general consumer, just any friend or family member of mine, ever complain about the bump
on the back of their phone. It's only reviewers that seem
to have a problem with that. I've never had a problem
with it, but if you do, the LG G6 has no camera bump at all. Right below that camera, you've got the power button
and fingerprint sensor hybrid. All in all, this phone looks great and feels great in the hand. The LG G6 is also IP68
water and dust resistant, and at this point, water
resistance is a feature you should expect on pretty
much any flagship device from any major manufacturer. And it's actually one of the
things I didn't appreciate about the Google Pixel, so
hopefully, Google Pixel 2 is also a water resistant device. There's also a 3.5 millimeter
headphone jack for what it's worth, so you can use standard headphones or headphones that plug into
that USB-C port and the bottom. The G6 feels fast, thanks to
the combination of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor,
four gigabytes of RAM, and a nicely optimized
version of Android 7.0 Nougat. Many were worried that the
Galaxy S8 would be faster since it's running that faster
Snapdragon 835 processor, but in real world use,
between the two phones, I haven't felt much of
a difference at all. What I do have a problem with, though, is the storage capacity on this thing. The LG G6 only ships with 32
gigabytes of storage space, which I think, in 2017, just isn't enough for what we do with our phones these days. Thankfully, the phone
storage is expandable by way of a Micro SD card slot, so I highly recommend
picking up a Micro SD card and of course, as you
guys probably know by now, I'm a huge fan of SanDisk cards. I use SanDisk flash
storage on all my devices like my camera, my smartphones,
my Nintendo Switch as well. The cool thing about their
newest card for smartphones is that they actually support
the A1 storage standard. And SanDisk actually played a huge part in creating the A1 standard,
making it the perfect companion for adoptable storage,
combining the on-board storage of the device, that 32 gigabytes,
with the SD card itself. The end result of the A1 standard, though, is much faster app launching, as well as quicker processing
of accompanying tasks, including audio, graphics, saved profiles, and in-app permissions. So not only are you increasing the storage capacity of your device. You're also increasing the
speed at which it performs. I'll leave a link down
in the description below to the SanDisk 256 gigabyte
ultra premium edition A1 card, which you can pick up at
B&H Photo, and of course, if you live outside of New
York State, you can order it from B&H Photo tax free. Now, if you don't want to
commit to a 256 gigabyte MicroSD card specifically for your device, there's also this cool little guy that SanDisk makes as well. This is SanDisk USB Type-C Dual Drive. What makes this cool is that on one side, you've got a USB-C port,
which easily plugs in to the bottom of any USB-C device, but then on the other
side, if you flip it over, and it's got a standard
full-size USB-A port. So this device is 128 gigs in storage. So what that means is
you can use this device to move content off of
your phone to a computer or from a computer to a phone or from one phone to another phone as long as it has USB-C
making it super easy to store your content and take it
with you anywhere you go. So I'll leave a link to the
USB-C Dual Drive down below as well, but that's two
ways that you could improve the storage situation on the LG G6, because what comes in
the box, only 32 gigs, I just don't think that's enough. On the back of the LG G6, you'll find the other main feature. It is the dual camera setup. Dual 13 megapixel cameras are
what they put into the G6. The pictures that they
take are just a step below what you'd get with a Galaxy
S8 or the iPhone 7 Plus, but the quality is still very respectable. The main camera is a standard
zoom lens with a 78-degree field of view, and the second camera is a wide-angle lens with
a 125-degree field of view. You can switch between the two instantly by tapping on the tree
icon within the camera app, whether you're snapping
photos or shooting video. My favorite feature of the camera, though, isn't so much about the hardware but the software in the camera app itself. You can basically choose
a double-square interface where, when you're taking pictures, half of the display is your viewfinder, and the other half shows you a preview of the pictures
that you just took. On front, you've got a
five-megapixel selfie camera with a wide-angle lens, which allows you to fit
more people into the frame, and it actually has the same
feature that the rear camera has where you can tape
and go back and forth between close-up and wide-angle. But on front, it's more
of a software trick, because it doesn't have two
front cameras, obviously. All in all, what LG has
here is a really solid phone that will likely have some difficulty when a buyer's comparing
it to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its pretty impressive
Infinity display. That said, I think that
the LG G6 is the best Galaxy S8 alternative on the Android side, and, like I said earlier, I
think I performed the function of having a flat display
with no rogue touches. It feels less delicate, and
it still looks fantastic. And the other thing, and
this goes for any phone with this longer 18 or 18 and
a half by nine screen ratio, after using this phone for about a week, it was really tough to go back to phones where they had the 16
by nine aspect ratio. You get used to seeing more
stuff on the display itself, so this form factor is definitely
the future of smartphones. I expect we'll see the
next iPhone adopt this, as well as the next Google
Pixel and phones from HTC. As the first major flagship
phone launch of 2017, I think LG did a tremendous
job with the LG G6. I highly recommend this phone if you're looking for something to replace an older model
that you might already have. It really is a tossup between
this and the Galaxy S8, unless you're really into
that Infinity display. My only major complaint
about the phone is the fact that it only has 32
gigabytes of storage space out of the box, but
again, you can fix that by buying a MicroSD card. Like I said, the Galaxy
S8 review is coming soon. Hit the subscribe button down below or click or tap on my face here at the bottom of the
video when it appears. That will let you click
and subscribe for free to the channel in order to stay up to date on all future videos, and
again, if you don't wanna miss anything, be sure
to tap on that bell icon. That'll send a notification
right to your device whenever a new video drops. Drop a comment below letting me know what you think of the LG G6. Is it something you consider, or are you more about the
iPhone side of things? Is it all about the Samsung and that great Infinity display for you? Let me know down there, and I'll meet you for further discussion. Thank you so much for
watching, as always, guys. I appreciate your support. I'm Andru Edwards, and I'll
catch you in the next video. (uptempo rock music)

33 thoughts on “LG G6 Review: Better Phone Than the Galaxy S8?

  1. I would love to give LG another chance but after I had bootloop on the G3 and G4 I just can bring myself to buy their phones

  2. Fantastic review! Straight to the topic and cleared every question (display, memory etc)with prompt answers. I recently bought (a month ago) a LG G6 and choose it over one plus 5t and really enjoying it.

  3. From what a gather, Samsung fills their phones with crap so they have to use the latest processor to keep it running. I own Samsung products and I still think they make good stuff but I've had better longevity and performance from LG products. My LG G4 has been rock solid on the job site. Dropped many times and keeps coming back for more. It doesn't like water though. Hay we all want more but 32GB on board storage is more than enough with expandable storage. Man, everything goes to a cloud, just clean out the phone every now and then. The camera bump is a pain in the ass as you can't use the phone while laid on a hard surface. My G4 rocks back and forth…I'm getting the G6 this weekend because it has a flat back and it's water resistant.

  4. LG lost me
    Apperantly you can’t hide the navigation buttons when in a app so instead I’ll be getting a Samsung s8

  5. Honestly, got the G6 and havent regretted it, had the oneplus 3 and got phantom touches all the time. Plus i dont get who gives a damn about the SD821 SoC, its not slow by any means and the G6 is fantastic in terms of speed. Flat sides are great and it feela terribly comfy in the hands, if it was an oled screen it would be nice so the black bars at the side were completely black but they arent noticeable unless i look for them. All around happy with it

  6. Why does NOBODY change this god damn stock wallpaper? even after months of having the phone? nor icons….ughhhh , its the most sexy phone out there, with ugliest wallpaper!!!

  7. Almost all the reviewers have only positive things to say about the G6 and people also love this phone. However, not sure why the Sales are down? It is an excellent phone. Please support LG!

  8. The LG G2 was the first almost no bezel phone. The 5.2 inch display on that thing was amazing. They moved away from it but am glad they went back to that route with the G6.

  9. Simply g6….compare them both…the g6 very snappy …while the s8 is slow….thats why still love my superphone g2…

  10. Can't lie i do think it's sad the g6 only has 32 GB but i never needed more than that anyway most of my stuff is in the cloud or on a usb thumbdrive that i plug in my g6 so i've got no worries for now i only have some of my music on it with apps.

  11. is there any issue with the LG G6 and also how durable is to with drops sinces it glass?? which is better LG G6 VS OP5??

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