"Lazarus" Phone Repair

"Lazarus" Phone Repair

Fixing the digitizer on my Samsung Eternity A867 phone, with uxwbill’s help.

now here we have an episode a kitchen table electronics repair with something new with me is our fur head bizarre forehead has a certain phone that we have come to know for various reasons as Lazarus the Lazarus phone that's exactly right in a fur head were to pick up his phone right now and turn it on so we could see the screen you could probably see why well I'm not sure if you can or not but that screen is all scuffed and badly broken and all that kind of stuff so this phone is really in bad shape and this phone has been the victim of some things that are probably even too horrible to talk about so today on kitchen table electronics repair with bizarre fur head he's gone out to ebay and he's purchased himself a new digi front line out front panel and digitizer kit please hold that up to the camera for us so we can see what you have there and confirm that it is in fact unbroken now help if you tilted it out of the light but there we go it is indeed unbroken and ready to be installed so forehead is going to start taking apart the Lazarus phone alright cover already falls off yeah that one's really this is the easiest part of the disassembly right here this is the one that I could do there's the battery that's actually held pretty good but it fell from the ceiling and the new garage ado pop out but the back cover fell off yeah I want to dropped off of the garage to artwork is very to fall out either the garage doors about it eight eight and a half foot unit alright so what do we have to take out of there now I have all kinds of highly precise tools to do this a Torx driver over here that fur head is not sure why they included maybe as a gear picker plastic spudger like thing the new digitizer a set of precision Phillips screwdrivers suitable for rounding off Phillips screws in a precision manner the phone's battery the phones back plate a set of pics and hooks and this rather up like my really big smudger and this thing you like my new key whatever that is so go to it 4head will do the corners first and round those off nicely well fer head bravely works on this phone your trusty camera man sometimes called uxw bill is going us you're here and eat string cheese where's my string cheese you'll get any do i do I at least get beer on any beer you're the one who has beard on me you telling me I have to do all this work sober yep that's gonna suck so is losing those little screws how you just get some fast fast world or some silicone liquid super glue okay what are you gonna do now you got all the screws out I'm gonna pop try and pop the silver middle part out which isn't really too silver anymore after all my adventures with it so we are going to take the included sputtering tool you see there are lots of videos about repairing this particular kind of samsung phone on YouTube but I guarantee you none of them are as much fun as this one what could possibly go wrong here folks ooh clicky clicky save that and be important later for the autopsy I think it might be bird to those of you who are following along at home not that we recommend you follow this or anything we do as a guide on how to do well anything make sure you take the micro SD card out as well as the SIM card both of those would be very good ideas and then you can get at the rest of the phone you can also see just how broken this thing really is we're not making this up now right there between those two ribbon cable connections is a tiny and very easily overlooked our PSMA probably antenna connector I just disconnected in fact you can see the little wires hanging free right there so you're doing this on your own phone definitely be mindful of that little thing course there's more fun still because there's a set of cables on the other side of the board as well isn't this a lot of fun right there for all the world to see or the telephone is brains that's all the more there is to it there's the speaker for the earpiece this thing actually ended up separating into two pieces the old AT&T Samsung plastic shield branding piece and then the actual glass portion of the digitizer itself whereas the replacement digitizer comes with an attached AT&T and presumably Samsung front panel under here is the phone's existing display which has been scratched a little bit by the action of the broken glass above it but hopefully some of that can be cleaned up the display itself appears to be undamaged here's the new digitizer getting ready to go into place and when you're doing this you have to use care to make sure that that little cable right there actually goes through the phone in the right spot so that you can hook your digitizer back up to the phone radio and processor board this thing is also wrapped with a material to protect its sticky surface which will have to be removed as I apply it to the telly in just a moment this phone should be on its way to going back together here is the old bottom half of the broken up and ruined digitizer one through hell and back yes it did there folks is the shiny in fact so shiny you can see my ugly mug touch screen digitizer piece and there for comparison's sake is the old bus dicated one look what I can do now for the fun part putting in all these little connectors already connected the one for the digitizer right there I'm not sure what this one does but that's probably the display and then all these other connectors as well need to go into place and then fer head can put the screws back in and start putting the phone the rest away together and we'll drop the battery in it and see if this piece of junk is worth what he paid on ebay for it yeah all right folks here we go for the inaugural smoke test where we put the battery in and we see what smokes go ahead and try turning the little telephone on here AT&T no cracks no cracks oh that's nice if Lulu you're not gonna know what to do now no it did boot up so we were that successful at least oh hey we got phone lock let's see if they let see if the keep an works one two three four five six yeah the keys actually register when they're being hit so it does work let's go ahead and enter your lock code see if it will unlock for you just wanna put my slot phone yay sweep I was being oh no I just have to get a new bat for it yeah he's got to get yourself a back panel and you'll be set they want fifteen dollars for this that's hard to believe this new iphone was a 50 from verizon this was free from my buddy and there you go folks phone repair for total dum-dums yeah

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    Since I work harder than you I can get off before you, so im done with my day. baha!

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  3. @Dell0304 Right there with ya, bro!

    And yea, cool vid! Did the phone say Jan. 5th, or was that just from taking the battery & such out?

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