Kulve Taroth Guide - Lore, Tactics, Tip & Tricks | Monster Hunter World

Kulve Taroth Guide – Lore, Tactics, Tip & Tricks | Monster Hunter World

The first episode in our new Monster Hunter World series ‘Monster Mastery’. A series of monster guides.
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47 thoughts on “Kulve Taroth Guide – Lore, Tactics, Tip & Tricks | Monster Hunter World

  1. During my fights with Kulve, the best 3 seem to be Bow (Ice with Impact Mantle), Great Sword (Either Pure Raw or Ice) and Charge Blade (Ice)

  2. 3:44 Why was that the most anime thing I’ve ever seen? Getting flung by the tail and launched into a boulder and breaking it with your body that shit was dope

  3. She is surprisingly quick and aggressive after her coat is removed? Well yea I would think any lady would get rightly pissed you ruined her nice dress.

  4. KT is pretty much game-breaking because instead of the core gameplay loop of fighting different monsters for different materials, you now just have everyone mindlessly whacking a giant loot piñata. It's boring, and after a while, numbing. I would much rather farm different monsters and craft out each of their parts rather than fight the same monster to get better loot through some RNG system. Honestly i hate Kulve taroth so much and one of the reasons i am going back to MHGU.

  5. But what makes her stay longer in the fight i all ways rais persut level 6 but she flees i got her in the second area and the third a cople of times but same she flees if you can help me pls

  6. "Unless you are caught in an animation in which case I pray for your soul."

    As an Insect Glaive user I will take all of the prayers I can get. XD

  7. hello. Why u using in the end of the jumping combo shield bash instead ( round – button ) instead of the sword hit ( triangle button ). Can u explain pls

  8. I switched from SnS to IG in World because now I can manipulate the camera without having to adopt a reverse claw position on my DS but watching this video has made me miss it something fierce.

  9. I've gone on an expedition so many times and I cannot get her tracks, it's driving me nuts I'm missing out on a huge thing of content and I hate it:( I'm hr 63 and have finished even Kirin tempered yet still not KT Hallllllp

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