KOF XIII : Billy Combo Tutorial

KOF XIII : Billy Combo Tutorial

KOF XIII Billy Kane practical combo tutorial with combo command. Ex Kyoushuu Hishou Kon(623+BD) – Boukatobigeri(6+B) is a bit difficult. All combos can start with St. C.

DISCLAIMER: All of the footage seen in this video was recorded by myself. Zero footage was taken from Twitch, Youtube or any other platform. All footage seen in this video is copyright free and captured directly from the video game.

The purpose of this video is to provide educational about KOF XIII.

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10 thoughts on “KOF XIII : Billy Combo Tutorial

  1. Beautiful. As a filthy casual who doesn’t want to spend the approximately 15 dollars on the actual game this delights me knowing that I can pick on my friends in the slightly truncated mobile port. A fun combo I found for hwa is a 3 stock hd combo that starts with cl.k df.k HD cL.k df.k then dp.k qcb.k qcb.k four times then ex Dragon Dance. I don’t know whether these are a/c or b/d because mobile only has punch kick evade and special but it should be a ToD. Tragically you must be drunk and the wind does to start is short, especially when trying to land hwa’s aerial confirms

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