Kitchen Gadget Testing #34

Kitchen Gadget Testing #34

Kitchen gadget testing 34! Testing out another batch of novelty kitchen items and gadgets including a multi opener, pizza cutter, batter dispenser & garlic chopper amongst others! What’s your favourite kitchen gadget? Subscribe for regular videos & press the bell button so you are notified of all new videos

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no guys come on this is good hello everyone welcome to kitchen gadget testing number 30-something Oh shiver me timbers we're still going come at my age thirty something round it down today we are testing a range a batch of kitchen gadgets if you've missed any of the others please check out the full playlist have a Bharath on and remember some of these can help people with disabilities so they're not like that bad they're good they can help people you don't think about that before you leave your comment we've got six gadgets today alright six some of them actually are kind of novelty but we just need to go through that I know a few guys think will genuinely be useful there's one I'm like what the heck is that it's kind of a tease but we'll come to that first up we've got a six in one gadget that should be six in one but I've only got the five things I forgot to buy one of them from the shops sorry but just before we do that one I'm just gonna preheat my oven oi it's just because we need a pizza for one of the gadgets in a bit I'm not on a sugar high I promise I don't even had sugar yet and we're just about to because this is the multi opener one of the first gadgets I've ever ever had which is sunk to the bottom of the kitchen gadget box don't believe me about the kitchen gadget box here's a little behind-the-scenes of it this ladies and gentlemen is the gadget area thing that I keep talking about in fact no this is only half of it and these boxes are filled or pretty much the one at the back as well with gadgets that I have not touched oh look sorry there's a lot that's my point and they keep coming we even got some wish calm ones as well at the moment I am totally going to do a wish comm gadget haul soon multi opener easily open jars bottles cans and food packages so this is called for me and I look to you I was like yeah this looks like a weird kind of fat chunky pair of scissors but so much more than that it is so much more than that we can open all of these things with this so it's got like that lippy thing there it's got what looks like a bottle opener as you bring it together it's got lots of cool things on it I just throw away the packaging which has the instructions on so I better go get that all right we will start with this can of energy drink if you haven't heard of this brand relentlessly on the tourists for people that work on construction sites to get them through the Working Day essentially a sugar high in a can I think they're trying to get a bit better but when I went to the till uh I think this is a gadget I think this is another wish gadget and when I went to the till it said you need approval flight as if it was alcohol or cigarettes that's how I guess strong these are right this is it this is one of the wish gadgets I'll try and do it on the next kitchen gadget video okay I'm not going to show you all of these but they are like diagrams for them one of them I think is herb's where as it is it that one there to get that little seam off of her I forgot the herps didn't I so we'll do the rest of them so that for reference is what I'm gonna do first up is a can wrinkle we use the leverage thing here to hook into the sealed clam my ovens ready for the pizza never fear folks never fear because I have got from a house party over the summer a can of beer left over but temperature try this oh wow that is gorgeous passionfruit nice but there is just basically passion fruit and sugar so the reason I couldn't use that one is the ring pool at the top bit was sealed so we take this thing oh my gosh no it's too fat it is not going in there in the hole because he's supposed to get it in there and go back just try and do it this way instead oh okay we found a way around it it's 9:30 in the morning as any date taste like battery acid what the heck is going on this morning hello oh yeah you ever get one of those days was just like apparently with the butt-end if you have a sealed bag you can open this press it down and then well that works let's go for something a bit more sensible but this is a jar of mayonnaise so it's got the seal so say you struggle to get even a seal off you can use that haha we wrapped that big a bit around there and go oh my gosh I mean these are pretty good to get open but it may be a like an old-school like jar of jam that you've had lying around for 10 years oh my gosh hello so we've got two types of bottle here we've got um cream soda which are absolutely loved and I was looking at the ingredients earlier in the supermarket game what is cream soda obviously vanilla and the first ingredient is carbonated water and then it's another one it's called caramelized water but I also really intrigued to make my own homemade cream soda I wonder if you guys want to see that in a video the cream soda project the adventures of cream soda and barrington the cream soda chronicles very easy so this becomes the bottle opener as you go like this I presume yeah baby ah crikey that's sweeter than this Wow and the last one for this this is a screw top bottle with cherry cola very nice so we should be able to go around like this yes that's it clamp it so squeeze it well I just got that why am I looking out the window what what that's like gravy well anyway I have to say that this multi opener can thing is a cracking star and probably pretty darn decent I have in a kitchen drawer which is exactly where this is gonna go with a billion other kitchen gadgets that I actually like one of my faves we need a pan we're gonna cook an egg alright this waters cold but we can just leave this forever we're just gonna hard boil these eggs which basically translates to the easiest way to cook an egg I've got a really cool gadget which you've seen before where you put a red egg in and it changed a soft medium or the Elvis egg timer when Elvis starts singing if the batteries are still alive we'll know that the egg but will let me do the full festival so we can get them hard where I'll keep the oven on because we do some cupcakes in a minute and also we are primarily a cooking channel thanks I'm only joking on my own this is the pizza peddler by Fred we've come across spread quite a few times hello Fred novelty gadgets this is the pizza peddler pizza cutter at Roulette it has a committee effect monkey with affairs on a unicycle that's geo pizza cutter that's basically it I love it with real pedal pushing action amazing so does that mean it's gonna actually like cycle the legacy yes and there it is Wow it's like a CD isn't it it's like a mirror let's do it this way let's do it ready I need to hold it here it's coming it gets you and now it's not moving it's not moving no come on there you go yes kind of hurts if I can get in tennis elbow doing this down and yes yes mister see if it goes hey it was a bit stiff yeah it needs to be in pizza' to work but Fred you've done it again the pizza peddler hashtag spawn mere future video yeah hit me out though right yeah there is that temptation Oh to forget that this is a it is dangerous so please be careful I don't know what's wrong me today I've got him on a sugar high hopefully nice drink will calm me down man that is so sweet in the words of Grif from Back to the Future 2 when he's on his hoverboard going burger up batter up indeed this is the batter dispenser another one that I've had in the box for a long long time but finally you are unleashed it is your time to shine merely because I did cherry pitter Gadget order – oh I went to the supermarket and they didn't have cherries so batter up so basically it's a big funnel thing which means you can sort of dispense batter into your cupcake cases that's cool also really good for making pancakes I think it would be actually but we're not we're just gonna do simple cupcake mix so if we bought a packet mix where you add water and eggs and some cupcake icing that comes with a nozzle so we're gonna have chocolate cupcakes either way my kids are gonna love it kids no look another back to the future reference euros you guys know me too well Viva Las Vegas remember that gadget video guys if you've missed it you should be in the middle of a Paris film watching the kitchen gadget video from number one why did it beep again alrighty then bowl one egg two eggs 120 mils of water not even looking looking at you I'll use this from a previous gadget video as well the musical drum stick wooden spoon just to make our batter I forget the song but that means it's done so I'm just gonna leave that on the heat just while we finish this one but how I hear you cry does the batter dispenser work I've just washed it and it's very simple we have a lid which the batter goes in and then this see that hole if I press the trigger it moves it batter goes in okay it's quite lumpy batter but it's actually very very lumpy but what do you do when you got a spoon with a hole in it huh it does actually have measurements on the side as well so that's 2 cups of batter alright this guy is just singing way too much you need to get out you say you know Oh Elvis stopped me even louder now all right so let's do this I'll make sure that the phone is directly over it all that could be a mess I'm gonna ease it oh my god it's like it's booing it's going to the toilet I'm opening it and it's not coming through come on don't let don't you say your goodbyes it is actually working it just it's just falling when it once I've got the trigger fully pulled that is fully pressed in give it a shake a shake to help it see if we can get a little bit of a knife in there mixed up a bit it's quite a thick batter well the first one was all right well if I push it a bit that's better oh we're pulling now sorry wrong word I didn't make the smoothest batter to be there it's probably congealed in there a little bit well then pancake batter is quite thick isn't it yeah there's no lumps in this ice a hole so it's not sifting it it should do it it just needs a darn sight lot of work to get it going all right it's bacon cupcakes have ever made but let's stick on a middle shelf so we've got the board eggs for two reasons one there's this gadget here called the egg hammer touch hammer turn an egg cracker topper egg opener for soft and hard ball eggs very excited for this and it's basically like this it was like a little hammer I love it I love it I don't know how it works the other thing is just to know what you think Oh but is it I need some toast as well I'm getting a feather like a king today Dutch do so we literally stick it on there at all welcome to the court and then we just we hope mitosis done so going on this is too wobbly this is too wobbly I can tell already Peter Rabbit James Corden in you come there's a lot less moving on this one off with his head no it didn't do it oh it's done half of it oh my gosh come on now go this is pressure got some more eggs don't worry we'll try again if you look around open if you fail by living awake but then releasing it to crack the top of the egg by dropping the weight you'll get a perfect circle crack in click out which can then be easily removed by hand or use a spoon or knife okay the ultimate egg topper opener separator and cutter right will do what it says because I well the first time I did it I did you actually get a seam so we gotta be fair to it and it yeah it does literally fit on any egg it's got to hold it I just worried that it's like well known as chewing gum joke things remember as a kid let's go whack mine Dwight do I hold it there whoa hey there is a fear when I'm doing it that like you do that and you gonna catch your finger on it but I'm not gonna do that you just really oh that was a good one we've got the seam and he just got to work with it that that actually is pretty good I just don't my eggs that much they have excellent health benefits but they smell extraordinary now I'm just used all my eggs up and I realized that I need it for this I hope not this is just more of an allergy thing with the eggs blown all right I've got sent loads of these on tank oh my gosh this reminded cannon fodder so much right we need to make an egg the egg goes in there that sits on there and then you've got judging me again stop it I woke you twice today it's not just that we call them in the UK particular when you have a hard-boiled egg and dip it into the yolk soldiers they've gone for actual soldiers with the toast so we're just gonna do it straight on here it's the perfect size of the bread I should have done that on a chopping board because I kind of might have soldiers implanted into my thing now okay we're get in there get in there there's a bit of a wounded soldier but we're getting there look oh he's got a shoelace undone there you go an actual soldier doctor in he goes is this gonna be a soft egg no I'm gonna keep Milan cupcakes but I do have one more this is uh this is ridiculous this amazing fine by my friend lettuce he finds me the most random gadgets and I end up getting them and I forget about them they turn up and go what the heck is it this reminds me of a videogame character as it's all from the PlayStation days lollipop robot it's basically it it's a way of teasing animals and other humans with robots and when the switch is pressed the lollipop robot extends its arm and places the lollipop on the arm offering it release the switch and the lollipop robot sends the lollipop to the inlet so it basically hides it it's basically a teasing tool and it's very lowly with it there is a lolly with it and Alex disgusting oh my gosh but I bought some chopper chops and I'll see my kids we'll be back later I'll try on them too but let's just see it look this is simply it what does the green thing do oh nothing but look ok that's it alright so the lollipop there's a there's a handle thing for it there can you see if I just give up that you can see there's a hole there so we stick the lollipop into there and then no I'm gonna push it down more right ok cool there you go apparently the advert that I saw that was tagged in it was like kinda like more of a hygienic thing so if you want to take your lolly out discreetly oh I really want someone lolly oh thank you lollipop robot thing mmm I couldn't eat anymore hey yeah this is this is all for the video I did see that there was someone teasing a dog with it and I do not endorse that but I will try it anyway you get dog biscuits after this all right Amy we'll try it come on me yep no you don't know no quick nope guys come on this is good this is rubbish what I haven't even been thinking about those cupcakes so hopefully they're either done or not burnt by the way packet mix cakes can be some of the best ones some people like oh I love what you did to the sponge right mmm last minute cake mix three of the birthdays never use one of these oh wow ah let's go for this one screw it down hot cake ah ha ha the cake oh how cute things going up look at that all right okay the cake is still warm the cake is still warm so it's what we gonna melt with the icing off but that's hot as well so as we finished this last one up don't forget to subscribe the regular videos food fun all that fits and bobs and stuff this thing is amazing now this right sharp blade basically a mini version of this choppy thing you see me use with the vegetables oh wow there's a spare blade at the bottom that's good you do like the long stuff ideal for garlic maybe you could get a cherry tomato in there something like that remember I told you that hack of how to peel a garlic clove really easy all right got it clove on there sloppy slap boom this video isn't sponsored by these guys my god yeah I'm certainly doing that um my favorite gadget well that was actually the multi opener I love that but also for naughty effect I don't think you can beat the little egg tank thing but there we go I hope you enjoyed the video that's it love me lots and I love you back see you next time goodbye have a Bharath on true dude there's a place in your house where it's cool to chill get some me time or even cook a meal it's your kitchen mofo in a time – slap – just grab dr. nassif Oh

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  3. Always jealous over the british people having cream soad right at their disposal.
    Here in Germany it is impossible to get a decent one. The ones you can find are imported from the US (!) and therefore have gone stale once they end up here.

  4. Vanella and Carmel make cream soda flavor and french vanilla ice cream is also vanella and Carmel together

  5. If your batter was SMOOTH it would work! JEES! I have one of those from Avon and it works perfectly when you dont put LUMPY batter in it!!

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  8. I shudder when I see energy drinks. A family friend's son almost died after drinking 2 cans. He was a perfectly healthy 22 year old. He wound up in hospital with an irregular heartbeat. It took them hours to stabilise him. The doctors told the parents it was touch and go for the first few hours. It was terrifying. Please be careful when you consume them. Don't drink more than the recommended amount. You can't treat them like soft drink.

  9. Back when McDonald's actually made their pancakes, they used a batter dispenser a lot like that one. However, there's was metal and it worked really well.

  10. As a recent subscriber and professional chef, I just want to say thanks for the eye opening opportunities on your channel. Some of your reviews are for useful things I will recommend to family members and friends who would get a lot of use from them at home. Props to you, sir.

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