justWink Greeting Cards iPhone App - Best iPhone App - App Reviews

justWink Greeting Cards iPhone App – Best iPhone App – App Reviews

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American Greetings is the world’s largest publicly traded greeting card company, and they have an app that will blow you away! Not only can justWink Greeting Cards send out greetings cards via text, email, Twitter and Facebook, but this app also sends them out through the MAIL!

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justWink Greeting Cards
justWink Greeting Cards App Review
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hello and welcome to this edition of I use this app in today's review we're going to be going over a free app called just wink I have it installed for us already so let's open it up and jump right in just wink by American Greetings is available free to download in the App Store as we keep moving forward in this digital world we see more and more of the tasks that we do online well just wink has made a very easy way for you to stay thoughtful and add some personal touches for friends and families with greeting cards before this you used to have to go to the store and pick out a card fill it out and then mail it not anymore American Greetings has changed that process forever with just wink you can just choose a card and customize it and then you can send it via text message Facebook or Twitter and if that's not enough they've started a full service that will actually help you mail the card through snail mail and even add a more personal touch iTunes describes the app saying just wink lets you personalize and send awesome greeting cards from your phone to friends and family via a real mail text message email Twitter and Facebook with that in mind let's jump into the features I'll walk us through some hands-on features here within just wink so you can see here from the main screen we start off with some featured cards and you can just simply scroll right through those if you wanted to select one you just tap next we've got at the bottom categories or reminders and more the reminders feature there in the middle you can log in with Facebook and that will remind you at birthdays with push notifications so that you won't forget and you can send cards out that way we'll hit back with categories we can just simply tap there we're looking for a specific category so for example if we need to send out a funny birthday card we'll just choose from for whoever for ladies for guys or lovers or fashionably late we're just going to choose for whoever generalize it and you can see we can scroll right through the list of cards we'll go back up to the top and we'll choose the first one and it says don't worry about drinking too much and not remembering your birthday and we can just simply tap on it and it opens it right up that's what my cameraphone is for so if we like this card we could just simply tap personalize and send now we can add a photo to the left just by tapping tap here a tap message say happy birthday Jim and hit return we'll say next now that adds the text in if we want to zoom in we can make it bigger and that's perfect let's say done now you can just simply tap to sign and then hit Send you can create an account now if you need it to send it in we'll hit cancel at that point you can just choose where you want to send it from Facebook Twitter or through the mail that basically covers all the features so let's jump into the wrap up I'm going to give just wink a 9 out of 10 stars a big name in greeting cards along with a useful app and a great interface make using this app a snap there's cards for every occasion and there's many different ways to send them out which makes it really cool it's a nice way to let somebody know that you're thinking about them and it's super easy to use what did you think about it let us know this concludes this edition if I use this app as always thanks for watching be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe on all our videos and we'll see you in the next review

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