Jordan Peterson's Ultimate Advice for Students & Young People #2 - HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE

Jordan Peterson's Ultimate Advice for Students & Young People #2 – HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE

How to Succeed in Life! This is Jordan Peterson’s Ultimate Advice for Young People, Students, and Everyone Alive! Our 2nd video of Jordan Peterson’s best advice featuring what he calls Rule #4.

Take stock of where you are now and then start on the path to incremental improvement, because incremental improvement adds up over time. The compounding effect of this is amazing. Hope you enjoy the video!

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Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is North America’s most popular psychologist. He is a professor at the University of Toronto and focuses on abnormal, social and personality psychology.

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compare yourself to who you were yesterday and not to who someone else is today and that's a game you can win because you could be a little better today than you were yesterday and that's a good thing you're a little better that that's a good thing and you know no doubt there are some things that you could improve you know if you if you sit meditate for any length of time about what you're not doing optimally answers will spring to mind you know you could be getting up earlier daring yourself to who you are now that's a game you can win take stock of where you are you know what your advantages are what your disadvantages are and then you start with little humility on the path of incremental improvement and you know incremental improvement compounds and so you can get a long ways trajectory in some sense is more important than position for human beings I mean if you're starving to death that that's not the situation that I'm describing but you know if you've got the bare necessities of life you're not surrounded by absolute privation what you really want is to see that you're on an uphill path you know something that's got the right slope and and you can start anywhere on that path and you you can improve half a percent a day or a quarter of a percent a day and you think well that's not very much it's like it's a hundred percent for years and that doesn't count compounding you know which means it's actually gonna happen a lot faster I think that the possibility that you can make yourself slightly better on a continual basis is I think that's something that's accessible to everyone I think that's equivalent to leading a virtuous life and you know I talked about the terrible catastrophe in some sense of differences in intelligence and differences in conscientiousness and so forth and the the downside of the meritocracy but there is something to be said for virtue and true you know and that is one thing another thing that I've noticed about people who've been phenomenally successful is that they really do they really do everything they can to live a truthful life and that you can get a bloody long ways by being honest the first thing I think you need to understand is that these people that you're comparing yourself to you don't really know very well what that means is that you see their shiny outside but you don't see the reality of their life people have hard lives and even people who are comparatively fortunate have hard lives the ideal that you're observing that makes you jealous and resentful is in large part an illusion that's created by your own mind you're you're quite different from other people and you shouldn't be comparing yourself to them because they're not like you you know they don't have your family they don't have your temperament they don't have your troubles they don't have your abilities the only the only person that has those is you compare yourself to who you were yesterday and not to who someone else is today and see that's a game you can win most creative people fail at producing their creative product and monetizing it right so your default position if you're a creative person is you're gonna fail and so and that's because it's hard to come up with something new and it's and it's hard to present it to the market at the right time and it's hard to market it like those things are really really difficult and so what successful entrepreneurs do is they just keep doing it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and eventually if they're fortunate one of their ideas happens to hit the right place at the right time and so that's also Darwinian in some sense you know you're creating all these little enterprises that are sort of alive there they're run by people after all and even if your idea is good that doesn't mean it will be successful there's so many things that have to be taken into account so this is partly why persistence and that's part of conscientiousness is so useful it's like you know what are they safe if at first you fail then try try again and and that would probably mean try something different rather than the same thing but persistence is helpful because it enables you to run many many experiments and and you need to know that the baseline is failure you know it's important because otherwise you'll blame that on yourself you know and some of that's useful because there's probably some things that you could improve about yourself but it's very difficult to go from zero to one you know it's very fear starting out as a salesperson for example the hardest sale is the first customer and then you know they get easier with each additional customer be careful who you share good news with because you want to share good news with people who are going to be genuinely happy for you and that's one way that you can identify those people who are on your side be careful who you share bad news with because that's equally tricky you know you you you want someone who will listen to you when you're having trouble and allow you your grief especially if it's a consequence of something tragic and who won't try to one-up you you know because often when you're talking to people they'll be thinking about what they have to say that's worse and that's not helpful if you need a listening ear make one room in your house as beautiful as possible I talked a lot about already about the necessity of cleaning your room which is you know in some sense of foolish piece of advice because it seems so obvious but it's not obvious at all and you'll find if you try it especially if you're in a household that's not very functional that you'll encounter obstacles that you couldn't imagine existed while you're trying to put your life in order and you can take your surroundings beyond order and and move towards beauty and that's unbelievably useful there's the saying that says tough times produce strong men strong men produce good times good times produce weak men weak men produce tough times yes if that's the truth which phase are we in today well if you think about it historically you have to say that we're in good times I mean that doesn't mean everything about the current times are good and of course life is always tenuous and and difficult but it's 1919 if you go back a hundred years ago imagine what the last five years would have been like right you would have been the entire world was encapsulated in a terrible war the trench warfare was absolutely brutal and that was a five year period and then that was followed by the Spanish Influenza which killed 120 million people and you know so I'd rather be here now than there then by a substantial margin and I think life is never easy even under relatively positive conditions but I would say that speaking on a global level there's never been a better time for the majority of people to be alive and the future although we're vulnerable and terrible things can always happen to us it's hard to make a case that the future doesn't look comparatively positive we're becoming extremely technologically sophisticated and the world is changing at an incredibly rapid rate and the only way we're going to be able to manage that in a positive way is if each of us or as many of us as possible are capable of making wise and careful and truthful decisions and if we do that then you know maybe things can continue to improve the rate of absolute poverty in the world has fell by 50 percent between the year 2000 and the year 2012 you know that's the fastest rate of economic improvement in the history of the world and there's plenty of reason to be optimistic if you're inclined in that direction I would say it's best to marry that with a healthy dose of attentive caution because as I said things can go badly wrong but I can't think of a time in the past that I would trade for now despite all the problems that are also part and parcel of being alive now you you

43 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson's Ultimate Advice for Students & Young People #2 – HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE

  1. This man's concern and shared wisdom is priceless. I've improved my life SO much putting his principles into practice. He's a true blessing.

  2. He posed with a man that had on a t shirt that had " I am an Islamophobe " printed on it. It caused more than a few problems for the professor. He has also claimed women like violent men.

  3. Another thing is dress yourself properly. The days I get most done is when I actually dress myself professionally, it’s like entering a role. Don’t spend your day in your pyjamas. Just put on a blazer and experience the difference!

  4. The 1% have goals. The 1% don't knock up their high school girlfriends or get impregnated by their high school boyfriends. The 1% finish College. The 1% don't go around claiming victim status. The 1% work their asses off, but work intelligently. The 1% start putting extra cash into investments early on, not into useless toys. The 1% are disciplined. The 1% aren't stuck in front of the TV every night. The 1% are motivated to not be like the other 99%.

  5. I am just listing to this professor`s lectures just to improve my English, but I can`t resist not to judge him. So, I admit that he is real speaker but I cannot resist myself not to say he is to me is just a white celeberity with an special talent playing with words. I actually vomit with the content.

  6. Doctor Jordan PETERSON you posted amazing lesson this morning
    Let me share with you few things that important we use to be struggle a lot lock off knowledge. But right now we can Express ourselves. Yes we are waiting long time
    ,but never too late
    We are African or American our problem political problems & economic problems & something injustices
    We are always stand up our right.we can change the Name or country Name for our safety reasons. If someone waiting long time or don't have a Bigger family with him. a lot negativity rumors going around.if your not sure why you don't ask all information you available
    We are not hiding., we never ever apologized whatever we have been you requested reference available anywhere inside, outside information available. We never ever blame someone by someone. We are trying to change something better.We never ever relaying on someone. No matter how is difficult situations it is new experiences we will move forward. I wished I m a good writer. Thank you very much everyone what i Learned from my followers. I never be some person. I . Strongly believe new lifestyle coming some day. Thank you Again

  7. The Lord Jesus Christ spoke better than this over 2000 years ago ..Peterson

    .as good as he is … he is a false christ

  8. The idea that you're observing that makes you jealous and resentful is in large part an illusion that's created by your own mind.

  9. The 1% are the illuminati, with schemes to their advantage at the expense of humanity. WW1 did not have to be. It could have ended with the friendly football match during the first Christmas if the illuminati didn't tell both sides to hate and destroy each other.

  10. The wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways, but the folly of fools is deception. Proverbs 14:8

  11. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. Psalm 111: 10

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