Jordan Peterson's Ultimate Advice for Changing Your Life (MUST WATCH)

Jordan Peterson's Ultimate Advice for Changing Your Life (MUST WATCH)

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36 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson's Ultimate Advice for Changing Your Life (MUST WATCH)

  1. I moved to California by myself to stay focused on what my goals and meet people who can take me closer to them… Life is pain and suffering but there's always beauty in the struggle

  2. I allow myself to dream think and let my mind off the leash of self censorship.
    I talk about how I feel. I speak up when, nobody does. I try to keep my eyes open when the light of truth is shining too bright. I aim to be the difference I want to see In the world.
    I forgive myself and all of you, especially you how deserves it the least…I forgive you for being blind, because I have been there too.

  3. ever since consciousness awakened from the dream that it created to experience and see itself in this physical world through me the duality, consciousness is now playing an entirely different role through me in this world, now it requires integrity, dignity, and honor in all things, being present in the moment of life, allowing life to live me, and seeing the reality of that moment and doing what keeps me in a liberated state of being.

  4. Is it wrong to be satisfied with what you have? If I wanted more, I could certainly strive for more, but I like the simple life I already have. To have more would only be a burden at this point in my life. Learn to recognize when you have reached your ultimate goal.

  5. Dr Peterson is the SMARTEST, MOST INTELLIGENT, HONEST, MOST ARTICULATE person I have EVER encountered, I'm a 67 year old man !

  6. If you spend an hour on some thing, will you pay someone to do the same thing for $50.if not then it’s not worth doing. So simple but so deep

  7. The end of the video says pursue happiness and find it within yourself. But Jorden Peterson never says to pursue happiness. He said once in response to a statement, “but isn’t it true that many people cannot afford to pursue a meaningful life?
    “It is a luxury to pursue what makes you happy, but you have a moral obligation to pursue what you find meaningful.” This is because people believe the meaning of life is to persue happiness, but it’s not. Living a meaningful life means bearing a burden or a responsibility of some sort to fulfil your role in the circle of life. At this point he’d usually refer to Jesus and the cross or simba in the lion king

    Pursuing a life predicated on happiness, material things, status, popularity lead me to alcoholism and crystal meth. Until I found Jesus I’d thought there were no more second chances. There’s nothing I haven’t been able to overcome by remaining close to god and taking great advice from people like Jordan Peterson

  8. I do whatever the F I want I worry about my family and that’s it NOTHING else matters to me I really don’t care

  9. "Do what the 99% aren't doing."
    You mean, worshiping a Culture-Warrior, psychological snake-oil salesman?
    …WAY ahead of ya!

  10. Can you improve you?
    If you are in need of improvement the person who is going to do
    the improving is the person who needs to be improved.
    There you have a vicious circle.
    Good luck.

  11. At 40, I've overcome a mountain of failure. But hit a plateau. I'm at the crossroad of getting a promotion by going to school for two years or switching jobs going from EMS to the police department. After two hard tries I'm coming to the reality that maybe God doesn't want me to become a cop, but he opened this door for me at a private ambulance company, witch within itself is a miracle seeing as how I'm a recovered heroin addict. I've found two things when dealing with the public soberly, first the company I work for is not respected so the employee's are not respected, second people are rude and crude. Not just the public but the hospitals as well. I've done this for 6 years now. I would love to find an answer.

  12. Look here Motivation Madness: I get the clickbate titles under normal circumstances, but when it's Jordan Peterson just name the video after him and we will all watch

  13. I really like this guy. But at 7:50 in this video I just want to point out that spending money and spending time are two different things….I don't think we should try to determine the importance of our time by referencing money….we are forced to use money to buy things yes.,but all a person needs physically to stay alive is food and water and sleep. And if the earth wasn't seized and controlled we would just be working at staying alive and doing whatever we wanted. But things are how they are at the moment so we need money for food and water and somewhere to sleep and clothes etc because of how things have been set up by governments… Everyone already knows this, but yeah I'm basically saying it's probably not a good idea to say hmmmm would i have paid someone 50 dollars to do whatever for an hour?? – because if not then it probably wasn't worthwhile….lol? That's kind of saying that something is only worthwhile if its worth something financially!? Yes buying things we need is obviously worthwhile , but deciding if something we spend our time doing is financially worthwhile or not should only really be relevant if we were in a position where we didn't have something we needed or had something that needed to be done. For example for me personally going for a walk for an hour is definitely worthwhile even if it's just to get fresh air and exercise. But I wouldn't pay someone 50 dollars to do it and just because I wouldn't doesn't make it not worthwhile. I know what he was meaning, but I think giving the example of 'would I pay someone money to do that and if not then well it wasn't worth it' – is probably not the way to say it.

  14. What if you lack self-esteem and confidence. What if you screw every interpersonal relationship because you're crazy. What if you're a shy, insecure person. What if you haven't grown up because of having man child and a woman child parents? What if you don't believe in yourself to decipher things or the ability to know the truth of any situation. In that case you just give up.

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