Joomla! 2.5 Tutorial - Languages

Joomla! 2.5 Tutorial – Languages

This is another JoomlArt Video Tutorial on multi-language options in Joomla! 1.7. This video will explain the basics on installing and setting up a multiple languages website.

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hi I'm Robert vining and this is a joomla art video tutorial on joomla 1.6 languages for the purpose of this video we've prepared a French language pack according to the official documentation we'll install this language pack and translate all modules content and menus on this page to the French language also we're going to set up a new content language for French so stay tuned to install a new language pack for both the administration and site go to the extensions menu up top and click extension manager click Choose file and browse for the language installation file on your computer then click upload and install let's check the newly installed language this language pack applies to both back in and front-end let's create a new content language go to the content tab and click the new button we set the title URL language code image prefix language tag and click Save next we have to publish the language switcher module in the front-end so go to module manager and find the module here we're going to set a position we're going to set it to use language flags and we're going to add pretext for this module now click Save and close next we're going to enable the language filter plug-in required for filtering front-end modules according to their language settings now the language switcher module is published and we can start translating the content modules and menus now that we have the language switcher module let's duplicate it and set it to the French language we use Google Translate for the translation well we're not French but you get the idea for this duplicated module we'll set the French language here we'll quickly duplicate all modules used on the home page just like we did for the language switcher module as you can see all language modules are loaded so let's set the English language for the original modules and they'll be displayed only for English users alright the language filter plug-in will make sure that only French modules are displayed for the French language next we're going to duplicate menu items for French so we'll start with the top menu items first we need to set English for the existing menu items and now we'll create new items for fridge Google translates our friend today and don't forget to set the French language normally you'd link to French content items or menu items but for our purpose here we'll link to existing English items and we'll quickly create a new French menu item for sample sites now let's check the front-end seems we have to reorder the newly created menu items click the ordering header and then use the blue arrows to reorder the menu items ok now you can do the same for the other menus next we're going to create a new style for the B's – template to be used for French pages select the default style and click duplicate then click the newly created style to edit it we'll use a site title to indicate the usage then select the French language and finally translate the site title and description in the template parameters then click Save with French language selected the front end will now use the newly created style next we'll create duplicates for each content article here's a quick example with Google Translate we'll get the French version of the content items oops we'll have to use another content title since there's already one with the same title let's make this title unique let's check the front-end ok let's quickly create a French version for the other featured articles and we'll set the English language for the existing articles okay now we have a perfect French version for the homepage the last thing we want to show is the French global metadata as you can see we've updated the metadata for the French Content language this new metadata will be visible in the source of the French page both keywords and description that's it for the language options in joomla 1.6 stay tuned for more joomla tutorials on the Joomla heart youtube channel i'm Robert vining thanks for watching

27 thoughts on “Joomla! 2.5 Tutorial – Languages

  1. way to fast and its not working for 2.5 joomla 🙁 something is missing, and i like speed but nd of tutorial goes way to fast

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  5. It would be so good if somebody could update Joomla Language Pack front end info for Joomla 2.5 to 3.0… No information. I am adding Russian and Bulgarian, not visible at all on Frontend. So frustrating! Ah !! 1.29am UK, hours behind with work…

  6. The one issue that is not mentioned is that both in joomla 1.6 and 1.7 the default menu item must be set to "all" languages for languages that don't have a defined homepage. That IS a small problem. Also I know some menu related language issues have been fixed with 1.7

    As to the video – nice one, but if you intend on going that fast, please make sure not to leave out ANYTHING (such as – going to the language manager) – beginners to Joomla will get confused by the speed and lack of information.

  7. @duyetthevo seems to work perfectly in joomla 1.7. Didn't surprise me it does, since 1.7 is only a minor change from 1.6 (in contrast to 1.6, which is a whole makeover from 1.5). In any case, all things shown here are just as valid for 1.7

  8. PFFFFFT on those who talk about speed! This was exactly what I need.. not a 20 minute hand holding just a Q&D on how to get there – THANKYOU.. this rocks! Would love to hear you speaking french too with that good ol boy accent of yours too. Thank you for being fast and concise.. there's others that can do an effective 20 minute presentation – I needed the 5 minute kick start!

  9. I agree with rightmxlj this do not work on Joomla 1.7 (lastest version).

    Please joomlart make a new tutorial 🙂

  10. un poco mas lento por favor, hay partes del vídeo que no puedo ver debido a la velocidad con que es grabado, si es necesario pueden hacer dos o tres vídeos para este tema… gracias

  11. ok, wow! *boom*

    This was exactly what I needed, thanks, you rock!


    HOLD YOUR HORSES! Don't you think you're going a tad fast here?
    It's actually faster to watch a 10 min video once, rather than stopping, rewinding, get annoyed about YouTube's UI, and watch certain parts 3 times 😉
    And to top that off, you're even clicking parts outside the recorded screen, so it involves a bit of guessing work.

    My advice – slow down, and show it more in details, please 🙂
    Also explain WHY you do things 🙂

  12. How can you translate the 'Home' menu? If you try to select a language for it , it says:

    Save failed with the following error: The Language parameter for this menu item must be set to 'All'. At least one Default menu item must have Language set to All, even if the site is multilingual.

  13. good video but too fast to understand it.
    could you redo do the video so it is easy to understand please…

  14. I understand that you are extremely familiar with this. Well, not everybody is sleeping with Joomla under the pillow. I was looking for an easy tutorial for multi-language sites, starting from a comparison to v1.5.x+JoomFish vs. "how is this taskaccomplished in v1.6"

    Instead of making a blink-of-an-eye video that confuses us, you could have done a set of more than one short videos, without all that Google-hocus-pocus, so that people actually have the time to process the info.

    Useless for me.

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