Joe Manganiello reveals advice for Dungeon Masters | D&D Beyond

Joe Manganiello reveals advice for Dungeon Masters | D&D Beyond

Joe Manganiello reveals his advice and tips for Dungeon Masters. From creating epic moments and scenes, to preparing for games and improvising in the moment.

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20 thoughts on “Joe Manganiello reveals advice for Dungeon Masters | D&D Beyond

  1. The pulling out of your ass advice is so true. You never truly know what players will do, and so you have to improvise SO OFTEN hahaha but he is definitely right: preparing is key. Creating a living breathing world FIRST and then dropping the players into it allows you to still have confidence in complete improvisation because you’ve created a world and have a sense of how things play out in it regardless of how insanely spontaneous players can sometimes be

  2. Pulling stuff out of yur butt on a monents notice AKA Improv. Because you never know when one of the PC's are going to go off "chasing squirrels" in the middle of a game, with no warnig.

  3. That ghost thing at the end got me. Played a whole campaign once. Where the stoic silent Dwarven NPC who had traveling with our group since the beginning.Turned out to be nine cats in a suit of armor. we found out like 2/3 of the way through

  4. Recapping the combat sounds cool as hell, mate! I’ll definitely try that as I describe the player hitting the finishing blow. See if the players dig it.

  5. My advice is build a few back pocket villains. Creating characters is fun, when you have down time make a couple characters build them up to epic and go through levelling them up so if you get to spot in your campaign and you need a trick you can introduce something at any level you can build on and already know about.

    Running a good game is hard but really rewarding. Keep playing forever!!!!!

  6. Please, please, please if you can, make something cool happen with Dragonlance. Now is the time and you are the man to make it happen!

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