JJRC X9 Heron GPS 5G WiFi FPV with 1080P Camera Optical Flow Positioning RC Drone RTF Unboxing

JJRC X9 Heron GPS 5G WiFi FPV with 1080P Camera Optical Flow Positioning RC Drone RTF Unboxing

JJRC X9 Heron GPS 5G WiFi FPV with 1080P Camera Optical Flow Positioning RC Drone Quadcopter RTF Unboxing
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Main Features:
● HD FPV Flight:
5G WiFi camera: 1080P videos and photos, 720P real-time transmission
● Stable Flight
With GPS + optical flow + air press altitude hold positioning system, the flight is more stable, bringing clear photos
● One Key Following Mode
In the mode, the drone will fly following the player to capture the beautiful moment
● Point of Interesting Flight
Choose one point, then the drone will fly around the point in a circle
● Tap to Fly
Choose one point, the drone will fly toward the aim straightly
● One Key Takeoff / Landing
Without complex operation, just press one key to achieve flying or landing
● One Key Return
Press one key, the drone will return the original flying place, the flight is safer
● WiFi APP control: download by the QR code on the manual
● Remote control battery: 3.7V 2500mAh battery

all right everybody today we're gonna be took a taking a look at the jjrc here on this is a you know a spark clone and this is actually looks almost like a clone okay not a knockoff actually a clothe this thing might be pretty decent I solved some videos from this youtuber Simon Simon he has a good Channel I'm gonna put a link down below so go check him out he's got quite a few videos on this flying around so I think he's out over in Hong Kong so let's get it out of the box so what I'm gonna try to do cuz I haven't done anything okay I'm gonna try to get it out of the box throw the battery in and get it to take off like the spark does okay without the app and all that other crap okay so we're gonna try that it don't work it don't work good now just get it all ready and get it out to the park very clean packaging there is the unit itself very nice it's like identical to the spark as far as size goes I mean the size is identical I mean you want to talk about a copy this is pretty much it right here okay even the the ridge right here so I might be able to clip on those legs that I use for the spark sometimes those might even work on here okay so that's that the data force the phone holder there's the phone holder here is the transmitter which is very nice it's got its own internal battery which is a nice thing you don't have to do there's where you charge it right there there's the charge port for the battery then you would clip the phone holder in here somehow there's not many buttons on here return-to-home photo video probably take off and land and this M I don't know what that means but then you got your gimbal control here it does have a two axis gimbal on it here's the battery and the battery is a it's a 1000 okay it's a 1,000 milliamp hour battery now it says on the box 15 minutes flight time but you know that's not happening okay that's not happening at all here's a USB cable to charge the controller then here's the power cable for the transmitter or for the flight battery that plugs in here and the flight battery has that little light thing on there like the spark does so it's a super copy okay this ain't a regular copy this is a super copy and the way that works is you just snap that in there like that and plug it in and it turns red this light here turns red and then when it's charged it goes out or no it goes green that's right it turned green when it was charged so that's all that roll so I'm going to plug this in here and we're gonna weigh it up to see how much it weighs compared to the spark 254 grams so it's uh four grams over the limit so I have to put the FAA number on here dang it I'll put it on the bottom right here on the bottom of the battery yep 254 and the spark is at three oh three oh four so the spark has a little bit better quality but this thing feels nice guys I mean it does it feels really nice I'm impressed with it has a nice feel to it it might be a winner by jjrc which I like I said I never had a bad jjrc product ever did I ever get a turkey from them I've had plenty of gobblers but not one from those guys and then here's the manual oh maybe I'll look at the controller maybe don't tell me that that number – oh it's a status indicator light Oh then I'll tell you I guess the battery the battery status I guess and then that wheel was for pitching the gimbal now these antennas I have no idea if they're fake or real no clue and then the app is called enjoy fly but I'm not even gonna do that right now I'm gonna try to get it and there's the QR code on the front of the manual there's for the app store and there's for the Google Playstore right there so they got you all covered very simple setup on this very easy stuff on this thing nothing complicated nothing to build nothing to put together just charge the battery slap it in and go I'm gonna try to start it up right in here without calibrating it or doing any of that crap which I did not do any of that stuff yet because I just actually downloaded the app the two minutes ago before I started recording the video so let's make sure that's it if it doesn't have the same trouble a spark originally did with a battery pop it out of there Wow okay so that's turned on now when you charge the transmitter these lights will flash on here until it's charged they'll be red well let me sit here and see if I can get the arm the motors to arm up oh it's the gimble whistling you know it's wanting me to do some kind of calibration I can see by those lights flashing like that nope oh well no big deal I'll get it going oh well I guess I'll have to go through the app and calibrate it and do all that mumbo jumbo to get it to work so maybe after that listen to that gimbal squealing all right no big deal guys I'll get it going there's something in the back there's a little door back here okay there it is there's the micro SD card slot there and then there's the US micro USB port to probably retrieve the files if you didn't want to take the card out so that's cool it's in the same spot as the spark I should have known right I'm an idiot okay I'm a moron and you dumb all right there you go guys the jjrc here on let me go get it all configured and calibrated and get the app go and then we'll get it outside it rained I wanted to take the xeno back out today to that big park but of course it rained the first decent day and now I'm gonna be stuck going to the little park that has the where I don't have to stand in the mud so because the the park will be all muddy now and I'm not feeling it man I'm not feeling like standing in that mud to make a video okay not be able to today all right guys I'll talk to you later all right guys once you get this being paired which is a royal pain in the ass okay okay the instructions are really okay it's these Chinamen man I'm telling you they the way they word stuff or the way they do stuff if you can't get this thing to pair what I had to do is I had to go online and do a search for that sea fly dream which is the same thing there who made it and they explain to you how to pair it because you can't find any because this thing in here it says pair with RC don't pay any attention to that that that's the dog Washington then none of that works in there okay don't do any of that what you need is those numbers some go up here to my computer screen so I went to the sea fly website and then it shows you on here what you needed these numbers right here that are on the back of the or on the Wi-Fi because this is one of these deals like these there's newfangled stuff they've been doing where they've been you've been connecting the Wi-Fi to the controller instead of the quadcopter and that's the way this is and the same thing is done with the Diego over here that does that and so does that Jamie drone it's a little bit confusing and it can get you a little bit screwed up but but that's what you got to do you just have to remember these numbers here that are on the the wife ID numbers because this thing here it says in here how to do it it's total BS it doesn't work you have to remember these numbers because in the app it's gonna say enter the last five digits of the remote controller and which are on the back there right there right there you see it right there that eyo but I don't know if there anybody else is if it's gonna be the same number or not but that's the same number that's on the Wi-Fi number right there boy what a pain but anyway so to put it into the to be able to start it in the house like the spark if you wanted to take it off all you have to do is do the old pull the you have to hit this mode switch right here and that'll beep and then all you got to do is pull the sticks down and out to arm the motors so there's I'm not gonna take it off right here because got a cat here in the front it chopped in half so but anyway so that's how you do it and then we'll disarm the movie just pull straight down on the stick it took me like an hour and a half to get this okay after I did that unboxing I was like holy crap Wow all right guys talk to you later don't hit me it's very jerky

37 thoughts on “JJRC X9 Heron GPS 5G WiFi FPV with 1080P Camera Optical Flow Positioning RC Drone RTF Unboxing

  1. Sounds like it was a pain to get it paired. Looks pretty good and the short motor spin, seemed pretty quiet. Great video Bryan

  2. We also enjoyed this review bryan I think this must be good enough jjrc x9
    on my facebook have blocked me until 15/3/2019

  3. Micro sd same spot! Excellent reverse engineering! If you remove the props it should come under FAA rules….just hold it up on a long pole when shooting video…you’ll be okay.

  4. Oh wow just 4g over the threshold! ?😁 I'm tempted if it performs anywhere near as good as a spark!? 😁😎👍

  5. That looks like a better than average quad. JJRC always had birds a little bit better than other guys in similar price range. I have that Visuo 812G, with 1080p camera and what a good flyer, so I expect no less with this one. I see the Zino makes a guest star appearance, and just picked up the case for her as well. Good unboxing as usual, great one man.👍👍

  6. Looks nice enough, and you say feels a quality build, cool! Looking forward to seeing it in the air now: Thumbs up 👍👍👍

  7. Well crap! You had me excited for a moment thinking this was a JJRC brushless Spark clone with gimbal until you realized it was three C-Fly Dream. C-Fly sucks. I hate how they do that stupid method of connecting the controller to the app and separate or whatever you are doing. I know that's also now the Obtain works and if you connect to the drone instead it won't work. Isn't the Dream the one that flew crazy and would randomly autoland for Donnie and many others?

  8. A good camera drone that has a good g.p.s. is my dream drone!!!!! Looks really cool!!!!! I'll be waiting for some flight footage!!!!! Man its quite!!!!!!! Interesting noise when you turn it on lol!!!! I still like it!!!!!

  9. btw, the two antennas at the remote are REAL, Bryan. You need to position them properly to get better range.

  10. Good morning. Cant wait to see the flight and video quality as compared to the spark. Your right about JJRC never had a bad one here.

  11. Cool, Bryan! I gave my Spark away and now there’s an empty spot in my Mavic/Spark case. Looks like that would just fit, but not sure about that controller.

    My first ever drone was a JJRC H20 (a hexacopter) . I agree; they make quality stuff. But I don’t understand why there seems to be a different app for each model…

    But I digress. Thanks for the nice review… I see this is a really inexpensive quad; I might just do this.

  12. Thanks Bryan glad you found out how to pair the two.Hope it flys good it. Mite
    Help me with the withdrawals of selling my Spark if the price is right. Thanks Again

  13. thanks Bryan referring to my ch. Awesome unboxing. after first pairing, everything goes smoothly later on. one thing you have to watch out. Battery charging: you have to plug the battery into the charger before turning on the power to the charger. I saw on some video that if you power on the charger first, then plug the battery into it. there is a chance that it could blow up the charger and battery. wait for your outdoor review.

  14. i been looking at this one the last few days to purchase myself but seen quite a few negative reviews of this compared to the more expensive Cfly dream which this is a clone of, mainly the gps module on this JJRC model has issues as it doesnt have GLONASS and is slow to search for satellites. Hope you have good luck with this one Bryan

  15. Now that there is really nice , Excellent Review, Excellent Video, and most definitely an Excellent HOST

    Thank you BRYAN!!!

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