iphone 6 WiFi and GPS Component Installation

iphone 6 WiFi and GPS Component Installation

How to install the WiFi Flex Cable and Antenna Signal Cover Bracket on your iPhone 6. Parts can be found through the link below.

we are now going to install the antenna flex cable and antenna signal cover bracket for the Wi-Fi the flex cable is pretty straightforward you just attach it to the underside of the logic board and there's really only one way this will fit on just remember you don't want to force these they should snap right into place without a lot of effort and if you take a look at it here kind of from the edge you can make sure that those are completely seated flip the board over and we can go ahead and get it back inside of the housing remember we need to tuck it under a couple of points up here at the top end of the phone and then also we want to make sure we don't trap any cables or antenna wires underneath the logic board so do make sure that you get these out of the way I'm right-handed so for me it's easiest to hold that with my left and then just kind of wedge it in up here at the top if you're left-handed it might be a little different you probably have to flip the phone around the other direction and then as you lay it into place make sure you've got all these cables down here at the bottom out of the way once you do that we can go ahead and put in the screw that goes towards the center part of the logic board this will kind of hold everything in place and from that point you can pretty much attach the cables anytime you want to I'll probably do it a little bit later on but we've got that one screw up here at the top that has the larger head and then just below it on the phone we'll have our standoffs screw so if you have the correct driver that will make your life lot easier as you saw I just put one in over by the camera and then we are going to go ahead and put this screw in onto the logic board because it does go underneath the cover as you can see I'm attaching the cables at this point right next to the battery and then the cover can go ahead in be placed into position and the rest of the screws for the cover can be installed at this point you'll notice that I went ahead and installed the cover plate for the Flex cables first it doesn't really matter what order you do these in my only advice is don't tighten this screw all the way down because you've got to make sure that you get the screw on the opposite end of the cover plate lined up properly and once you have them both threaded you can go ahead and tighten them and of course as always remember this is finger tighten you don't need to crank down on these things you can absolutely do more damage than good if you over tighten your screws so as soon as you fill them stop you're done you don't need to twist it like a lug nut these screws are pretty small so sometimes getting them to stick on the end of your driver can be a challenge but magnetizing your blade always makes this a little bit easier and of course don't forget we have our special screw that goes in here and from this point if you haven't already done so you can go ahead and connect all of the Flex cables you've got the main rear facing camera the charging port flex cable and the antenna wire and once you have those all connected you can go ahead and install your display if you found the video helpful like it share it check out my channel for more tutorials and product reviews and most of all remember to hit the subscribe button feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section and thanks for watching you

38 thoughts on “iphone 6 WiFi and GPS Component Installation

  1. GPS worked 0% of the time. Maps only worked from WiFi and cellular inputs. Been great for a month. Definitely fixed it. Had a hiccup yesterday. Fine today. Ideas? Not my repair. Hard playing peekaboo with a problem.

  2. Great video for my first iPhone repair ever. GPS, Bluetooth, and wifi were all wonky, super limited if working at all. This did the trick. I also found the iFixit guide super helpful. https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/iPhone+6+Antenna+Flex+Cable+Replacement/90317

    When pulling off the flex cable, a piece of the cable's connected remained stuck to the logic board. A tense but careful effort removed it, and everything went back together with no problem. It's possible this connector was the culprit, either loose or already broken before I attempted the repair. I also put in a new Antenna Signal Cover Bracket (I've seen this called the wi-fi antenna elsewhere) because the part is so cheap and it was good insurance that I'd have everything I need without knowing the exact cause of the issue. The repair was tense, but probably a moderate challenge in the end. All in all, I never would have gotten even a diagnosis from Apple, simply charged the ludicrous $300 for a repair (might as well buy a new phone for that).

    Make sure you have all the tools you need so you don't strip any screws. Some places sell a kit pretty affordable specifically for the flex cable. I found the phillips #000 bit, the p2 pentalobe bit, and a standoff bit perfect for the job, plus all the different plastic implements show in this video. I also found a plastic organizational tray super handy to keep my parts/steps clear (I put little rolls of duct tape inside each box to keep screw sizes organized).

  3. Great videos. They tell tricky spots, give reassembly advice and don't sound like late night t.v. commercials. Will this likely fix my phone? My problem: zero GPS reception verified per "GPS Diagnostic" app. Wi-Fi reception is good and the same as another iPhone 6 that I have. Wi-Fi works with the problem phone's cellular data turned off. It seems like this would fix a weak GPS and Wi-Fi signal (i.e. working GPS module without antenna). Not a zero GPS signal only problem (i.e. indicates dead GPS). I admit, I don't really understand what the two cables and the bracket do. Could my GPS module be bad? Any advice? I edited this a lot for clarity. Looks like you have a great channel here. Keep up the good work.

  4. I am facing gps, Bluetooth and wifi issues. Google maps does not work. It points to a different direction. Bluetooth does not connect to my car audio. Wifi signal used to be super strong but is weak now and only shows 2 bars and sometimes 1 bar. I have tried all sorts of things from resetting to fresh installation of software but in vain. Please help and suggest.

  5. I received an iPhone 6 recently and the WiFi was greyed out, no GPS and no Bluetooth. I bought a flex cable and replaced it following the video the best I could and I'm still having the issue. What could be the problem?

  6. HI, I had probs with GPS and WiFi signal, almost useless on iPhone 6. After reading various opinions and advice i set about replacing WI FI aerial although it appeared to coincide with software update ? For a non techie your video and instructions are just brilliant, The phone works, amazing and problem solved Thank you so very much.

  7. Thanks for the detailed video. Was nervous to try this, but replacing these parts just fixed my phone, and its as easy as you made it look.

  8. Excess just the black thing on the flex cable at 1:10 I bought a flex cable and I didn't have this black thing so is it a problem or not?

  9. Fixed my wifi and bluetooth issues. Not difficult at all, and this was my first time opening an iPhone! thank you!

  10. Would i just need the flex cable to fix this problem or the antenna as well? Trying to order parts and don't know if i need both or just one.

  11. I paid $24.26 in parts and tools, spent a little less than an hour of my time , and with the help of this video cured my wifi and GPS issues. THANK YOU!

  12. Your videos are informative. My iPhone 6 has had a degrading wifi connection and barely works 5 ft from the wifi router now. I ruled out all issues related to the router, DNS, software updates etc. Restored the iPhone with new install with no luck. Any idea if replacing the WiFi Flex Cable and/or the Antenna Signal Cover Bracket or even the antenna will help?

  13. which part should I replace if I got weak wifi signal reception?
    the F flex cable only or the antenna it self?

    is it same between the wifi module between 6 and the 6 plus ?

  14. Thaaaank you soooo much, my iPhone is finally working, Wifi signal was weak, GPS and bluetooth weren't working, it costed me 10 euros and 1 hour of my time! 😀

  15. Habe mein Flexkabel nach der Anleitung getauscht und alles wieder zusammengebaut. Nun habe das Problem, dass das Display nicht mehr reagiert und graue und weiße Balken auf dem Display zu sehen sind. Im Hintergrund sieht man leicht was auf dem Display passiert, aber es reagiert nicht mehr. Kann mir jemand helfen, was vielleicht kaputt gegangen ist?

  16. Any suggestion on if this would fix a "searching" problem for the cellular signal? If not what would I need for that repair?

  17. My iPhone 6 had issues with the GPS being off 500-1000 metres, Bluetooth was WEAK, phone had to be within 12" of the BT speaker, and my Wifi signal was weak unless really close to a signal. Went to the Apple store (out of warranty phone) and they said nothing they could do but try to repair for $$$. They said that Wifi looked fine (of course we were in the store) and GPS can be off. I decided to order the part for $9 and just replaced it by following your videos! GPS, Bluetooth, and Wifi are all working properly now! I noticed that when I removed the old antenna, the contacts from the old came off and were stuck onto the contact of the logic board. I had to pick at them with tweezers to get them off. Maybe that was the problem. Thanks for the simple instructions!

  18. Excellent and super helpful video ! I just had issues with my gps going crazy no bluetooth and no wifi anywhere i went. Ordered the parts off amazon and followed this guide and everything is back to normal now !!

  19. Great video, I replaced mine but the Gps is still off by couple hundred feet, do you is there any other way to fix this problem?

  20. Great video as usual. Any experience with GPS not locking on?
    Trying to use Apple maps and the search radius doesn't go any lower than about 300m. Just an aerial replacement or something on board? Thanks

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