Impossible Aerospace - The US-1 drone in action

Impossible Aerospace – The US-1 drone in action

Update: Aerospace Impossible asked us to replace the original video with this new one. The original video was sent to us by mistake and was not meant to be released.

Here’s 4K footage of the US-1 drone midair. The footage was provided by Impossible Aerospace and is the first time the company released footage of their drone in action. As you can see in the video the US-1 drone flies over a commercial area. The footage is shot from another drone, presumingly another US-1 drone. The US-1 drone seems to be a very agile and stable drone, which is perhaps somewhat surprising as it is a sizeable aircraft. It weighs around 16 pounds and measures 26″ by 26″.

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so late yesterday evening we got an email from Spencer Goro is the CEO of impossible aerospace asking us to remove the video we had posed it for me today apparently that video was not meant to be released by the press and instead they gave us this video that shows the us one drone made by an Oslo aerospace in action over this commercial area unfortunately though this video is quite a bit shorter however it still gives us a clear impression of how well this drone flies and we are looking forward to seeing it firsthand hopefully sometime soon you

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  1. Simply pretty late to become a known player and so much overhead for just one model?

    How fast could dji develope a competitive carrier with exact same set of features?

    Too fast I guess.

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