iMovie Special Effects - iPhone iPad iOS - iMovie Tricks & Hacks

iMovie Special Effects – iPhone iPad iOS – iMovie Tricks & Hacks

This iMovie iPhone Effect tutorial video demonstrate just how easy it is to create a cool video with your iPhone and or iPad, complete with awesome effects.

Watch as I incorperate video sound effects, video effects, transition as well as music effects. It’s never been easier to create awesome video effects than it is today with iMove and a few other apps that are covered in this iMovie app tutorial for iPhone. Creating fun iPhone iMovie tricks or hacks can increase engagement, drive more views and get you more subscribers!

Create a cool iPhone video today!


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hey it's Brian G Johnson and it's so easy today to make fun engaging videos using nothing more than an iPhone or an iPad really any iOS device that you have you can use paired with a few apps like iMovie and again well of course we're talking iMovie app for the iPhone or the iPad and also video Rama now yesterday it was my friend Felicia's birthday I made a fun engaging video for her uh well let me show you that video right now okay kind of quirky kind of like men in black uh it took me like I don't know thirty minutes to kick it out how did I do it well the first thing I did was I ran outside and I filmed I just kind of want to show you the original footage so so notice the video the final video is 13 seconds the footage is 31 seconds and notice it's a little bit slower because a lot of what I did with the video I ultimately published was I sped up some of the fit footage I slowed down other bits of the footage I added in a filter noir filter and then from there what I did was I went ahead and I added in a few sound effects a soundtrack and an effect it was like pixie dust effect so that's what I filmed and once that was filmed basically what did I do well the first thing I did was I took the film and I edited in video Rama and thinking back now uh in the future what I'm going to do is I'm going to start with iMovie so I'm going to show you how I would create that so first thing we're going to do is select a new movie and again if you've never used iMovie for your iPhone or iPod I've got a full-featured step-by-step highly-rated video here on YouTube check that out now this will be the advanced how to add some cool effects video so check that out the iMovie app tutorial I'll link to it in the YouTube card let's keep on carrying on with this tutorial so how did I create it first click the plus button you'll have a chance to create either a trailer or a movie I'll select movie from here I'm going to stick with simple so we have a few basic designs and I like simple because I'm going to add everything myself so the next thing we need to do is we need to drop in the footage so I'm going to look recently added and here's that recently added footage I'm going to drop it in the playhead here it is now the one first thing I don't want is I don't want any audio associated with my original recording on what music sound effects so what am I going to do well I'm going to go to the Audio tab down below or to volume rather actually I don't see it there let's go back there it is I didn't see it detach audio you see that right above volume detach audio of press that now it's selected notice the trash can in the right-hand corner I'll click that and now we don't have any audio at all okay so the audio is gone and now we basically have this footage of me and the first thing I want to do is I kind of want to get I kind of want to fight fine where I know did I bend down okay here we go so I want it I want footage to start from right there okay perfect I select the clip I split I delete the clip to the left now if we start you're going to see PAH I pop up poof look to the right look in take off glasses one take off glasses too lean happy birthday poof and end it okay so now I want to end right there I'm just gonna nope let's go back so if I want to end right here I can do a couple things I really want to blink blink okay I want the frame to end and I don't want to really be moving at all at the end so how do I do that well I split and now that's what I want to delete and now watch what we get you'll see it I kind of like lean and poof and I stare straight in and it ends okay so now we have our clip and we've shortened things a bit and we're down to 13 seconds now what we need to do is we need to speed up and slow down so I'm going to play the clip pop okay again I need to split here and here's what we're going to do this part we're going to kind of speed up this first part here that's highlighted we're going to speed that up how do we do that well we go to speed and the lower navigation let's increase this to about two times and now watch it and notice here at this point we're at normal speed so this is sped up it's kind of quirky looking that's good I'm going to expand the timeline so I have more control over each frame okay that's about the end of the movement of me taking off my glasses so I'm going to split that again I'm going to go to actions I'm going to go to split and great now what we're going to do is we're actually going to slow this down so it kind of looks like whoa cool so how do we slow down easy we go to speed and instead of speeding up we're going to slow down to about a third and let's see what that looks like now so you can see we're coming along great boom a little too slow easy now we're at 2/3 let's see what that looks like that looks about normal there we go half that's going to be perfect and that's what I had yesterday so we come in we've got nice slow motion and now really what we need to do is we need to export this footage and then we're going to work with it in video Rama and we're going to add the filters sound effects music and more so let's do that right now all right so now we can go ahead and we can access video Rama and I also have another video tutorial that goes over some of the functionality and features a video Rama a link to that in the YouTube card now now for for now we're going to jump in and we're going to create a new movie so notice at the bottom we have pick a project size and get started I want landscape 16 by 9 I'll select that now I've got the new footage right here that we just created an iMovie I'll select next in the right-hand corner and you can see we've got got our great slows down turn poof ah so the first thing we want to do actually is filters so I'm going to select filter and we have instant fade and there we go so the Noir is really cool we're going to select done that's good to go so now we have that done now what we want to do is let's add in some music so I'm going to select music I'm going to come into drama and you can see I've got all these really cool audio effects unfortunately I can't hear them because I'm recording my screen and whatnot but if we go to which was though there's a few one there's action is really good too and let's do run run run and I'll click to add that in and you'll see it comes in and I can add the music any time so I'll add it about there now notice we've got a volume control on the bottom okay the slider that I'm sliding around I suggest somewhere around 15 to 25 otherwise it's going to blow out the the peaking it's going to peak and it's going to sound bad so I'm going to select done so now we have that going on and now right here right here I've got my hand out I need to add some text I'll click on the T now notice I can drag things around I can pinch in and out let's see what what we have so far I'm going to click done and notice uh let's see how long the text stays on there okay I don't want it to stay so long so see right here at this point I kind of want it to go away when I pull my hand down up and it needs to go away right right right there it needs to go away so I'm going to select text again notice down below where we have the volume controls we also have a time okay and one point two that's going to be perfect I can feel it that birthday poof okay how do I get a cool kind of effect when I when I do this poof right when the hand opens up let's put in a video effect and notice we have rain cool confetti here's the rain snow sparks the snow is perfect let's add that in okay now we have snow so let's see what it looks like now that we have added snow I'm going to click done poof and actually what we want to do is let's click on it again and let's pull up the intensity and see what that looks like now pretty good move it a bit and let's do this great now we have a few other things we could do right where the effect comes in with the snow which is about right there we could add an audio effect a sound effect so I select sound effect and notice this cinematic boom or cinematic whoosh the whoosh is real good I'm going to add that that's just about perfect I'm going to overlap lap it perfectly and that's how I get the sound effect with the video effect at the same time and these are some of the things that you can do to spice up your videos using the app video Rama now hey it's Brian G Johnson and if you haven't subscribed to the channel we'll go ahead and hit the subscribe button right now I upload videos weekly and I share how you cannot just create content but create content that's amplified so you can inspire people to act dig it I'll see you on the next video ryuuji Johnson

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  1. I hate this iPod!! I don't even have a phone! Parents suck! I can't download videorama! And lot of others! And my I PAD DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH STORAGE FOR VIDEOS! Ugh!!!!!😣😡👿👺

  2. Just came across your channel. Have a personal channel and setting up a Student Helicopter Ground School “Study Hall” . Seriously digging your relevant content. Quick question: can you recommend or have you done a video on how to put in your side all calls to action for subscribing. The pillow is easy but the button on the left-hand side which shows the clicking would be really cool to know how to do. Maybe I should ask Has using the “subtle calls to action” or “seed planting” (whatever the heck they call it nowadays) was it effective? Please let me know when you get a free minute as I am very interested to hear your input. Thanks!

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