I Forget Code - How to Get Better?

I Forget Code – How to Get Better?

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“I just started learning to code, but I forget code all the time. How can I get better at coding, Duc? Can I really become a developer at all?”

A student in one of my course asked this question. It reminded me of all the doubts, worries, struggles and challenges I got when I first started.

So I shared with you the answer in this episode. Enjoy!

FREE iOS Course: – How to Code with Swift and Build Motivational Quotes App

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every brain is Duke in this video I answered one of your question that submitted other channel that is I forgot good homes get better the problem is the person the student who submitted this question is just get started to learn to code as many of you do and he just learned from one tutorial or one course and you just forgot everything or you cannot apply to what you try to create are you having the same problem now when I first got started I do remember so vividly that the only reason I got started to learn all this by a large illogical code has we built at but to get kind in neutralizing warts the only reason is because I wasn't taught the skills I needed to support my family together job to make a difference because as schools as colleges they don't teach us these skills to build these kind of things and that now today the industry requires so why do I do I go online and look for courses and books and videos and all of the things that you are learning right now and I the why you've discovered me right and it's hard you're struggling it's just keep struggling days and night and just so many hours and weeks and months putting into this it's a struggle I know that I know it's hard for you and I know it's hard for all of us so all I ask you to do and all I was able to do is I trust I begin and I trust I continue I stay at it and in the span of 18 months I was able to not only quit my three job and on campus put on my passion support my family and help you guys so all the things I'm going to start to to share with you in this video please know that it comes from personal experience and please note it comes from the place of service and love to you so here is the thing here is my answer to this question that is you are going to forget because you learn you're going to forget everything that you learned that is just nature in the nature because if you don't know by that is still or developed via Newell path words right when inside your brain there are newer neurons and there are the pathways between those neurons and the skills that you performed each and every single day is just the matter of those neurons communicate to each other via the pathway we call the new of neuron pathway right anyway let's say when you couldn't act when you cut the picture the only reason why you remember the code the only reason why you remember to do the thing is because those pathways get strengthened so much and it's just fire it is just such an a second in the ascendant just like that and the problem is when you just don't first learn something the bad voices get to make it for the first time it's so great the only reason you forgot is because the physical neural pathways are still so wait so the solution is how can we strengthen them how can we strengthen those so that whenever you put an app let's say you want to pop up the camera or you want to display a table view or you want to do something want to talk to apply and and you watch convince them that you are capable of doing the work the only way that you can do this is through three steps and all the things that I share with you in this thing is a read from the sites the talent coat of paint by in those directions or the later book of talent or great by Angela dumpling we check those out it's really real healthy number one you have to practice you have to practice and here's the thing when you practice you have to discover your witnesses you have to discover what you forgot and you practice at it do not ignore your witnesses Massenet people are so so kind of like focus on that focus on your strengths and the forgot the witnesses and most of us have 90 our one Howard is the witnesses are the things that are going to shrink it down or the witnesses are the things that goes against you so you are the one who designed whether you are going to convince that your life your long adventure skills my strengthen your women is and then repeat the process that's it so here is my one of my habit that I would love to share with you that I just practiced this from day one when I learned how to do this right number one read one book a week if it is not a book for you read an article study the course study an audio book anything but read something do something learn something every single week because do that process of learning you guess like obsessed with us where your life is just around with that and all they are always long you think about the newer path words will get strength it will get fires up and that is why you see so many people are so good at this stuff is the only reason is because they do so much of it they go through months and years and years of doing this so now it becomes second nature it is because inside the brain the physical part the part of the brain the neurons get fires so many times that it should become oughtn't it goes so fast and you want to dive deeper into the neuroscience of it is that along those pathway I brought along those surrounded by those pathway is something we called myelin and the mile is just a fatty tissue that help strengthen those pathways help make those firing of the neurons faster so the more you practice the more myelin the more those fatty tissue gets generated that's why people get so good at that right that's why you see those developers the hacker beginning Sanjaya merely hanging to something although I doubt they're but it gets hard so practically by reading one book awake or reading article with or study or possibly and then here is the most important part you have to create something new every single week in the process of creation you are going to discover yourself in the process of creation you are going to develop your skills so create something new every week we can blog post they can be a simple if you want feature in your hand give me just one class in the app that's that but create something every single way so for those of you newbies out there when you learn to code say you just learned about putting in Swift right so what you can create is do some core changes in the course this will put changes in the book or you don't have those goes to my blog there will be support answers there for you so all you to do is really do something actively every single week and the third thing very point this thing is going to make your skills like why the only reason is get maintance get mentors go and find those role models that worry succeed in what they did that they want you to do right if you want to get a job at the certain company find a mentor that already got the job if you want to become a good developer find someone where you build the app that you want to build in a lie from them or ask how can you become those fine Lane choice that's at my brain number one get read a book a week there were to create something new a number three get mentor I know that all of these things especially the first one in the second one it's hard it requires a lot of time and a lot of amendment and a lot of discipline and willpower and personally I'm still struggling with visiting every single day every single week trying to reason took a which I push myself and push myself to read 2 books ebooks the weekend is hard my god is hard I tried to jam like a person sick mother going to just one witness alright but I'd like to say to my students if it is not hard it is not real transformation if it is not hard there is not real change and real contribution so you are the one we decide whether this is important enough for you to do it and a lot less a and G Tomorrowland say right if you really want to do this you are going to find a way you don't want to do it you are going to find an excuse so it is important you if this is the thing you want you then do it commit to go and do it read the book away create something new every single week find mentors you already have me here so if you love more trim just subscribe to the channel so that I can continue to devote free training videos for you and you can ask me any questions so if you have any questions post below this video I will enter you to the next in the next video I don't sound I know if you're new to iOS devotion I have this free training for you that will help you to learn to code with Swift comes you to build the user interface for you save the simple path and also to create my eyes apps I will show you some of my personal stories some of my struggles where I learn to this and how I overcome tax so that maybe I can now give you some inspiration and some guidelines this journey so all you to do is click the button on this page then we about for you or the link in the description then you let me know your name and email sir and can copy the same that training for you all for free or way to do is click that man right now go there and let me know who are you and how I can save that training to you until that go out that every single day of July's my friend learn these things craft ideas and contribute to the world

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