I Ate Like A Teen College Student For A Week

I Ate Like A Teen College Student For A Week

“My soul is happy but my stomach is not.”

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48 thoughts on “I Ate Like A Teen College Student For A Week

  1. I love this idea! I have always loved food, but in the months before my wedding I kept trying to eat healthy, giving myself a cheat meal or day, feeling bad about it, and then trying harder, but ended up almost falling out of my dress because I lost too much weight. I think if I had done something like this and realised that I wanted to eat healthy for my body, but could still enjoy fun things I would have been so much happier and not felt bad about eating the meal at my actual wedding because it was so much more than I had eaten in so long. Thank you

  2. I can't take anymore! This entire challenge was boring to watch!! I am not going to make it through her 'eat-like-a-college-student' journey. When this video first started she said she ate like this already. The only difference I see are the times she ate vs. the college student.

  3. I feel like this is very inaccurate. As a college student, me and my friends can’t afford to eat out all the time. Breakfast is usually skipped because you would have to get up even earlier to get some. And eating out for lunch and dinner all day everyday? None of us have the budget for it. We’re broke lol. Also, the caf is a go to place not because it’s good, but because if you have a meal plan (which is normal for freshmen at least) you already paid for it and don’t need to pay for food twice

  4. Bruh.. I’m a college student and I could never afford all that. Like try eating with less that $10 for a week that’s the real struggle

  5. She’s eating out everyday she’s not broke i can tell you right now that you can’t eat out everyday when in college you gotta pack food and save man

  6. I couldn't find any other comments but the ones telling how this video is not accurate and those comments are soooo accurate. (sorry for my bad English)

  7. This video taught me something. Nina's a really bad cook lmaooooo. Sauce to noodles ratio. INSANE. putting that frozen pizza straight on the rack like damn girl watch a cooking video

  8. ??? This is so expensive and im not even in college! I'm still living in my mother's house and it's too much! How would a college student be able to pay?

  9. For me I had no money so I didn’t ever eat out. I had a meal plan with my college so it was skip breakfast lunch at like 2 at one dining hall dinner at 6at another dining hall and then like 2nd dinner at 10:30-11 before the main dining hall closed. If I was lucky and had money once the dining halls closed I would get jimmy johns but 90% of the time I had no money.

  10. Ya the water chugging isn’t just because of the saltiness. A sudden massive influx in carbs can cause major thirst and sleepiness – basically it causes some insulin resistance because your body is having to rush to make more insulin. Which is fine for you because your body works. Wouldn’t do this for too long though….

  11. me a broke college student choosing to eat subway ONCE this week over adding gas to my car and immediately regretting it.

  12. I am a junior in college and I commute to my school every day and this is not at all accurate. I eat my first meal around like 7-8 am and it's usually fruit or an egg. Then I snack on fruit slices or maybe some veggies throughout the day till I get home from school depending on the day around 3-4 and I have a small sandwich or little leftovers and then make my big dinner. Which is not fast food, its usually homemade with lots of veggies.

  13. As a college student, I wish I can eat three times a day like her. I eat once everyday and I am literally starving myself because money.

  14. I "cooked" all the time in college. Didn't have money to eat out all the time. It was either pack a ham sandwich or starve.

  15. They found a rich college student for this video. I don't even have the money or time to go groceries shopping for all of that…..that's what the dining courts are for! I don't even snack like that, and you can eat healthy while in college. Where's the sleep for dinner? Where's the coffee? Where's the instant ramen?

  16. when i think of anything college related i think of being broookkkee, because idk any college kids that's eating out a billion times a day. The dining hall that im paying for against my will is all i eat cause i can't afford jacksquat lmao

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