Hypothyroidism-My Experience and Advice

Hypothyroidism-My Experience and Advice

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hi everyone today's video should be pretty self-explanatory it's all about my experiences with hypothesis hypothyroidism that's a tough one for me to say I'm going to come out with a standard disclaimer just because this is medical in nature I am NOT a doctor I don't pretend to be a doctor I don't play a doctor on TV I don't play doctor on YouTube I'm not married to doctor I'm not related to a doctor at least not by blood and this is just my experience which is not all that interesting but I've had a lot of requests to discuss this and also I feel like it's one of those conditions or diseases that a lot of people are walking around with that don't even know they have it so I'm just sharing my experiences with you hopefully this will help somebody out there um and for me this is an ongoing journey so if you have suggestions for me um I am open to them I just feel like there is so much information out there that among us that we can share so that is that okay so for those of you who do not know what your thyroid is or what hypothyroidism is your thyroid is a gland in your neck it's right around here shaped kind of like a butterfly and it is a gland that primarily releases two kinds of hormones that pretty much regulate metabolism and energy that's the simplified version of it um for people with hypothyroidism which is the only thing I'm going to touch on here their gland their thyroid does not produce enough of the hormones the hormones I believe are t3 and t4 um there are a variety of reasons for why this happens and I think 80% of cases if not more it's because you have a disease called Hashimoto's which is an autoimmune disease that attacked the thyroid and impaired its function you've never know you had it it's not like getting the flu or any other kind of illness it's it's just silent and deadly to your thyroid so we think that's pretty much what I had um so common symptoms what happened to me is oh I wish I could tell you when this all started it all kind of blurred together but I think it was around and seven or eight years ago so I was about 31 32 and up until that point I had enjoyed a very healthy and fast incredibly fast metabolism I was just blessed with the ability to eat whatever the heck I wanted not exercise and be ridiculously skinny God don't miss those days um and everyone around me including my own family would say one of these days it's gonna catch up with you and your metabolism is gonna slow down well when I was about 31 32 after it my I had my children at the age of 25 and 28 and still bounce right back was all great about 31 32 years old I noticed I had put on about 1015 pounds in a less than a year and I had been the same weight barring two pregnancies since I was 12 so that was a huge increase for me um hadn't changed my eating habits or my energy or anything like that so I I couldn't understand where this is coming from that was that was the big red flag for me some other symptoms that started to creep up on me all at once were um I have dry skin I've always had dry skin it was just drier than normal even my eyes felt dry like greeny headaches got a lot of headaches a lot of migraine headaches um what else oh I was lethargic I was just tired all the time I wake up tired it didn't matter how long I slept I'd be you ready to climb back in the bed at 10 o'clock in the morning and with that came sort of I wouldn't say it was an outright depression but just a complete apathetic attitude couldn't care less about anything didn't have the motivation or drive to do anything like get up get dressed finish look just finished chores basic everyday chores around the house stopped cleaning the house pretty much stuff wanting to do laundry I mean I would do it when it just got completely out of control but I didn't care um I couldn't concentrate I felt like I had adult a Dede I just couldn't I would make lists I would forget things I was forgetful I was hungry all the time and I was eating more which obviously contributed to more weight gain I didn't really it's a great deal of hair loss some people do and I may have been constipated but to be honest probably sharing a little too much never been all that regular in that department in the first place um my mother's to send me care packages in college that included suppositories she would call and ask me have you had a bowel movement today I mean really okay that's must be a mother thing but and I just for the record I never used this pasta verse um Oh cold hands and cold feet especially all the time and just a general feeling of coldness I would be cold when everyone else is hot um kind of a little bit of joint pain just dismiss now I feel like my home as I'm describing these symptoms I feel like I'm just um heavier periods than usual I mean really heavy like frightening Li like you think you need a blood transfusion heavy and then the one thing that caught my husband's attention out of all of these symptoms was a complete and total lack of interest in sex just at that point I thought if I never have it again it's fine by me obviously my husband did not share in that attitude so he was owned as it listen this is not normal I just chalked it up to being over the age of 30 like this is what happens it finally catches up to you and your life just was no he says you know what you need to get a physical this is not normal you are the worst roommate in the world at this point go see a doctor and I will admit that I should have been getting regular physicals and that is something that women especially mothers of children of younger children really neglect and that's my first big lecture topic here is get a regular physical take care of yourself because you know what if Mama's not healthy and happy nobody else is going to be either you know you're always taking your kids to the doctor with most mothers I know the slightest nipple cops knees were off to Urgent Care so you know what take care of yourself and so I went and I'm gonna know went to the gynecologist I did that regularly but I never thought to also go and see a general practitioner or somebody like that so I finally made an appointment and all they did was a routine blood test not to test specifically for any one issue but just because I hadn't had a cholesterol check blood pressure all that so the flood results come back and surprise surprise I have hypothyroidism which I ticked every box I had I didn't know it but I have a family history of it my mother had it I think my my father might have it I might be mistaken in that sorry dad my brother had it aunts uncles cousins like it's everywhere in my family so I just was oblivious and didn't know that's a big risk factor if it's in your family you're probably gonna get it um so the blood test revealed that my thyroid wasn't producing enough hormone if any very little and they put me on synthroid synthroid is the is a brand-name version of love I can't say it live like I'm gonna put the name of the generic somewhere in here look like you have lots of thyroid I don't know it's you know do you really need to say it out loud it's one of the pharmaceutical name-brand versions I will say this and from there it's just been an interesting ride it takes a while for your body to start reacting to the medicine for your hormone levels to balance and usually you after you start taking they start on a fairly low dose after you are taking some form of synthroid or the generic then you come back for six week follow-up they do another blood test they compare it the most interesting thing was that my cholesterol level dropped 20 points 20 or 40 and was a huge drop that is another side effect of having hypothyroidism that's not treated as it does raise your cholesterol level which could ultimately you know cause heart attack or stroke so that's not good but um most of my symptoms that cleared up somewhat I will tell you it took about two years of going back and forth it would work I feel fine for a while and when you're fine when the medicine is working you're great there's nothing you don't feel like there's anything wrong with you your body behaves the way it's supposed to you have the energy level you need everything's great but when it's not working I'll send them right back and you feel like crap so it's this constant I feel great no I don't I feel great no I don't and so it took about two years I was getting very frustrated I like things done right the first time it doesn't always happen that way in medicine um finally I decided I wasn't getting the right level of knowledge that I needed from my general practitioner and I did some research online and talked to other people and found an endocrinologist and I will say this this is all personal opinion but general practitioners and internists are important but when you have a unique condition that has a specialty field utilize it go find a doctor that specializes in the condition that you have mostly because that's all they do is deal with thyroids or deal with kidneys or deal with whatever it is that you have a problem with and they're up on the latest research usually and the latest medicines and the latest protocols and and you know I mean they specialized in your area for a reason go find one so when I finally went to see an endocrinologist he did do an ultrasound to confirm that I didn't have like a tumor or something causing this which I probably should have had done immediately and I don't I don't have a tumor um and he also tested he did some more I'm not gonna get into all the little things but he did do it besides the general blood panel he did tests specifically for certain levels that the individual hormones I was still pretty straightforward and he switched up my meds and still on synthroid and things were pretty good for a while um as far as the medication goes I've been lucky I've responded very well to synthroid and the most part of not really needed that much tweaking in the last five years um I will tell you it has been my experience in speaking to several endocrinologists and pharmacists that for most people the generic form while it is preferable because of price doesn't really work for a lot of people um I did do a short stint thinking oh I'll save a little money and took the generic and immediately my symptoms came back and I called my doctor and he said yeah let's switch you back to synthroid and see what happens and then I went back on synthroid and everything worked great now here's the frustrating part about hypothyroidism there is no one protocol that works for everyone some people like is that react great to the generic some people work better on synthroid there's another name-brand of the drug called armor some people don't do well ensign through a do great on armor some people don't do well on armor degree some people their symptoms clear up once you're on the medication and everything's great for others it's the constant battle and I gotta tell you I've recently thought that things were not right in fact as I my hands are freezing it's 75 degrees outside and I have a headache um I have been experiencing a lot of the symptoms again I went back I've gained some more weight I just feel nah I was really tired you may have noticed I hadn't been uploading as many videos lately just kind of the same stuff creeping back in when to see the doctor he did a blood test it all came back normal however been doing a little more research I still don't feel great um I would like to request some more specific blood tests and that's nice I'm on my second lecture topic I don't even know um it's another point I want to bring up you are your own best advocate if you don't think something's right it probably isn't do your research you need to find a doctor that is willing to work with you it's more of a partnership it's not an equal partnership you don't have a medical degree but you know your body better than they do so um I what I really like about my doctor is if something's not right he's open to explore other options so I am going to be scheduling another follow-up checkup with lab work and he's going to do some more specific lab tests that I am interested in him performing just to kind of see what's going on there's testosterone issues you can have going on there's t3 tests free t3 t4 reverse t3 all these things I'm gonna put a link to a blogger who has summed up and written about her experience much more much more better much better than I can and then and you can get it she has a description of all those tests and it's a very good source of information but that is an important facet of getting better it's finding someone who doesn't think you're crazy and it's willing to work with you to figure out what's going on and I just kind of got lucky and finding this doctor he when he comes in and he has the lab results in his hand and he'll look at me Neil go okay I know if this says but you tell me what is what do you think it says because you know your body and so sometimes let's say I feel great I know it's gonna say everything's fine and I'm always right um except for this last time or I'll say you know what I really don't feel what I think it's gonna tell me it's gonna say that I'm low on my thyroid stuff whatever I still don't have all the terminology down and he'll say yeah you know you're right um so right now in my journey I'm kind of I'm feeling my blood work is showing him regulated he did suggest a few things to help me and when I do stick with them I do feel better I should say that it's probably I probably am fine my last point that I want to talk about is you can take medication but medication there's no wonder pill you have to do other things so I got the lecture from my doctor about a month ago saying you know you're 40 years old and while the last 40 years you've been able to get away with not exercising and eating whenever you want you got a stop and I've been told I need to work out not so much for weight loss I mean that's what I want to do it for but it's um primarily also just for health he wants to see me doing at least three preferably five days of cardio at 45 minutes the pop which I have actually started doing and you know what dr. V you're right when I stick with I get on the elliptical I have an elliptical in upstairs and I you know turn the Real Housewives or whatever I have on my DVR and I just go at my own pace I don't even do the arms yet because I'm so out of shape that I couldn't I just do the legs and I just keep going for about 40 minutes I can pull off without falling over dying and it does get a little easier every time I do it but um he's right put exercising regularly definitely my energy level went up my attitude improved he also wanted to see me doing more weight-bearing and one more anything would be more he wanted me to start doing weight bearing exercises especially at my age to combat osteoporosis and I signed up for a stretching and toning class that meets twice a week and we use hand weights and resistant bands and we do some Pilates moves so you're working on balancing on your own weight and I'm already seeing a huge difference in the way my body feels and then he ultimately said I'd like to see me do at least one day a week if not more of yoga he's a real strong believer in meditation and in the affects how that has over your whole body and again guys totally right so um well I am gonna go back for these follow-up lab lab work I also know that if I just stick with this exercise program that um I'm already feeling a little bit better so I think that they kind of work in at hand um I think I'm looking I wrote down a list of things so that I don't forget anything cuz and that's kind of it so the high points are if you're not feeling right go see a doctor in fact go see a doctor every year whether you're feeling right or not trust yourself if something's not right it probably isn't go see specialists I'm not just for hypothyroidism but for any condition that you have if you feel like you you need to you should exercise your right to do that listen to your body and be your own best advocate do your research just there's just a lot out there but you know be what's the word I'm looking for be judicious you know research your research consider the source you know I'm going on the Mayo Clinic websites or WebMD if you're going off on some random guy that's just spouting nonsense you know make sure that your research has some credibility to it but um anyway that is my story with hypothyroidism it's been a pretty easy journey I can complain my heart goes out to all of you who have been struggling with this for years it is not easy it's not it's not a condition that gains a lot of sympathy just because you're tired people are like just sleep more eat better and you'll feel fine it doesn't work that way it's not gonna kill you I mean it will ultimately if it's really bad and it goes unchecked for probably decades but it's not gonna kill you and so you know it's not like they're having walks to raise awareness for hypothyroidism and it's not like you can wear a cool bracelet or whatever so you know it's not cancer but it is something that affects the quality of life so I suggest if you're not feeling great go get yourself checked out and this might be the reason why so if you have any questions or like I said any advice to give me please feel free to put it in the comments below and thank you so much for watching I'll see you in the next video bye bye

41 thoughts on “Hypothyroidism-My Experience and Advice

  1. Great informational video! I just found out today that I have under active thyroid. I am doing my research on thyroid.

  2. You are so right, my paternal great aunt told me yeays ago I had hypothridim but doctors refused to believe me or check.
    The symptoms have been severe now for ten or more years. My Urologist on a recent checkup instructed me to go to ER at Saint Paul's Hospital, one of our several best teaching hospitals. The determined a slight thyroid problem as my grandfather's sister warned me about ten or more years ago before symptoms became obvious to me but ignored by doctors.

  3. What you left out is that glands main function is to take in Iodine. You made an 18 minute long video about you're iodine deficiency.

  4. After pills I started feeling worse… is it normal? after taking pills suddenly I started feeling all the symptoms of the thyroid.. anybody had it?

  5. Omg I have all of those symptoms instead of the sex part…. Maybe the sex part is not your thyroid… Maybe that's something else.

  6. I got diagnosed after suffering from fatigue and depression for years! Now am still less motivated and more tired than I wish I was. But I’m taking L Tyrox every morning, am on a gluten-free vegan diet and exercise. What could be the next step?

  7. I have a under active thyrode and on thyroxine 175mg a hell of a dose . They did but it up to 200mg but soon as they did that my heart could not cope with it and was racing so bad and I felt like I was going to pass out it was to much for me. Anyway the nurse is coming in the morning to take bloods so let's see what they say as I'm feeling so so poorly and very ill. So wish me luck. 🙂

  8. Who was. at. 125 ug synthroid and stop taking it ans it worked well just with selected food. I like to stop it..I don't feel good. Thanks

  9. So funny, I can't take the name brand, I do soooo much better with Levothyroxine than the name brand..I also have heat intolerance with hypo, I think it happens more in women in menopause such as me..

  10. Dr Martin Rutherford is in Nevada has special clinic holistic deals a lot with thyroid n hashimoto!!! He's on YouTube and he seems very nice!!!

  11. The cold hands n feet esp hands and the forgetting stuff I relate2. I was really depressed and more so tired actually when my dad died. My thyroid was found2b 'off' . Nothing was explained2me except that it was 2b left alone and it would right itself. Now the tiredness was way2serious so i did all those exercise things u mentioned. Esp taichi helped me. I did do yoga when the taichi gave me energy2do this!! I swear by taichi as i have been so ill b4always I am able 4it n it makes me better. It's great4mental clarity!!! I had15yrs ok(my thyroid righted itself) then got thyroid again combining cold hands, adult ADD type brain fog and severe tiredness/depression!!! This time it's bad so my doc has done a screen for all the t's t3, t4 etc so i may b on med this time. I like this vid. I hope u r well now. I am VERY grateful4this vid! I checked u uploaded recently as i wanted 2c were u ok!! I also subscribed! Yay! U seem like a nice person so i am excited2c what stuff ur into on ur channel as I've actually no idea what ur channel about but u seem very bright n clever!! Love2u n thank u a lot4this vid!!!💖💖🙏🙏⚘⚘🕊🕊

  12. Hello ..thanks for info. I've had low thyroid now for 12 years. Exercise does make a big difference and going to sleep early. Thanks for video. A lot of good info

  13. I have underactive thyroid only just found out around 7 months ago do l have to have the blood test every 3 months Doctor did that but didn't say if l need to go back in 3 months ??

  14. Omg. Everything you are explaining is my wife to a T, absolutely everything. She hasnt been to the doctor, and I have been begging her to make a appointment. I cant believe someone else has the 110 percent exact symptoms she is going through, except she have been having hair loss, more then usual for a couple years.

  15. Watching this is in 2020.
    I your not a MD.
    Thank you for this information.
    These symptoms sound so much like me! Did you ever notice if any symptoms varied with certain weather? Just wondering.
    They check my thyroid and do blood work 1 to 2 times a year because of my issues and plus I take BP meds. But so far it’s still good.
    Last year my Vitamin D was low and I had a high level of inflammation. I been back a few times since then.
    So I go back in April.
    But those symptoms…
    I did have hysterectomy and it can result in similar symptoms also.
    Thank you

  16. I was born without a Thyroid completely at all and have been on a Adult dose of summer Synthroid since I was 2 1/3 months old.. I deal with it everyday of my life so I know how you feel and your right see a specialist as trust your own body for sure. If something doesn’t feel right don’t ignore it.

  17. Hi Marnie I'm sorry about your challenges and I understand what you are going through. I currently drink something called " Golden Milk" nightly and also drink pure Celery Juice every morning just been 1week and half but just diagnosed about 3weeks ago but my symptoms have been for about 1year and thought I was dying while the ER and Doc thought I was crazy and just Anxiety. I demanded a Thyroid test and yup had Hypo but felt like Hyper the start of it which was norm for this condition. But I recommend a book ( Medical Medium- Thyroid Healing by Anthony Williams)I just started reading but googly him. People this disease sucks but may God Bless you guys it's not easy and don't lose FAITH. I hope to find out now what and why soon with my Endocrinologist in a month which is forever… God Bless

  18. I’m so glad I watched this video! I’m 15 and for the past year I’ve felt tired, unmotivated, giving up on simple tasks, my weight has been fluctuating etc. I ignored these problems since I thought it wasn’t that big of a deal but around christmas I felt a lump on my throat and I’ve been throwing up for no reason. I went to the doctor a couple days ago and he told that he thinks I got thyroids. I’m getting an ultrasound next week and hopefully this is the source of all my problems.

  19. Thank you. I was chalking this up to having a hysterectomy and this was the rest of my life. Only 48 and having all these symptoms except for a heavy cycle. Will look for an endocrinologist today. There is a history in the family.

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