How to Use Tinder (For Complete Beginners)

How to Use Tinder (For Complete Beginners)

How to Use Tinder (Advice for complete beginners) – This video is a very basic explanation of how Tinder works, with some general advice on how to set up your profile and some ideas of what messages to send using the tinder online dating app. This video covers:

How to install the Tinder app,
How to create your first Tinder profile,
What to send for your first message,
How to get women to respond on Tinder,
What to write in your Tinder profile.

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hi I'm Chris Shepherd I'm one of the lead dating coaches with the dating coaching company love systems and I'm going to give you a really quick tutorial on how to use tinder I'm going to show you how to install tinder and I'm also going to show you how to set up your profile and give you some simple tips that you can use to start meeting people on tinder right away tinder is an amazing opportunity for your dating life if you know how to do it use it properly there are millions of people of all ages and different types all around the world using tinder but it is also frustrating for a lot of people because you don't necessarily get matched with people unless you know how to do things right so let's just start from the beginning and I'm going to show you how to install tinder onto your phone first you want to go into the app store and you want to find the tinder app through the search feature so you get the tinder app right here in the app store you go in and you download it and you might want to have Wi-Fi available for doing this that's about 60 megabytes right now which is not terribly terribly large this should just download in a few minutes with you or on your cellular network or on Wi-Fi now that you downloaded the app you can open it and start to set up your profile so the first thing you want to do is you need to login with Facebook now I recommend that you use your real Facebook profile it's going to give you automatic access to all your pictures it's going to automatically exclude your friends from finding you on tinder which is an advantage but it will tell right now it will tell you when you have a second connection so the friends of your friends are going to be notified that you have a friend in common most people find that this actually helps them a lot because it allows you to have something in common when you're chatting with a stranger but it it is something that sometimes people for privacy reasons they don't like but I highly recommend it you will get more dates if you log in with your original Facebook and get all those all those photographs pre added to your profile so log in with Facebook maybe asked for your password at this point you want to enter it and now you allow tender to use your location while you use the app you want to have that you want to give tinder the permission to send you notifications as well so once you've linked tinder with your Facebook account you're going to want to take appropriate profile so I already have a profile set up here but I can show you the steps involved in creating a profile so first thing you want to do you want to select your profile picture so the first thing you're going to want to do is you're going to want to pick your photographs tinder does a really good job of taking the best photograph and putting it to the front so eventually you're going to find the photographs that get the most reactions from the opposite sex but at the beginning you kind of have to guess so the best photographs are usually ones that have start from your chest show your face clearly have you looking at the camera you don't want to have photographs that have you way off in the distance so people can't tell what you look like bad lighting or anything like that so the photograph that the tinder picked for me is this one here and it's me it's a great combination of a bunch of teachers it's me I'm looking straight at the camera you can see my face very very clearly I look like I'm having a good time I've got a friend with me which makes me look like a social person and I'm also got a little bit of an interesting background these kinds of photos are really the best selfies can be okay photographs with friends can be really good but they also when it comes to friends you know you want to make sure that the person knows which one you are right if it's if it's just long shot with your was eight friends or something like that that doesn't really highlight your physical feature so there's some debate as to whether you should put topless photographs in your tinder profile some guys kind of works really well other guys claim is really douchey the best way to to get both sides of that is to take a photograph where you have an excuse to have your shirt off so if you're at the beach if you're playing some sports if you're out having fun that's the kind of time when you might be able to fit in a tasteful shirtless top I'm not necessarily advocate advocating it guys but I know from a lot of experience that this works okay the next thing you're going to want to add is a little spiel about yourself now you don't want to go too long but it can really help if you say the right things women if they are interested in your profile photo they will read this and they will make some kind of judgement as to who you are as a person based off what they see so I like to tell guys it's really important that you start with just something like see something interesting so I put it on the top of my profile not boring that is something that has worked really well for me a really good strategy is to use that message me if line in your profile message me if you are like this or like that that's the kind of thing that women also respond to because it lets you should slit list them show lets you show that you're actually looking for a certain kind of person if that kind of person comes across they're going to be way more likely to message you message me if you have good taste in music message me you like the outdoors these are the kind of things that can make you stand out of the crowd for the kind of person that you're interested in dating so eventually if you if you swipe right enough people you're going to get a match all right and what you want to do at that point is you want to send a message now here's the advice for how to send messages to women the first thing you don't want to do is you don't want to send your hey what's up because that is what 99% of guys said you also don't want to send her other things that sound like hey what's up like hey how's it going how are you doing having fun what's your day like okay these all are hey what's up so you want to distinguish yourself attractive women they get dozens and dozens of messages a day and if you can just be a little bit different you're gonna get way more responses okay so a good way to start is to have a little bit of emotion he's also good to have a little bit of challenge to the message that you're sending here so you can also look through a profile and see what you were what'd you find now this is woman in particular she's got nothing here written here so you just got her Instagram let's send her a message I'm going to send her a sarcastic message that says I just read your profile and I feel like I have known you forever any good I'm gonna give her a little wink just in case she doesn't get that um so you perfectly honest tinder is a little bit of a numbers game so don't get too fixated on anyone boy as soon as you send the message just move on keep on swiping and see what you can boom another match once you make that match that's really where the hard work starts because a lot of guys have a hard time getting women to reply back to their messages and also getting women once they are in a conversation to meet up for a date and that's one of the things that we cover in a lot of detail in our book matches the tinder book for men where we go really into a lot of depth have a set of the profile so you get the maximum number of matches but then also to once you're getting these matches how to actually build the the comfort the attraction the interest the trust that is required to go from an online app to a real date it is something that any guy can do but it's also something that does require a little bit of skill requires a little bit of understanding what women are thinking at any given moment and understanding you know some of the let's say maybe some of the games that women tend to play online because let's be honest so this stuff happens so if you're interested you should check out matches the tinder book for men where we go in a lot more detail or check out some of the other videos in this series if you liked this video please out boat and please subscribe so we make more thanks a lot you

45 thoughts on “How to Use Tinder (For Complete Beginners)

  1. All lies the site is a complete broken worthless pos it dosent do anything it dosent connect anyone and it dont even let you swipe. Unless you pay their god damn bullshit fee. No fucking way everyone. Dont belive this douche bags bullshit!

  2. thanks batshit ugly 40+ yr old man with giant mole, I'll be sure to "swipe right" on every woman even if I don't find her remotely interesting. Is your wedding ring invisible?

  3. The dating world is still not right there are loads of people who are single who can't find someone something needs to change

  4. Dude, you are seriously twisted and these are tips on creating the best likelihood of getting laid using an online forum. Very insightful. Maybe the book should be named, Lights On Stalker, how to stalk your prey with the lights on. Bravo-just what the world needs professional stalkers🤗

  5. The only matches I get are women who don't reply or ones trying to sell nudes. Online dateing sucks but it's hard to talk to women in real-life when everything I guy says is sexual assault

  6. Unfortunately, any app that requires me to operate via my Facebook account is not happening. It's just another ploy for unwanted marketers to get into not only your private information but everything and everyone else that you wish to keep private. So,no thanks.

  7. telling a girl 'what's up?' no good…instead what u wanna do is tell her that a few sentences she wrote was enough to convince you you'd known her forever. this is totally not creepy…she will totally dig it.

  8. Why did he have to show how to download and app to your phone? Who the fuck doesn't know how to download an app?!?!?!

  9. Watch out for scam artist. They sit in India , Europe, Russia,vwith the pic of a beautiful woman (man for u ladies) to lure you to another site n ask you to say to see them. Also watch out for BOTS. They will repeat the same questions or comments no matter what you say. Yes, I have seen this in Tinder on my first week of paid membership

  10. Tinder r tirdy scums! When I got the free membership I would get 3+ likes a day., At one point I got 23 likes. I never paid attention to them with the exception of 3 real likes n I got to free text them. Keep in mind that I had the free membership for 7 Months. When I met the 3 ladies I got a paid membership. Is been 4 months. At free membership they were showing 3+ likes per day, after I got the paid membership… 0 per day for like a month now. What I'm saying is, they fix the likes in the free membership to lure you in to buy a paid membership.

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