How to Talk About Movies and TV Shows in English

How to Talk About Movies and TV Shows in English

Learn how to talk about movies and TV shows in English! When you can talk about movie stars, the plot of your favorite movie, and your opinion about other movies, you’ll be ready to have small talk in English!

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23 thoughts on “How to Talk About Movies and TV Shows in English

  1. What is real? How do you define "real"? If you're talking about what you can FEEL, what you can SMELL, TASTE and SEE, then "REAL" is simply electrical signals interpreted BY YOUR BRAIN.
    This mean
    Everything we see, touch, hear, and perceive as matter—"the world" and "the universe"—is merely an electrical signal in the brain. No human being has ever seen TRUE MATTER

    Matrix is the best movie I've ever seen

  2. Hi Vanessa! I generally like horror, suspance movies and drama, but I don't mind romcoms and I also appreciate Mr. Bean's slapstick humour! Last movie I have seen at the theater was Joker, that came out just last month. Joker features the star Joaquine Phoenix, who according to me, made a stunning interpretation. The director emphasized the psychological aspect in the Genesis of the 'Joker'. Also, the score to me is really effective. I don't know about the reception, but I think this movie deserves a lot! The other day I watched The Great Gatsby, without subtitles, and I was surprised because for the first time I heard Leonardo di Caprio's voice!
    Thank you so much for this lesson, Prof., and greetings from Italy!

  3. Hi Vanessa! I'm an English learner and I like your channel, well, a while ago I saw this particular phrase 'might as well' I kind of understand it but sometimes I see it in another context and it tends to confuse me so I would like you to explain it with some examples on a video. thanks for the time you got for us students.

  4. I hope that you will read my comment…… I show your vedio but i have proplem. Am so said about it.. Your vedio every time learing my but the proplem is no one i can speck with 😔💔 that i think very improtant to make me improve of my linguge 😓😓. If you read my comment i hope you to give me advice or something or site on internet or friend can speck anglish to speck with him pleassssss in need that ❤️🌺

  5. Hi Vanessa i'm your new follower last couple of weeks i watch your videos. Now i worked with a american company that's why i wanna learn america accent ……i felt after watching ur videos i understood betterly . I think ur upcoming videos will be more beneficiary ……from Bangladesh.

  6. U are really a kind and fabulous teacher, I really improve a lot , I hope that you can teach more something that is applicable to real life.. thank for ur contribution to lucky English learner around the world..

  7. Hi venasa.. I'm bayan and lam from Jordan 🇯🇴.. I really love your videos.. You're my faverot teacher…. OK. My favorite movie is (ik the tiger) it is indean movie by salman Khan and katrena keef.. It an action and romance movie.. It take your attinshen all the time… And you can't expact what will happen next… It's really amazing film… You have to watch it… ❤️
    Love you so much 💚

  8. hi there, who really wants to communicate in english on social websites? I really do, so let's study language together)))write below the link of ur page (e.g. facebook)

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