How to Stop Backstage DRAMA || Back to School Advice

How to Stop Backstage DRAMA || Back to School Advice

| gossip & bullies & theatre OH MY |
I’m sharing my top tips on how to stop and prevent backstage drama
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Hey theatre kids! Today we are talking all things DRAMA–and not the good kind. We’re talking about the gossip, the bullies, the hurt feelings, and more bad stuff. But it’s not a sad video–in fact, it’s a positive one! Because today we’re going to be discussing how to prevent and stop backstage drama!
Dealing with gossip, “tea”, and frenemies make doing musicals & plays a lot less fun. It’s definitely something everyone will encounter– especially if you’re doing teen community musical theatre or your school play. These are the strategies, tips, and advice that ended up helping me out the most when I was growing up as a #TheatreKid surrounded by drama.


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and if you're going to do something stupid which you shouldn't do because it's stupid at least be smart about it hey guys what's up it's me cat and welcome back to my channel today we're going to be talking about how to prevent backstage drama I do a Q&A pretty much almost every month over on my second channel I would say a very healthy dose of the questions that come in on Instagram are all about backstage drama backstage bullying basically behind the scenes problems backstage drama is the worst it's socks feelings end up getting hurt it takes away from the experience of being in a show and creating art it's just terrible and I think it's the thing that I miss the least from high school or like teen community theater and granted even as you grow up there is still drama backstage but it's still definitely there in pretty much every walk of life so today we're going to talk about how to prevent it if you're new to my channel hi my name is Kat Steele and I really like musicals I run a musical theater Internet cult this is the musical theatre internet cult and you can join the musical theater internet cult by hitting subscribe first we take over Broadway and then the more old classic world domination question of the day have you ever had to deal with backstage drama maybe it was something about you directly that you did have to deal with or maybe you saw something that someone else was involved with have you ever had any experiences with that let us know in the comments down below so let's talk about how to prevent or stop backstage drama my absolute number one tip is to just stay away from the drama queens there are people who just really like drama they get a rise out of it they love gossip they feel more important and I would argue that those people might not be the most conducive to life if you know who those kind of drama starters are try to make an effort to stay away from them it is so easy to just find yourself entangled in that drama web that being said let's say they follow you you can't get away from them it's a really really small cast or maybe one of your best friends is kind of a drama queen or if you just don't want to cut someone off completely which is also totally balanced the best way to still be friends with or friendly with these people is to be polite have fun but do not feed into the drama mostly when someone starts a rumor or they want to gossip or they want to complain or whatever bad drama thing they're doing is most of the time they're doing it for attention they want to get a reaction out of you so when they come up to you with drama don't give them what they want and pretty quickly they'll probably stop because again they're doing it for the reaction if they don't take the hint or if you're someone who doesn't mind a little bit of confrontation it might just be easier to say I just don't really want to get wrapped up in all the gossip someone's gonna get hurt and I don't want to be part of that being clear being honest and being compassionate always went out another way to avoid backstage drama is to leave the complaining at home and by that I mean if you have an issue with something something silly like Sabrina was being so annoying today Lindsay was totally flirting with Nick today don't say it at the theater don't say that rehearsal don't say it to anyone involved in the production feel free to tell that to your mom or your boyfriend or your long-distance friend in Wisconsin's the people involved in the show don't need to hear it if you're someone who needs to vent after a long tech day I totally feel that just don't vent to someone who's involved here's something that I kind of had to learn and it was very weird treat new friends with a little bit of restraint it's very easy when you join a show to think that these friends are going to be your friends forever it is so wonderful to make new friends and they might become your new best friend but it's very very easy to jump in to the idea that your new friends are going to be forever friends and that might not be the case okay real talk big piece of advice here don't do anything stupid you know what I'm talking about and if you're going to do something stupid which you shouldn't do because it's stupid at least be smart about it I would really really recommend against trying to date or getting in anyone who's involved in your show not only is there a possibility that it might not end well you still got a deal with that person every day and you got a deal with a whole bunch of people who also know what's going on we're dealing with the both of you it creates such an awkward situation for everyone involved and it's probably gonna be a lot for you guys to handle so in general I would recommend waiting until after the show is over to try to pursue something like that or if your little hormone riddled brands can't wait to leave me I get it at least be smart about it try not to tell your friends in the show don't spread it you can just keep it to yourselves especially in the beginning so wait until the show is over or just be discreet and of course if you're dealing with bullying if you feel unsafe if your feelings are really getting hurt and you don't think that it's something that you can handle or resolve on your own that might be a good time to get an adult involved if this video helped you out or if you want more kind of theater community advice let me know in the comments down below also give this video a big thumbs up I hope you guys are having a great day I love you so so much break a leg and I'll see you guys next time bye

24 thoughts on “How to Stop Backstage DRAMA || Back to School Advice

  1. im… currently dealing with backstage drama and the show hasn't even started yet. we got the cast list yesterday and I got Abigail in the crucible. another girl who really wanted Abigail didn't get it and now you can probably guess whats going on 🙁

  2. Oh my gosh. Two years ago, I was in a production of the Little Mermaid, and my best friend was Ariel, and I got to be Andrina, one of Ariel's sisters. My best friend, let's call her, "Melanie", never showed up to rehearsal. So, eventually, she was completely cut from the production because she LiTeRaLlY never came. I felt guilty for her, because she thought this was "totally" her big breakthrough, and at the time, I thought it was ridiculous she had been cut, but now I see her in a very different light. Anyways, I was Ariel's understudy, so I got the role! I was excited, but I also felt horrible. She started treating me badly, ignore me, pretending she never met me. She had asked to be a stage hand as soon as she got cut, so she was constantly in the wings, getting costumes, stage hand stuff. I was waiting in the wings for the opening dance, and just as the curtains opened, when no one was onstage, she popped up behind me, pushed me onto the stage, in front of a full house, in a mermaid tail. Luckily, I had a beautiful cast who were fabulous people, and they sensed something was wrong, and I knew that I would have to do something, and _fast_, so, I said, "Flounder? Oh, Flounder, where are you? I've found something!" While the fabulous ensemble pretended to be sea creatures swimming around so I could get offstage in time. No one noticed, the show ran smoothly, and MeLaNiE was banned from doing productions with the company we were in. So, yeah, happy ending. 🙂

  3. I never have had to deal with backstages drama fortunately (usually it’s all on stage), but there’s definitely been times where I sat there eating my popcorn, staying out of it.

  4. Thank you so much!! My school is doing beauty and the beast jr this year and I reallyyy want to be in it so if I am I’ll need this haha

  5. My drama group was doing a production of Grease and the boy who was playing Danny was my friend and this new girl was cast as Sandy. The week we started rehearsals, they started going out. Then they broke up and EVERYONE got involved.They’re still in an on and off relationship even A MONTH after the show. It was so annoying and I kept asking them to try and keep it professional but they’re 12 and 13 so 🙄

  6. My backstage drama was that someone said I had stole one of their makeup brushes. I got kicked out of the dressing room. This was after opening night. However, the director knew that she lied and didn’t want me dealing with petty freshmen. Sucked but could’ve been worse.

  7. Katherine- Don’t do anything stupid
    Me- Well I stuck a suction cup on my head and had a mark for a week but I think she’s talking to rude people 😂
    Yeah I liked my own comment

  8. I gave up my love for musical theatre because of the bullies I encountered. I was 5 when I got into theatre and the years that followed after were a nightmare. By the time I turned 16 I knew I could no longer stay in the same circle as those people. Now at 26, I no longer sing, and my self-image is still affected by the abuse. I wish with all my heart I could get back into theatre in any capacity but now I feel too old.

  9. I played a big-ish role once in a Les Miserables school edition production. During tech week, I was extremely sick. Like ear ruptures and no voice at all sick. I asked me sister (who played Madame Thenardier) if she could sing my parts backstage for me until I got better. She agreed to it and my director even talked to the cast about how it’s going to be a little different for about 2 nights. The time comes for me to start lip syncing my way through At The End Of The Day and I notice there are two voices singing. A girl I knew from starting previous drama in other productions was onstage singing my part as if she was playing my role. I would’ve been okay with this if it was good. All you could hear were voice cracks and straining from her voice and I even saw some of the male leads backstage laughing because it was so ironic that this girl believed she could sing my part without any permission and it was not good at all. Afterwards I pulled her aside to talk to her about it and it ended up going something like this:

    Me: “Hey, I already talked to my sister and she said she’s fine singing it until I got better. It sounded a little strainy on your voice and I don’t want you injuring yourself.”
    Her: (in a snarky tone) “Well it was only my first time singing it, I’ll be much better next time.”

    At this point I basically snap. Seriously? And I’m a really chill kinda gal, it’s hard to get me mad.

    Me: “I told you specifically not to sing it, so there is no need to talk of a ‘next time.’”

    She scoffed and mumbled a bit before going off to whisper to all her friends, but I did the show great and informed the director about it and I’ve never heard from her again.

  10. My backstage drama turned into onstage drama she liked to criticize me acting skills backstage but I would ignore her so she threw a fit she cut off all my lines in the scene we had together and told me to shut up and get off the stage while we were performing.

  11. When I performed in the Junior Choir at Carnegie Hall, there was this one boy I referred to as Chad who kept flirting around with a bunch of girls and really hurt this one girl's feelings.

  12. I'm a dancer and we do a performance at the end of each year and one time when I was WAY younger a girl punched me in the face before we went on stage 😂 but other than that I haven't had a bad experience.

  13. Oh my goodness, during one of my shows there were cast member who would say belittling things to other actors. I just made sure to uplift those said actors whenever anything was said

  14. One time I was pissed off that one of our leads expected me to locate and place all his props before every show, so 2 minutes before we opened I asked him where his coat was. (I had already spent about 30 mins looking for wherever he left it from the last show much to my annoyance, and I had found it and placed it) To see the look of panic on his face when he had know idea where it was was so satisfying 😂 (of course I thought he was going to kill me in my sleep when I told him I was joking)

  15. I’ve always got bullied by people in the musical theatre department at my school and they made me cry a lot during rehearsals then the teachers got really annoyed that I was crying but they refused to sort out the bullying because apparently I wasn’t getting bullied. Since the teachers hate me I only get ensemble in the shows and they don’t let me do any other theatre related activities which made my mental health get really bad because all my friends were getting leads and doing everything theatre related. I decided to quit doing theatre all together at school and i would do it outside of school but last time I tried it they bullied me because of the way I look and walk.

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