How To Start Fishing Any Lake for Beginners- Tips and Techniques

How To Start Fishing Any Lake for Beginners- Tips and Techniques

Here are a few tips / setups for lake fishing for beginners. I hope this helps you get started! If it’s a new lake or a lake you don’t know, make sure to stop by the local bait shop or do a quick web search. Remember, minnows and worms are always a great start.

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what is up guys the exact from angular to escape and today I'm going to make a really short and sweet video on how to fish like what the beginners you don't know where to begin first thing you want to do is find information so do a quick online search on the fishing report of that specific plate if that doesn't fill up anything go to your local bait shop when you pick up worms or minnows as the bait shop owners they'll give you a lot of information so now I want to go over what baits to bring whenever I go to a lake there's two baits I would not go to the lake without one is worms and the other is minnows there's a reason why these are in every bait shop across the US and that's because they work so well and most fish species in the America will take them so here's some Canadian night crawlers you can see they're big and juicy always open up the container before you buy in because sometimes are dead or really cuny's usually two or three bucks at the local bait shop or Walmart here's a bunch of minnows they got a couple dozen I usually like to switch up the side so get a dozen medium a dozen large the minnows are great for bass and crappie and the worms are great for bluegill and catfish and so today's video I want to talk about the four main species that you're gonna find in lakes and most lakes in North America anyway and that's bluegill catfish and crappie and back so now I want to go into the poles that I use and whenever you go lake fishing you want to bring two different pole setups one with ten to twelve contest line and it's going to be for bathroom catfish and one with four pound test line this is going to be for panfish bluegill and crappie and so let's go ahead and just talk about my setup with 10 to power 12 pound test line and basically like I said earlier there's going to be four catfish and back I took four catfish all I'm going to be doing it's fishing worms on the bottom your number one go-to for catching catfish in lakes and so for my quick overview of my setup I just have a one on circle hook and you can go up to a two out circle hook but nothing too big and basically I string the worms onto here then I have about a foot leader up to a barrel swivel and just a little egg Slinker so this way when the fish starts to pull on my bait they don't feel that weight of the thing you're going to just slide and again you want to be fishing on the bottom with fur catfish no bobber and just use some worms you'll have a lot of success the other thing I'm going to be targeting on my 10 to 12 pound test line reel and rod and reel is going to be fast and so here's some excellent bachelors to start out with here's a Kevin VanDam 2.5 square build crank bait and here's a Rapala join a crank bait both excellent crank baits for pass another lure that I wouldn't go without is just a standard rooster tail you can catch crappie catfish bass and bluegill on it blue fox and Panther Martin makes them excellent inline spinners and they're great for all types of fish so now with the plot that you have full contest line on this is going to be the one for crappie and bluegill here's the crappie setup if you're going to be fishing from a doctor a boat you can drop a minnow straight down now crappie are going to suspend themselves to crop catfish on the bottom we already talked about that or you just want to have a weight out there sink it to the bottom the catfish will take your work rafi aren't going to take worms you're going to take minnows and they're going to take them suspended so the crappie are going to get the surface and not going to be at the bottom they're going to be about mid column of the water take a little standardized Jakub hook your man up to the nostril so I go up through the mouth through the nostril not through the head or it'll kill them and right there I'm through the nostril he's still lively and he'll stay alive for hours on end didn't have about I don't know eight inches up to a foot have a little bit of split shot just to keep your minnow weighted down so he doesn't swim up back to the surface and then drop your line down so it's about or half way to the bottom and now if you're fishing like the shore it's a little harder to judge what's halfway you lose a bobber obviously and the best is a slip hopper so what you'll flip over allows you to do is it slides up and down your lines when you capped it out you'll have a little piece of string tied to your fishing line and so once 12 feet of line is out your bobber will just keep sliding up the line so it hits that little piece of string that doesn't interfere with their task and stop there so now you're fishing like 12 feet deep under a bobber you're not pitching on the bottom you're not fishing at the top and you're fishing from shore which is really nice and so finally guys let me show you my pans niche and Green Deal setup for Lake and again this is the for contest line set up light action rod you want to bobber usually the smaller the better I just use the big bobber just for example a little easier to show but the smaller the bobber the better because the fish feels less resistance when they pulls the bobber down so it's less likely to spit the hook but anyway usually I'm fishing about two to three feet down from the bobber for bluegill and pan fish so I got a little bit of split shot about a foot and a half down and then about another half foot to a foot I have my little book and it's a bluegill are ever stealing your bass you want to just keep downsizing your hook until you start catching them and downsizing your bait size as well and you're going to be wanting to use worms for that too so a quick recap for the bluegill and catfish you're going to be using worms the difference is the catfish are going to be on the bottom and you're going to be using that 10 to 12 contest line the bluegill are going to be closer to the surface about three feet under you're going to be fishing near the shore and you're going to be using the for contest line the crappie and bass you're going to be using minnows which I have right here and you're going to be using the ten to twelve contests line for the bass and the four pound test line for the coffee and finally guys again I just want to reiterate his good fast lowers right here so when my favorites my personal best bass was caught on this jointed rough public crankbait and this is probably the crepe eehhh that's not the most bass on in general crank baits are pretty user-friendly and again if you want to go for all force fish species I find an inline spinner catfish crappie bass and bluegill will take it so I hope you try out one of these tips and you enjoyed this video and this will get you started and thanks for watching

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  1. You don’t need 4lb like to catch bluegill. It’s just easier to use. I’ve caught bluegills in ultra clear water with 30lb red braid

  2. great tips. I liked the video. was surprised you didn't mention trout as one of the prominent lake species. maybe it's a regional thing? I'm in the NW and from what I've heard most lakes here are stocked with trout. Also l suck at fishing so I don't really know but I have caught trout.

  3. Great video, learned a lot from it. However, not an animal enthusiast, but using live bait causes living creatures pain. Fun does not take precedence over empathy. You're not fishing for survival, its the 21st century.

  4. I love this video. YOU did a great job and very detailed about your info. Anyone can learn from this. wow . ITs a hard presentation and u did with ease. The reason why i thought it was a great video because u took something that looked difficult hard to explain and you brought it down to a level where anyone can understand. Thanks alot.

  5. I love how the video is straight to the point. It even starts with how you should go to your bait shop first in a sort of How to Fish for Dumb, Moronic Idiots kind of way. Very charming in a cool way.

  6. We fish off a bridge I caught some fish but I want to know which bait to use
    Which hook is perfect
    Do I need a bead on my line
    These are the questions I have and need answers for. I want to be able to throw the line into the water and every time I pull back I want a fish on the line but patience is a virtue once I have the right set up I will be catching everything bit I just need a little bit of help

  7. We don't have lakes in Miami we have a lot of brackish water I think fresh water and salt water meets together but I seen a guy caught a fish in there so I want to see if i can catch a fish in there as well

  8. Ive always wanted to fish the way the guy conducts himself is very professional thanks for getting me started i was told sandworms make good bait too

  9. Thanks you helped my make friends by know how to talk about fish and know what in the world I’m saying good bud keep it up

  10. Great video, but I catch a lot of fish on dead minnows. I have actually killed them intentionally at times because the fish like them so much.

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