How To Spot Dangerous Advice

How To Spot Dangerous Advice

I’ve been thinking a lot about the bad decisions I see people make, and even the bad decisions that I have made and I see a common pattern. First you have someone who is relatively uncertain, in a transition period of their life, and then they take the wrong advice.

In this video, I want to clarify how to spot bad advice so that you don’t wind up trudging down the wrong path for months or years. Here’s what I’ve learned

1. Only take advice from people who have the kind of life you desire – you’ll know because of what they’ve achieved, what the people who have followed their advice have achieved and what testing their recommendations proves.

2. When you have aspirations that no one around you has lived up to, you need to find a digital mentor. Get online, read a book, just find the person who has done it and study their path.

3. Develop a circle of friends who are supportive of your happiness, even if that means change. Cut the ones that only want you in status quo

4. Pick teachers that have strong morals. You can’t learn a skill set without also picking up a life philosophy, so be careful who you let in

Hope that helps you filter out the bad advice and move closer towards the kind of life you dream of 🙂

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46 thoughts on “How To Spot Dangerous Advice

  1. Met some people create a fake story of how they know one guy that has no job no money but has 10 gfs and they all models
    Lol or I know this guy who has no education but make 500k in his job lol

  2. Simply Amazing!!! That was some much needed advice I really needed to hear. Thanks a ton!!! 🙂 @Charisma On Command

  3. I'm at a major transition point right now and this has been clarifying — especially love what you had to say about life philosophy.

  4. Man, I needed to hear not to take on someone else’s morality.

    I got involved with the anti-political correct crowd, and I really stopped caring about people’s feelings, and I quickly became the us vs them mentality.

    It hindered my current work so much, creating a great game developer community where gamers and game devs work together to make amazing games.

  5. Can you point me towards a resource in green home building? I'm in a transition in life atm and where I see myself is designing and building sustainable houses

  6. Holy shit man, you're reminding me of me. The PUA to the wake up call that PUA feels fake. I've been trying to live my life like this channel for a while now but couldn't figure out if it really works for life but this channel helps.

  7. Thanks for your video 🙂 I am happily married and people often come to me for relationship advice…I avoid answering at all costs. I find that everyone is so different and people are looking for such a diversity of outcomes; just because I have a happy relationship doesn't mean that I know how to lead others to the same!

  8. I want to start my own shoe line.
    I am from a technical background. I have completed my btech 2 years back and I have not received any formal training or education for business. I want to do an MBA first, learn from business leaders and enterpranurs.

  9. LOL! Charlie: "I didn't want to be a counselor like my mom, or a salesman like my dad" Ironically he is like both (in a good way) as a charismatic-people-helper-person

  10. Not many ppl exist who went through my past mistakes. Nobody has gotten into Stanford, flunked out, and is now. Trying to decide if he should go back to finish his degree costing him $150k in loans, or continue on his path which I argue would've been the end result anyway. Starting a tech company is difficult to gauge one's likelihood of success.

  11. What's wrong with me..It's weird maybe but I am afraid of speaking about my life, my dreams or even about things I really love. So I keep saying less important or not exactly real things to people. I don't tell what my goals are to anybody. I say random things when they ask so they think I'm childish and immature. While the truth is, I'm working on my goals queitly when nobody can see it.

  12. Loved your vid. Very helpful. A digital mentor for me is Les Brown. An inspirational speaker, all over YouTube and GooglePlay, and I freaking love him and the energy and determination he unveils for me inside myself. Just putting this out there because maybe it will help someone who needs him to find him someday.

  13. I think this might work for specific instances, but not always. I took the advice of someone who's life I wouldn't have minded having and who generally made excellent decisions, and I ended up in a horrible living situation and $10,000 out of rent money because I took her advice and moved into an apartment with a crazy roommate. I didn't know what was going to happen before I moved in, but I had seen some yellow and red flags and had been feeling uneasy about it and shared with her what was going on, and regardless my friend pushed the idea of moving in. Instead of trusting my gut and ignoring her laughing at my uneasiness, I listened to her advice because she had a great life–great job, great husband, great house. If I had ignored her and trusted my gut, I would have made the right decision. Sometimes the only person who knows what the best thing for you is you. And only you. Not your friends, not your family, not advice on internet forums, not written articles–YOU. You're the only one who truly knows what would be the best in your situation.

  14. Even though I agree with the first point I feel like it's not always the case. I've never been in a long term relationship but my friends always go to me for relationship advice and my advice has saved their relationships multiple times.

  15. Did you came to Brazil Charlie? How nice, I'm from here. What city did you visit? Waiting for your course with Portuguese subtitles. Abraço!

  16. Hey man! THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN BUDDY ❤ for sharing this.. I'm just addictive to your advices & your channel now.. Cause they really help this 20 yr old guy trying to make a mark in this world as an Actor
    The last piece of advice that you gave ie fourth advice that "if it doesn't match your ethics don't do it".. That is legit.. For days I've been trying to follow Tyler Durden from fight club after watching your breakdown on that.. & i watched it numerous times to get it & i really want to be like that.. Like "to not give a fuck about things that i don't NEED.. & to give fuck only about things that really really matter to me in life.." just like u said in that video.. But somewhere my morals & ethics weren't matching that guy..& just like u.. I also ended being a jerk in order to copy him 😂So your last piece was really really legit 💯

  17. I my case my parents, I know they wanted the best for me but from their point of view. I grew up believing in them, not blaming for my life because they were victims before.

  18. I. Love. Your. Advice. In all seriousness. I'm just so happy I found this today… I was having so many questions.. So many doubts… And I'm so happy I have become a more honest person ever since I find these videos. Thank you very much. I will always keep these advices in mind, continue being who you are. You are amazing.

  19. I don't even know what career path I want. So it's hard to choose whose advice i should ignore on my career path. I know nobody that has a career that i want, nor can i think of a community of people that had the career path that i want.
    My passion is to enable people. I am an enabler. There is no community of enablers that I can contact. All my rolemodels are fictional characters and are not even enablers themselves so i also.cant look to them.
    Have no clue what to do with these tips

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