How to set up Retopology in Blender (Tutorial EN)

How to set up Retopology in Blender (Tutorial EN)

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In this tutorial you will learn how to set up everything properly, to start retopologizing your sculptings in Blender.

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49 thoughts on “How to set up Retopology in Blender (Tutorial EN)

  1. I so hope you're still watching these comments … I LOVED the video and method! But I'm having trouble getting started. Something is going wrong with my mirror modifier, or I assume. Here is a gyazo of what it's doing. It's not staying together in the middle. Or crossing over if I click too close to the middle (using the ctrl left click). Could you please make some suggestions on some setting I have wrong? Thanks in advance. 🙂 Gyazo seems to be having issues today, I so hope it will show up for you. If not, well, not sure how to get a pick up to show you what its doing. 🙁

  2. 6 mins to setup retopo lol and they say blender is best for modeling and it seems you can't retopo whole character since u can mistakenly select behind it without knowing, other softwares select source object enter mode BAM, done 🙂

  3. Sigh… so, again… like usual. I can't follow another tutorial. I did EVERYTHING you did from the beginning and up to the point that you add a Mirror Modifier, but For some unknown reason, when you add the mirror modifier, it appears and works immediately. You can even move the plane left and right along the x axis and the mirrored plane object moves in the opposite direction accordingly. When you click the "clipping" option, the mirrored plane and the regular plane snap to each other, just like it should.
    …However, when I add the mirror modifier, NOTHING HAPPENS. I can't get ANY of the results that you can… nothing at all. Is it your Blender presets or how your project is setup?! As a matter of fact, if I want the mirror modifier to work at all, I have to:

    -first, center the 3D cursor to the 0,0,0 center point.
    -Then, set the origin of my object to the centered, 3D cursor
    -THEN, I have to hit "control+A" and set a "rotation" property for my object…

    …and THEN the Mirror modifier will work, but not at all in the manner that yours does and also, you didn't do ANY of what I just described!
    This is so nerve racking… what am I not doing? Can anyone help me, please?!

  4. hi, do you have tutorial on retopologizing car?
    I'm using CG Masters corvette stingray as a model and i want to retopologize it to very low poly for mobile games without loosing quality. (which looks realistic) around 1000 polygons maybe.

  5. Thanks Zacharias for this video, short yet informative. I have one question though: Putting the shrinkwrap right on top of the subsurf makes it wonderful to the newly mesh being created, because it captures all the detail from the high poli mesh, but this comes with a price. In order to apply the shrinkwrap, you will have to apply the subsurf modifier as well, leaving you with a higher poli count than you originally desired. Is there any way to get around this?

  6. and once retopolgy is made on the sculpt,-  i can basicly just add bone tool to the character yes ? and texture ? or am i missing something else ?

  7. Do you apply both the subdivision and skinwrap before you bake the normals? If you do, will the number of polys from the low poly cause by subdivision cause lag in animation?

  8. Thanks for the Tut! If someone is wondering :" What is the best way to Apply the modifiers? Specificaly the Shrinkwrap modifier? Have an issue like that, ect" I sudgest you to watch the video titled "Restoring Lost Sculpted Detail in Blender" from the other chanel, i found it SO helpfull.

  9. When I hit E to extrude, the squares act like they extrude "behind" one another, and if I try to move them at all, the entire mesh glitches…

  10. thank you SO MUCH for this tutoruial, its WAY too good
    im absolutely sharing this video with my friends, seriously, thank you.

  11. PLEASE HELP. Every time i try to apply the mirror modifier to the plane it says "failed to set value" on the top bar. I've followed the steps exactly and looked everywhere online for a fix and no mention of the problem. I Seriously don't know what i'm doing wrong cause i'm following the step exactly but it seemingly works for everyone. IF ANYONE knows what the fix is for this please, because the "failed to set value" shows up every time no matter what mesh i'm working on…every time…

  12. Okay, so I have many questions. When you make a retopo of a mesh, how do you use it ? Do you Unwrap, rig and mark freestyle edges ( the last one is only for non photorealistic rendering ) and draw the texture in the retopo model in order to transfer these datas to the first one ? or do you replace the old mesh by the one which has been retopo by using a subsurf/multires modifier ?

  13. Hi! Do you apply the shrinkwrap afterwards? If so, do you keep the Nearest Surface point/above surface settings or do you change those to something else before applying?

  14. With just the first 3 minutes of video, you have turned this long and tedious process into a simple one. I cannot thank you enough!

  15. Question!! At the end of your Retopology… What is the best way to Apply the modifiers you've used? Specificaly the Shrinkwrap modifier…?

  16. Very helpful! I am not going from high poly to low poly… On the contrary I am taking one of my old character models and updating it to animate better!!! I didn't want to go in and make manual cuts and such. So this is great! Thank you!

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