How to set up Image ads. Yandex.Direct video tutorial

How to set up Image ads. Yandex.Direct video tutorial

Yandex.Direct is an online advertising system that allows advertisers to serve ads on Yandex sites and thousands of sites in the Yandex Advertising Network. Use our video tutorial to create your ads and get ready to welcome new customers.
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at Yandex we know that seeing an at once can have a greater effect than reading it a hundred times image ads allow you to create ads that visually tell users about your products images draw users attention and make it easier to understand what you are offering you can also add a logo to image ads these ads appear on content sites in the index advertising Network and an external ad networks with payment per click by adding image ads to your campaigns you can significantly increase the number of sites where your ads can appear and expand your reach you can create image ads within mobile app campaigns and text and image ad campaigns on the page where you create and edit your ads select the image ad type and add a creative you can use a creative from your computer or the internet or create one using image ad builder when loading your own pre-made creative pay attention to the required file size format and size and pixels we recommend selecting all available sizes to maximize the number of host sites where your ads can appear you can use image ad builder to create your own image ads without professional designers all ads created in image ad builder are automatically in line with all technical requirements the ENDEX direct automatically chooses the most relevant of your ads for each individual impression once you save an ad you can no longer change the size of the creative once you choose your own creative you can't replace it with one created in image ad builder give your campaigns a visual boost with image ads

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