How To Sculpt CRACKSHOT from Fortnite (polymer clay tutorial)

How To Sculpt CRACKSHOT from Fortnite (polymer clay tutorial)

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With the release of Fortnite Season 7, I thought it would be fun to challenge my ability by sculpting/carving Crackshot!

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amen you guys have anymore that super sculpey firm left yeah I think we got so many worm fridge over there oh okay thanks oh sweet last one thanks a lot what hey big fan of your working the Old Testament see it alright today we're going to sculpt poor John from pool party and I would like to thank for sponsoring today's video if you haven't already heard Fortnight is free to play on your computer console or mobile device 100 players drop out of the battle bus onto an island collect materials and weapons and the last one standing wins you can play in solos or with your friends in duo's and squads the environment is completely destructible and you can build using the materials you gather fortnight is constantly adding new characters and content to the game and in the latest season season 7 the storm wing is the awesome new aerial vehicle in battle royale season 7 introduces a massive map update with new snow themed areas including Frosty's flights happy Hamlet and polar peak so jump in yourself and download the game using my link in the description below let's do some scuffing now ok dukey's well we're gonna need here is some super sculpey original oh aluminum wire for armature Wow a reference photo an assortment of sculpting tools bike beads I especially like silicone ones they're squishy from alcohol for smoothing okay you know enough of this all right what I like to do is mark out where I want the armature wire to go then I start to bend II bend the armature to the rough shape just like that now take some aluminium foil and bulk up the armature what this does is it not only makes it look cool and shiny but it reduces the amount of clay you'll have to use and the baking time now just start smearing that clay up on that armature and then after I get it to the rough shape I start to then add the muscles squashy squish look at some Anatomy photos that really helps using my tools to blend in the scene so you know you don't want those themes adding more bulk to the side and wear his pantaloons we'll go he's got some really bushy pants uh-oh now his big Popeye forearms putting up to basically just kind of an oval shape smushed on there so here's where the silicone tools come in they're excellent at blending and smoothing and they're cheap gross stop that so this is it at the moment not a lot of details yet but they will come here's a stick I'm using to just squish in an indentation of where the belt will go and then the little wooden tool for his pockets and then a few folds and the clothing and then smoothing with the alcohol that is excellent for smoothing clay out that looks painful and in these seams in his back where this shirt is using alcohol and my silicone tool to add some more detail than folds in the fabric all right I'd say that's looking pretty good but you know I'm getting kind of thirsty let's go to the gas station get something to drink yeah hey Moses huh perfect well this will do it for me buddy I see you have a tablet I bet whatever you're reading you download it off the cloud am i right see yeah all right all right let's get back to sculpting okay you can see I've decided to use a picture of crack shot where as arms are folded armature makes it like a bendable figure at this point you can pose it into whatever pose you want now add in his little booties just bulking up his feet area very nice oh I'm giving him a foot massage now I'm rolling up a little aluminum foil ball putting on some clay this will be the head this stuff is amazing it is sculpey bakeable adhesive I used it constantly throughout this entire thing now we're gonna poop that in the oven at 275 for 45 minutes uh-oh sounds like it's done let's check on it up that's not my sculpture hold on a second I am so bad there it is all right it is out of the oven let's go with you some carving okay here are the carving bits I'm gonna be using can't remember what they're called but I'll put a link in the description by the way polymer clay is excellent for carving after it's been baked look at that I mean it just flies off and what's great about this clay is you can after its baked add more to it so I'm just bulking up the boots they're all the lighter areas you see are unbaked clay on top of the baked clay rolling out a thin strip gonna start making some of these strappy views I'm not quite sure what the purpose of them is but they look pretty cool using that tool poking in some of the details on the belt definitely utilize your tools utilize your hands which are your most important tools but you know your hands and fingers can't squeeze you in there and get to all the the crooks and nannies now the hair I just added some bulk as you can see getting the general shape down then using a razor blade and my wooden tools to sort of carve out some channels then I come back cut out little triangle sections which will leave triangle sections to get it like that Wow Putin on the Hat using some of that glue look at that little guy all sitting there with his arms crossed and stop waiting it go in the oven it's gonna be kind of tossed in there for the little guy but it's okay oh I've lost my mind all right wow that's baking let's go make fun of Moses some more okay okay dear hey it's you with all your Moses jokes I'm the baddest man around I broke all Ten Commandments at once well played dude well played man Moses is awesome and you guys really you should try his coffee he bruises all right that is two blanks that I made which then I then baked and now I'm carving that's what's great about this is you don't have to eat the shapes exact so I'm using my dremel and a sanding block to add those hard edges into his shin guards now I'm marking out his foot on some clay this will be the soles of his boots I will glue those on a little later boot on some buttons he's got a few buttons around using my laser blade to cut a square which this is going to be that belt buckle part it's kind of an interesting shape just roll out the clay cut out the shape use that glue and slap it on there he got a hole in his jeans so we gotta patch it a little square add some threads glue them on cut him off he's got these sort of ribbed cuffs that he's got around his arm ankles excuse me Putin in some indentations for his eyeballs basically just carved little divots food in some balls squirm in there a little triangle for his nose ah now I'm cutting the bottom or lower jaw section he's got kind of a wide gaping mouth that's interesting but whatever glue that on some back pockets cuz you know he's got a foodies wallet somewhere glue those on there that's why I love this glue you don't have to like blend anything in just slap it on there squish it down these wooden tools are great too for adding in fine line details as you can see that is one perky bootie now he's got these like back strap things cutting those shapes out with the razor blade rolling out a little worm there to put on his hat this is some kind of ornamental you know hat piece now his cool shin pads gluing those on and the soles of his beauties which I will then carve in a moment subscribe to PewDiePie subscribe to PewDiePie thank you that is hell as you can see here it can also be carved with traditional carving tools I'm telling you polymer clay is pretty amazing stuff I've really enjoyed working with it adding some even more details the details just keep coming this thing is very very complex you can see all these little bitty like little straps on top of his traps I'm not sure what they do but they look cool too oh hey it's me weird now this is his little arm cuff thing it's like a ribbon tied around his arm you can see I'm twisting it up right there ain't gonna glue it on at the end so it looks like it's tied into a knot hi hey it's me weird prime it 1 2 3 whoa wet Thanks hey stop that alright the paints I'm using our super cheap basic acrylic paints that I got from Walley world nothing special at all this is not sped up I am that fast really first coat don't even worry about painting on other stuff I come back in later and touch everything up as I was saying touching everything up with a little fine paintbrush it's very tedious and time-consuming but you know what if you want to do something cool takes dadgum time and the ambition to do it it's gonna take time so just know don't rush be patient take your time it'll all be fine in the end okay if you want to win this I'm gonna give it away all you got to do in the comments is say I won't bad followed by your favorite fortnight skin and in one week time I will pick a winner from the comments but I'm gonna announce the winners on Twitter so you got to follow me there at Bobbie du gard also go ahead and follow me on Instagram I post photos of all kinds of stuff there's it's a little more personal follow me on Instagram and Twitter and you could get a chance at winning as additional hand thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate it so remember to take the battle to the next level with the season 7 battle pass and receive 100 Tears 100 awards and 950 bucks a new cosmetic item wraps customize your weapons and vehicles to match your favorite outfits and new pets but no joanna unfortunately but that would be pretty cool so please download the game using the link in my description to help support my channel namaste 12:16 it's like your long-lost brother thanks for helping us yeah no problem I appreciate to do your demand I know

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