44 thoughts on “How to remove a cork from inside of a bottle

  1. This worked like a charm on my FIRST try. Also, I used it on a dark black bottle and I couldn't even see the cork. Thank you so much. : )

  2. Thank you! My granddaughter got a plastic cork-like toy stuck in a plastic bottle toy and I could not find a way to get it out because the larger end blocked it. Your trick worked!,

  3. When I saw you do that I was saying "no way!" a few times. Good for you, clever technique. Now I know what to do. Thanks for the help!

  4. Very simple and very clever! I've been trying for years to think of a way to get the cork out of a pretty bottle I use for decoration. This did the trick in less than a minute. Thank you!

  5. …bottle was empty! My bottle is full of red wine and I cannot see the cork most of the time. Solution is only applicable in a narrow set of cases. Fail! 

  6. I just did it and it worked. I had a cork stuck inside a demijohn (large green bottle covered in wicker). It hurt my hand a little pulling the bag and cork out but it really worked. Thank you! Robyn

  7. 紐のようなものを入れて一緒に出す方法なら、親から教わったことがある。

  8. あ、あ、あ、、、す、、、、、すごい。。。。。

  9. @kusonnbe

  10. ひきこもりもこの技でお外に出せないかしら。

  11. まだボトルにワインが残っている時に取りたいww

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