HOW TO REALLY LISTEN TO PEOPLE - Best Life Advice | Jordan Peterson

HOW TO REALLY LISTEN TO PEOPLE – Best Life Advice | Jordan Peterson

Dr. Peterson explains the importance of listening and how to engage in healthy conversation.
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Jordan Peterson

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24 thoughts on “HOW TO REALLY LISTEN TO PEOPLE – Best Life Advice | Jordan Peterson

  1. Why is there always something wrong with a person just being expressive? Some people go their entire lives closed up and shut down.

  2. It seems to me that by restating correctly what the other person intended to say forces you to cut through your own defenses and have a rational dialogue. Great advice.

  3. Pretty amazing game rule at the end. If you truly understand what a person is trying to convey to you you can do this easily. Most people just don't do it because they don't agree but it would help to let them know that you understand what they're point is directly.
    Ppl get upset when you can articulate their point better. When you no longer agree. I found this while speaking to my black counterparts about the alleged oppressions of the United States of America. I know what points they're going to make I know which way they're going to go I know how deep it's going to get. I can articulate their points very well because they used to be my points. It never goes over well. Seemingly they'll listen to my rendition of their experience or whatever and not want to hear the other side.
    I say I used to think like you but you never thought like me. So who's being close-minded? Love JP

  4. this guy has lost his way amongst the thoughts. no way out. real indication of the poverty of western philosophical attempts to understand the reality

  5. I wish I could have an hour talking with this guy. His thought processes fascinate me and I’m glad I found him on here.

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