How To Play Secret Neighbor: A Beginner Tutorial

How To Play Secret Neighbor: A Beginner Tutorial

Here’s a quickstart beginner’s guide of how to play Secret Neighbor. We’ve done a lot of redesign since the beta, and this video will get you up to speed!

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Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer social horror version of Hello Neighbor. 6 players sneak into their creepy Neighbor’s house, not knowing that one of them is the neighbor in disguise. Trust nobody.

It’s coming to Steam and Xbox One on October 24th!

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Shh welcome to secret neighbor beginners guide secret neighbor is a multiplayer social horror game a spin-off of the popular hello neighbor franchise players spawn in front of the creepy neighbor's house and have to find keys to unlock the basement door the only problem is one of the players is the neighbor in disguise first things first to find a quick game you need to press the find game button on the lower right corner of your screen you can also select the custom game tab and join your friends Lobby or create a server and set your own match rules you need six players to start a quick game and two to six players for a custom game before starting a match you can choose to customize your characters press choose characters in the lower left corner of your screen you can also customize the neighbour character if you are chosen at random to play as one the team of kids win the match by opening the basement door the neighbour wins if he prevents everyone from getting into his basement use voice chat to speak with each other but be careful one of your teammates might be a neighbor in disguise do not trust anyone press e to pick up an item and hold right mouse button to aim and throw it for example you can hit the neighbor by throwing your flashlight when playing is the neighbor you're starting the game disguised as a kid inside the house you need to find and activate mystic machines to level up and gain abilities after activating the first machine you can press teeth to transform into the neighbor grab players by pressing E in order to win you need to catch all of them or make the time run up the neighbor has two classes with different skills scary neighbor has the hunting trap skill that can stun and damage players you can activate his rage to gain invulnerability for a short time rage accumulates when the neighbour takes damage deals damage and when players are knocked out of this grip and of course scary neighbour can disguise himself as the nearest player prepare your roleplay skills the second neighbor class is the clown using the camouflage skill you can turn into a random object to sneak up on a player or you can use this smoke bomb to block the players vision and slightly damage them lastly he has a passive ability called confusion if the neighbors attacked while holding a player the escape kid is blinded for a short time players can choose from six classes leader can use inspiration and speed up all the kids within a ten meter radius this ability has a 30 second cooldown team worked as a passive ability that can be activated by staying close to other players for 12 minutes once the ability is activated the leader can blind the neighbor with her inspiration ability brave class gives the opportunity to block any incoming flying objects after hitting the neighbor three times with any object the counter-strike ability becomes available you can now escape while being held by the neighbor detective has the field Intel ability which shows a picture that reveals the location of a random key or a keycard once that key has been found the detective gets another picture collect four keys using field Intel and get the ability to highlight a random key after that key has been found the progress is reset bagger has an additional inventory slot thanks to his backpack ability if you keep your inventory full for four minutes you'll gain another additional slot bagger also has two passive abilities heavy bones will slow down the neighbor if he catches you and strong knees reduces fall damage by 20% inventor crossed various items using gears that you will find around the house one gear gives you a saucepan two of them allows you to craft a flashlight and if you find five gears you'll be able to craft a toy rifle collect six gears and gain the ability reverse engineering which allows you to use the neighbors secret lever and open his gate scout as a slingshot that fires peanuts dealing ten damage per hit after hitting the neighbor three times in a row you'll get the evasive maneuvers passive ability a slight speed boost it works multiple times up to 115 percent of your base speed thanks for watching and see you in secret neighbor

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  2. Is anyone else having trouble with game chat on Xbox one? Some games everyone’s mic works and some games no ones mic will work. Most of the time not working

  3. Secret Neighbor AU where everything is the same except the Scout is now Scout from TF2

    Neighbor: come back here, kiddo!

    Scout taunting while firing acorns: I'm a freakin BLUR here! I'm running circles around you!

  4. dead by daylight disguise edition, sounds like it could be entertaining but not worth $30, i might get it when it goes on sale.

  5. Siri Siri you don’t not know you can play on Xbox yes that’s right you can play secret neighbor on Xbox did you where did you know you’re a computer

  6. I have a problem, when I first started playing secret neighbor everything was fine but now a day later it keeps telling me “You’ve been disconnected from network reason:6” and my steam isn’t connected to my network even though my whole pc is connected to the internet.

  7. I've played this since xmas alpha and i loved it when it was in a alpha state. But then when the full game came out i got it on the first day and its a great game still!!!

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