How To Plant a Tree

How To Plant a Tree

Today I show you how to plant a tree. Planting a tree is incredibly easy to do – it only takes a couple minutes – and you only need a few basic items. Don’t have the time to plant a tree? No worries! For every dollar donated to a tree will be planted for you – by professionals. So what are you waiting for? Let’s plant 20 million trees before 2020!

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Know someone that likes trees? Show them how to plant one!


26 thoughts on “How To Plant a Tree

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  2. I just want to say that unlike food (they are fruits), seeds of trees are not the same. I mean that seeds are much more precious.

  3. Yo for a quick laugh this isnt funny, Global warming is an increasing problem and it's something we have to stop. Not make jokes about… In my own opinion. These How to Basic videos are too immature.

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