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you kill you die you kill you die and that's what it's like to play Modern Warfare for at least most of the time but what if I told you guys I had a bunch of tips within this video to help you stop getting that second part of dying over and over again you guys could actually start raising that KD here so guys watch this video I got some great ones in this one and you guys are definitely gonna enjoy them but what is up guys my name is Nick and welcome back to a nether modern warfare video merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates and guys this is a video it's for anyone really but especially those guys who just got the game today and if you guys just got the game today I'm sure anybody watching this video who has had the game for at least over a month could tell you that this game does not play like any other Call of Duty whatsoever it doesn't feel like it doesn't play like it and it's just completely different you got to like camp in a way to do good but I don't want to be that person who tells everyone to camp so I'm gonna give you guys tips to actually go with any type of play style rather you guys like rushing whether you like camping and all that kind of stuff guys if we can hit a thousand likes on this video that would be absolutely amazing subscribe to the channel if you're new around here with those notifications turned on and let me know down in the comments below what your k/d is especially if you just started let me know what that starting point candy is cuz that's the most important one that's the one determines which type of lobbies you get into but the first tip I want to give you guys is one that I find myself pretty important and that is in these settings that is before you even go into a game or anything like that so when you go into the settings you want to make sure that you change your button layout so you want to put that two flipped in order to actually shoot with r1 and l1 rather than r2 and l2 and this is especially if you're on a controller or anything like that when you played on flipped it feels a lot more comfortable in your hands and not only that it actually does help you get those shots out a few milliseconds faster which you guys might think a few milliseconds doesn't mean anything but it doesn't mean a lot in a game or only takes a few milliseconds to kill someone and the last time guys want to do in these settings is change that sensitivity the game automatically puts you on a four do not stay on that you want sensitivity where you could turn fast enough on people if you start getting shot up from the back but you also want a sensitivity where you could be in control when turning you don't wanna just do like a real-ass attorneys are going around in circles over and over again because you can't control it so what I really recommend is anywhere from an eight may be to attend even seven is alright and stuff like that that's the sensitivity I recommend if you could play higher with really good control definitely go ahead and do it and yeah let's go on to the actual in-game tips cuz these are the ones that you guys are gonna have to play like if you're playing the game rushing around and you're just dying and dying and dying you're definitely doing it wrong if you're winning the game just camping over and over again you only have five kills by the end of the game you're definitely doing it as well so follow these tips guys it'll get you to move a little bit and camp a little bit at the same time while getting a lot of kills and dying less so the first thing you want to do is to stay away from the middle of the map never go towards the middle of the map unless you're watching over it so what I mean by that is you go towards the middle of the map don't go straight dead center in the middle where there's 50 people and directions where people could watch you from you don't want that you want to be that person who rose maybe into like one of the rooms that looks out into the middle of the map and you could see people running through there that is fine don't be the guy who runs through the middle of the night this is definitely not worth it now you also want to make sure you're using the right guns for the right maps so you guys got to move out of that comfort zone of yours man trust me if you're used to using assault rifles in the song if it's only but then you're playing like shoot the ship and stuff like that which is a shoot house and shipment you definitely don't want to be using that assault rifle if you're going for close-quarter combat only you want to use an SMG and the same goes if you're playing ground war and you're going for real long shots you don't want to use an SMG over an assault rifle a sniper or an LMG you gotta use the right things for the right map so make sure you guys do that as well now also I want to say don't stay in the same area too long and this is where we get into talking about the camping a little bit I don't mean to camp like crazy and I don't mean to stay in the same area for the entire match but what you guys should do is go to one area of the map imagine it to the right side towards the middle you want to stay there get a few kills and then leave you got to leave that area you can't just stay there cuz the enemies they all know you're there they're all gonna rush you out once and it's just something that you don't want to deal with so make sure that you go ahead and do that and don't push the enemies spawn or anything like that either if you're staying towards the middle of the map don't go any further they're gonna start spawning in different areas meaning they're probably gonna come right behind you and take you out so you definitely don't want to do that either and then once you get like five kills in a certain area I recommend moving places you don't have to go that far but at least move areas don't let the enemies know where you are you always want to be one step ahead of them so trust me on that guys and another one don't don't camp but if you have to go ahead and do it if you see that there's like five enemies on one side of the map and they're all coming towards you the worst thing you could do is rush them what you want to do instead is late back stay in a certain area maybe hold off a head glitch or something like that which is really important and there's a lot of those in this game and just wait for the enemies to run by you by the time Lee seen you you're already gonna be halfway through shooting them dead and they won't even have time to react so trust me guys make sure they camp when you really have to and if people say all these guys are camper and stuff it doesn't matter man you're getting the kills just don't be one of that guys one of those guys who stays in a corner the entire game and then you have nothing to worry about if you're if you're head glitching for literally 30 seconds and they have no complaints and if they complain well that's their problem going on to probably one of the most important tips that I want to talk about and that is getting your crosshair lined up perfectly that little circle that you see in the middle of the screen when you're running will you have your gun up and stuff like that that is exactly where your gun is going to aim when you start to aim down sights or when you shoot bullets that's the area that the bullets are gonna go into so you always want to make sure that that is at least looking upwards and not looking at the ground you also don't want to keep that looking at the sky you always want to have that centered onto your screen and if you're running to a certain corner you want to have that little dot already facing that corner in case an enemy jumps out you will be able to shoot them as fast as possible all you gotta do is aim in whereas if that circle was looking at the floor or something like that and then an enemy jumps out you got to look up you got to readjust your accuracy and that's just not something you want to do cuz he's gonna probably drop you really down fast so make sure that circle is everywhere there's a doorway that you think an enemies coming out of have that little dot that little circle aiming right at the doorway you got you guys always got to be faster than the enemies and especially in a game where the time to kill is very very fast like in this game right here you want to make sure you get those first shots on so make sure you guys go ahead and do that now another one I want to talk about is something I tell everybody all the damn time and that is don't run around like a headless chicken that is the one thing you don't want to do so when I mean running around like a headless chicken those are the people who run around everywhere they sprint everywhere they possibly can they sprint around every single corner and they sprint into rooms and doorways and all that kind of stuff without looking without trying to figure out where an enemy could be they just run everywhere and they end up dying a lot yeah they may get 20 kills but there are also gonna be getting like 18 to 20 deaths and stuff and it's just not fun to have games where you go Eve every single game so what I say is if you argue the Sprint go ahead and do it but once you get to a corner slow down stop pre aim peak the corner if you have to and stuff like that if you're at a doorway keep the doorway you a few aim and while you're standing right beside the door you could open the door a few inches open and that's a good way to see if there's enemies inside you can throw a flashbang inside you can do whatever you have to and yeah so make sure you guys aren't sprinting everywhere let the enemies come to you rather than you going to them and what I mean by that also is if you see that there's enemies like I said before you wait them out man do those head witches wait those enemies out instead of you being the one sprinting around the map dying everywhere let it be somebody on the enemy team now I also want to say do not seek revenge never ever seek revenge and this is a tip that I've been giving you guys since black ops 3 and this one is really important as well you seek revenge dude it's just it's not worth it man here you're gonna be going after the person who killed you and that's gonna be the only thing on your mind is getting him back so you're not gonna be focusing on where he might be you're not gonna be focusing on anything you're gonna be focusing on where that dude killed you from and then you're just gonna kill you again once you get back there and then you're gonna be even angrier meaning you're gonna be thinking a lot less and you're gonna go and he's gonna do it over and over again and you're probably gonna get four or five deaths before you give up so trust me guys don't seek revenge if some dude kills you yeah I let it's like go on to the other side of the map do what you gotta do kill some other people go on a big streak and then let your streak take him out and stuff like that don't seek revenge and if you guys are missing a lot of shots make sure to get the heck away from that gunfight this is another one I give you guys all the time and it is probably one of the most important ones as well if you're shooting at someone and you see that you're missing every second bullet just leave it's not worth it this guy's gonna turn on you he's gonna drop you and it's just you it's just all working with you especially if you're aiming directly on the guy and the netcode isn't working at all or there's a like compensation or something it's something you don't want to die to like those are gun fights that you could easily win and then he's gonna look at you and the second he looks at you you're gonna go down and it's gonna feel like you got melted in half a second but in reality on his screen whew look at you and shot you for like a good two seconds so I don't know man that's annoying just get away from those gunfights so you have no chance of winning and the last thing I want to say guys make sure to always use ghost it is the most important perk in the entire game this keeps you off the radar a lot of people have a radar so this keeps you right off it you do not want to be seen so make sure to have ghosts but that is going to be it for the tips today guys if you did enjoy the video let them know by dropping it like we're gonna go for a thousand likes and if you guys could leave a comment letting me know your best tip in modern warfare that would be super amazing I think my best tip is to don't seek revenge dude or just don't do it it's not worth it anyways guys subscribe to the channel if you're new around here with those notifications turned on my name is Nick Merry Christmas again guys and I'll catch you in the next one [Applause]

23 thoughts on “How To NEVER DIE AGAIN in MODERN WARFARE.. (BEST TIPS) – COD MW Gameplay

  1. why do ppl find it so hard to play on high sense legit every game i play its on max sense and i have perfect control people always get shocked weirdos

  2. Whenever I'm grinding camos (shoot house, shipment) I sprint as much as possible. I jump around every corner and just catch people off guard. I die a lot but I also kill a lot

  3. My KD is .98 but I'm platinum hunting and challenge hunting so I'm constantly using weapon setups I dont like. I'm generally on top of the leaderboards though. They need to make a few maps in a specific mode that promotes movement or add a perk that rewards movement over camping

  4. Got it for Christmas and I’ve never played CoD before. But like Star Wars Battlefront I’m starting off pathetically and then I’m sure that I’ll get better quickly once I’ve learned how others play.

  5. I got the game at Xmas and my kd is 0.97 I struggle to get it over 1 and I find myself being really inconsistent playing

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