How to make Fry bread

How to make Fry bread

Janice Tenorio goes through the step by step process of making fry bread from scratch.

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“Thank you for watching my video and my recipe. There are many great chefs out there that make frybread differently. This was my way. If you have your own method or suggestions please share with us.” – Janice Tenorio

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hi everybody my name is Janice Tenorio from turquoise skies and today we'll be making fry bread first of all you will need some flour some salt some baking powder measuring cups honey and have it share and a big mixing bowl first what we'll do is just take four cups flour next week depending on how much salt you want in your favorite and three teaspoons of baking powder level I'll mix it slowly you're going to make a well no after you make the well in the center you get about two to three cups of water make sure it's warm and sport in the world you kind of just mix it up and you'll see we kind of feel the consistency of how much and how flower and then you just continue to mix it with your hand I like the site and is you can see starts coming together and it's okay if your dough kind of starts to get if it's a little wit just add a little flour so really it can't go wrong okay this is the consistency the dough that you want a loose and soft it might be a little sticky but don't worry about that get a drive disk on and just cover it and let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes later that's it so once your dough has risen this is how it'll look and then then you just I what I do is just go ahead and get them out and make them into little balls so I let them rise a little bit longer 10-15 minutes and you can put this on a baking sheet and then cover it and I have some right now that has risen and this and what I do is for the frying part a deep skillet pan for Dutch oven and fill it with usually use great value vegetable oil or my all-time favorite is the snow-capped art which pretty much grew up on this part and it's the best so what I do is just put some and just let the oil melt and I usually put it on how about an eight too high and then what you're going to do is just going to let the grease mill and it'll be faster you want it to get really hot and be careful don't let no kids around and be very cautious and so oil gets hot you want to take your dough and just shape it into a flat you can use a rolling pin or two Mike I like to do and let's brought up just use my hands to stretch it you kind of just have it between your hands and as you can see it starts to get bigger just stretch it out out of the way oh shoot and what I like to do is just make a little cut in the center that way crying you have you just set it in here very carefully and just kind of push down on the fry bread just get a Papa it'll start them and then you'll start to see it turn down around the edges and in the center that's the sign of breaking but the brown is around looks pretty much tell you how long to keep it in and it doesn't take very long after that once your crease is very hot and then take it out of there the Greeks and kinda just let the excess oil and then you get the and then you should do it Tiger Walk done with your dough thank you for joining us and I know everybody makes their favorite differently so if you can just send us your recipes in the comment section below thank you

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  1. My dough came out very watery and soupy with 2 cups of water. After the 4 cups felt like I had to add 2 extra cups of flour then I just stopped. Said this isn't right lol. Ugg

  2. Yea that’s what frybread is supposed to look like 😍 idk about these other channels that try to make frybread 😂 definitely going to try your recipe 💜

  3. Ugh I can't do it. Horrible video quality. Making a good video and recipe are important you would get more people if this didn't look like it was made by a 10year old.

  4. When we were branding calves my grandma would always make Navajo tacos and then for desert we would put peanut butter and homemade chock cherry jelly on the fresh warm bread that’s just one of the awesome memories of my childhood

  5. I must say, that Janice Tenerio, I extend my sincere appreciation of the way you took the time to fully explain how you made your fried bread . You are the only one that I have ever seen that truly shared your ( real ) recipe instead of a placebo recipe that most others did that ( knew ) that their recipe would fail, thus keeping viewers thinking 🤔 that they were the ones at fault for failing to follow instructions. You are truly worth viewing. However, I must view more of your videos before I subscribe to your videos. Kudos to you for such a wonderful experience indeed.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  6. This look so good. – when you say “Lard” is that like Crisco also. – we can get that here. (But transfat is forbidden) – or is it like fat from pigs? (Looks a lot like that)

  7. I had what was called Navajo fried dough about 30 years ago from a Navajo lady. Needless to say it was very delicious. I always wondered how to make it, I think this is probably the same, I'm going to try it and hopefully it tastes like what I had 30 years ago

  8. Absolutely the best demonstration of a receipe. And they taste GREAT.😄. YOU DID NOT EXIST ANY STEPS AND KEPT YOUR DEMO MOVING, THANK YOU ! I WAS NOT BORED OR IRRITATED . YOU WERE GREAT. THE VERY BREAD WAS DELIcious ! Thanks so much for sharing THISNGREAT RECIPEN..💕

  9. I Can't Make Everything Better… I'm Not Frybread.

    Family Proverb.

    Lard is the best. Vilification of fat is nonsense.

  10. I love going thru the Mescalero reservation to Ruidoso and there is a little place there made out of plywood and the lady makes frybread. I like it as a taco with beans, meat, cheese and all the fixings then some with honey and powdered sugar for dessert

  11. A very important point in making frybread is to keep the music turned way down, so it doesn't interfere with understanding the words. This is true for many other foods as well.

  12. i liked the video but the music is too loud, I can't hear the recipe – so i turned off the music and watched – just a little less volume on the music

  13. That is similar to what my grandma, mom and aunts used to make. They called them Buñuelos. And they would sprinkle regular sugar and cinnamon.

  14. a great simple well explained video………but the background music is kinda a bit too intrusive and loud :))

  15. Remember when the lady trainer from the biggest loser went to a pow wow and tried telling everyone fry bread is one of main causes of obesity and diabetes among tribes? Might be truth but. It. Did. Not. Go. Over. Well. At. All.

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