How to make a Minecraft Creeper NEVER EXPLODE again. (Tutorial) Minecraft - Part 35

How to make a Minecraft Creeper NEVER EXPLODE again. (Tutorial) Minecraft – Part 35

I make minecraft creeper regret what he’s done
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Peggy Peggy what happened [Laughter] wait you're not faggy your PHA D your PHA Gea's twin-brother faggy do I know what happened to your brother it worked no they've kept you prison here who who kept your prison oh my god I should just keep playing along do what counsel would be through it once there's more people trapped did you hear anything about the dog oh my god I'll come back for you one day faggy I'll come back for you one day sorry Peggy welcome back to Minecraft everyone it's been a long time Oh Sashi brewery days I finally I was able to play while I was traveling home from Japan so I built a little bit of Tower of Ikea let me show you guys it's not finished yet but I think it looks pretty awesome can go up and up and up and up and up you guys hear something anyway the view is pretty out viewers pretty sick from here you can just breeze down quite easily but yeah I'll finish it at some point okay tower of idea will be more glorious than any they could even topple the meatball I don't want to get ahead of myself but it could topple the meatball the most holiest of all grounds cancer would be truth has to return counselor patriot i do thy bidding what is my task for today's episode i should what are you telling me I should freak a creeper absolutely out of the question you've taken it too far alright gamers so today we're gonna freak a creeper I don't know if this has ever been done before I don't even know if this is legal I don't even know how you're suppose this begs a lot of questions where is creeper hole what happened to this series maybe if we we trap him right look at him here I wonder if there's an achievement for freaking a creeper in this game if not I'm very disappointed in you notch okay so he will come here little bit like hey hey I don't think I've ever given this much thought into anything so I'll put a okay so we'll put an observer here perfect then a string here creeper touch the strings activates red signal white no work I need a tripwire pull up was it going the wrong way oh my god I'm an idiot okay now it should work yes okay okay the trap yes tonight will be the one free okay alright and once he's in there we'll have to set up the second mechanism first I need to find the creeper I found one I found one follow me creeper oh god what was that nothing I kind of want to name him I feel like that that would make it more romantic if you catch my drift he's still following me now can I name a creeper I have so many questions about once ever done thanks this is my wolf farm by the way it's working really well it's really efficient I'm getting a lot of wool out of this oh god he's literally right next to my handle you know there's always been something about creepers can't quite put my finger on it maybe it's the way they always want to blow you up is he coming do it Oh God look at him I'm the one creeping on the creeper now I'll name him Ingemar I feel like that's a freaking bull name where'd he go and why there's anger don't blow up yes it was like father to me how can i name creeper ah this is a hug okay next one will be named ignore the second come on oh my god there's so many creepers perfect Oh God no anger okay hey okay okay I got a name him without him exploding is he alive Ingmar in barrios at you anymore it's don't blow up dammit well I'm gonna run out of nametag if this continues I'll name them after hey I saw one more there's still hope come on oh god oh god don't go there don't go there oh okay alright don't activate the trap so there we go and then Ingmar now Ingmar over here there away from what the hell what happened to the trap he blew up the Redstone I'm an idiot oh god damn it yeah yes I'm the one getting Frick right out back to square one back to square one uh you want this beetroot follow me mmm I have so much beetroot fun of me a lot of people don't know these they love beetroot just follow me just follow me where is happening huh now you I will freak a creeper hey baby come here come here come in here come in here follow me you semen demon okay okay this is it is he following here's haha no no come come come what in the world I need it better I need a better trap clearly I didn't think they'd I didn't think I'd have to be this elaborate but I guess I will have to being bang Bing creeper comes creeper trapped how do I get out follow me in bar enough mercy oh jeez – are you in a boat oh my no let up oh hey mommy hey mommy alright this is what I call a pro-gamer mob hey baby yes yes yes yes come here come here come here come on come down there ah yes yes oh my god I think I did it yes okay we just need to put the trapdoor in front of it yes hello don't think so what's your name hmm don't get too excited now look it in look at him fool fool this is where the fun begins I like the teasing burn I couldn't lie I like to tease him I am making some adjustments huh No oh ah it's like the teaming up against me being very still safe okay he brought his friends tell me angler nope at last Ingmar look at me look at me that's right tell me do you like this mood some lights perhaps some mood lights would you like some mood lights Inger it's not too bright maybe you're a bit shy with your body I understand now tell me what kind of speed is your preference Inger fast or slow why don't we start slow are you ready angry let's begin my god you can't really see but there is an iron rod going would you like some more speeding very very well enjoy I've got Council of beetroot waiting for me oh my god he looks so silly hey hey hey cancel of beetroot I have returned I've done thy bidding please if you know anything about my friends more freakin I don't even know what up there are other holes okay I guess I can I guess I can use the old boat technique that's a classic right surely they will be impressed okay so to freak a creeper with a boat this is my tutorial you just build a line for five squares make it even you get a you got a boat actually needs to be eight right yeah this will be where the piston will be so you'll want to put the water flowing towards there so in this corner for example you see it's gonna be pushed towards there so that there can be no avoidance of of any penetrate this is just a method I use other people probably have other ideas and and ways to do it and obviously there's no right and wrong way to freak the creeper and then yeah yeah there you have it if we can even plug it into the same pause I think there's something romantic about that you know they get the field now we're just gonna find a creeper and put him in the boat easy don't oh god that was close how will I get him in the boat goddamn you look good you're single what's your name invite 12 Wow what a coincidence don't hurry save yourself oh yeah oh yeah yeah get in the boat get in the boat damn it get in the boat get in the boat get in the boat I know you want to get in the boat dress oh hey look we had the same pace mrs. see me if I go here he doesn't see me he says enjoying this boat riding fool yes enjoy yes yes perfectly censored [Laughter] sorry guys let me play the music they called me a madman now council of the truth will be pleased oh yes they will like this one does anyone want to look at me hey buddy hey buddy I'm right here I'm right here no he escaped this means you will endure twice the pain enjoy it oh my god ha ha you will never escape you will never escape what's that you wanted I suppose you had enough your friend is ready now and now we've taken precautions haven't we Ingram our 13 that's what I thought in bar 13 god they brought their family fools nothing will save you in bar 13 nothing they will watch they will watch the they're watching in shock oh I see we have volunteers how nice oh my god it's perfect it looks like creeper has peepee this is the most ridiculous surely now Council of water sheep I mean they get rude I've done as you command and council of beetroot now please Oh more promise then you will release my friends very well but I take no pleasure in this whatsoever this is gonna sound crazy but what if you get two creepers in a boat Oh perfect follow me hey how are you what's your name Liza Oh follow me yes come here yes getting boat yes very good lights are very good now what was your friend's name ping pong Oh Oh ping pong hey ping pong your friend life-size over here follow me yeah yeah look look she's right there yes whicka cute they are we'll put that there on three ticks and boom I realize I can very easily make it even worse hold on what have I done Oh God I became a literal sheep for counsel of beetroot I would never freaky creeper Who am I kidding I understand what their shape I understood your please okay brace men top of IKEA tower what that makes no sense but I have to finish building it first I start a bunch of projects all the time what's that I always start new projects and I never finished them like the house that I never finished or the tower I never finished and this series that just keeps going but never finish there it is I did it I finished it I think I understand now I used to look at IKEA power and think best and most beautiful Tower this world has ever seen the most beautiful structure its beauty radiates across the universe but I understand now its beauty was coming from its aesthetic no it was the friendship that surrounded it I understand now but I must do I must blow up like Kia tower I've already made up my mind let me just take one last look at you what was I fit pink pink you're here say chair again you were here all along oh my god I was just about to blow up Iko power and you would have blown up with it why were you here you wanted to teach me a lesson about finishing my project and to appreciate friendships instead of oh thanks guys but why here Council of beetroot told you to stay here oh my god guys run run Schmitt gotta get baked Venice son yard again

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  1. Felix: what is my task for today’s episode


    Felix: the council has spoken……

  2. The most concerning thing about all of this is that pewds spends all this time setting up everything to make this story.
    It's great

  3. Why aren't people talking about all the dirty jokes/questions/comments he made during this video instead of the same "psycho series" comments?

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