How To Lucid Dream in Your Sleep In 3 Minutes

How To Lucid Dream in Your Sleep In 3 Minutes

Some people have the gift to be aware while they are asleep and dreaming, giving them certain amounts of control with what they can do while they are dreaming. This is a part of our life hacks series. In today’s episode we are going to teach you this how to diy lucid dream in 3 minutes in your sleep.


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37 thoughts on “How To Lucid Dream in Your Sleep In 3 Minutes

  1. I’ve tried this for three weeks straight, it’s all fun and games until something else wants to return to your body.

  2. last night I had an accidental lucid dream (which was my first,) And I was at school. but it was christmas break in reality. so i immediately knew i was in a dream but did not wake up. so i freaked out and tried to wake up. and i did.

  3. So lucid dream is You know You are in a dream. I ve had this feeling long long ago . That I am the observer. And ever since my spiritual awakening I ve had this even more. And my dreams have been reduced 🤔 So in a lucid dream the goal is to guide the dream where You want to. To alter it where and how You want?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. I have lucid dreams a lot and I remember night mares and wonderful dreams somehow and I'm on my lil bros acc
    I had a roBloXs dream WhItH i don't wanna tell bc it will be to long

  5. I was once dreaming and I must have done something wrong because it just stopped like a glitch. Has this happened to anyone else?

  6. Sometimes when I sleep in my dream I will try to move my arms or legs and in real life my arms or legs move then I wake up

  7. I had a dream that I woke up and got ready for school and when I went for the bus, I heard my mom call my name and I woke up for real to get ready for school again.

  8. Goes to Sleep
    Has Lucid Dream
    Me: Imma go rob a bank
    Wakes Up
    Police are outside
    Im still dreaming….. hehe…..
    Gets arrested

  9. I experienced sleep paralysis and i wake up and i realize that im still dreaming so i wake up in the second time but im so terrified that i am still dreaming and then i feel relive when i wake up in real life and i cannot forget that moment in my whole life

  10. Is it weird i had a lucid dream once where i came in class then watch horror movies un frikin tech deck finger skateboards?

  11. Once I had a dream when I was like, 6 (I still remember) and I walked into a tornado. I started suffocating and I couldn’t breathe irl. it WaS WeIrd

  12. Riddle: If you were able to live for 100 years, how many years would you live life?

    Answer: 66 years. We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. "Dont count the days, make the days count"

  13. Everytime I get lucid dreams it’s always about the zombie apocalypse, and then I wake up, go back to sleep, and keep dreaming about the zombie apocalypse. It happens like 4-5 times before I stop lucid dreaming or just stop sleeping

  14. It's great bc I don't even know why I want to have a lucid dream but I really really want one. Life is weird….life is real weird…….just excuse me while I have a midlife crisis in my teen years

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