How To: Giant Curly Bun

How To: Giant Curly Bun

Hey Everyone! Im what you call a “lazy natural”, which means, I usually keep it simple and don’t do much to my hair as far as styling. THUS this giant bun often my go to style. Hope you enjoy it!

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hey guys it's Nikki and today I'm gonna show you how I do my signature button my bun is super easy and it doesn't take very long to do all you need are a few bobby pins a hair tie which is in my head right now it'll take it down and some edge tamer if you like I don't usually use edge tamer because I don't mind my edges being where they are but if you prefer it you can use these and just brush them down so let's start it okay so this is what my hair looks like out of the hair tie and as you can see this I'm sort of losing its elasticity I use it a lot I go to the gym on my lunch at work and so I always tie my hair up and this one is kind of getting old but whatever it's still useful an easy way to do a bun is just by grabbing from the back all of your hair like so and gathering it up and then you take the hair tie and then you bring it around and you can see right now it looks a little messy but that's where the bobby pins come in and you just want to like fold some of the ends in now you can see it looks put of like a mushroom it's kind of big and you can wear it like this if you have some little hair that kind of fly away that's where you get the body pin and then you make sure that you have all of that like so I would usually go to work like this I go to the gym like this I'm totally fine with this but sometimes when you want to edge it up you can by adding little accessories one of them is I got this from a dollar store I think it's just a headband look like a beaded Bowl and it's kind of cute and like you know fun flirty if you're going out if you want to go a little more edgy or you want to look cool like a cool hipster I'd say try a red bandanna and I actually got this for a dollar too but I got it at like a Walmart so what I would do with this is just take it around my head and then tie it in the front like so be careful because you don't want to like grab your hair's under here sometimes I do that make it caught in the knot and that sucks having to do it over and then tie it really tight and then try it again and then you can leave them out and be cool if you shut it like mess with this a little bit like like Fadden have them stick out if you want yeah so you can kind of have it oops this is a little more precarious to deal with but you can kind of have it stick out if you want or you can just tuck them behind pop on a red lip and some like fierce eyeliner and then you're like yeah super cute pinup it kind of gives your buns something else to do besides just sit there so that's a really easy way that I do my bun if you guys want to try it or if you try it let me know in the comments below I hope you like this it was super easy you can do this in literally under five minutes in the morning you guys have seen more videos like this leaves me a message and that's it I hope you guys enjoy the video thanks bye

4 thoughts on “How To: Giant Curly Bun

  1. Your bun is HOT. While I don't have as much hair as you I have figured out a way to do a high bun as well. The trick for me is to not use an elastic holder as it grabs too much hair and takes away the fullness. So I use a scarf which I use as high up as possible to hold my hair up. Then pin inward for bun shape. And Voila! A high puff bun.

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