How to fix the white blank screen dell (TUTORIAL)

How to fix the white blank screen dell (TUTORIAL)

One of the common problem of laptop is sometimes if we turn on laptop it wont show any display,just a blank screen. in this video i will show you how to fix Dell inspiron screen problem

hye-won now I'm going to explain how to repair a laptop which is in this condition we will just turn it on we'll try what happens the screen is not showing anything it's completely blank now we will see how to repair this thing at least very simple procedure and you know how to spend any money or money on this thing you will see how to do each now let's remove all the screw from the backside now you have to remove this cliff to just remove it someone no we can't know this game more discuss our remote okay now let's step is to remove the keyboard for this instrument in like this here oh I hold it the more it will show you again yes let's say version like this and you hard to push it and pull out the keyboard from outside we shall put water and you have to do this for there is four portions one two three and four I will do it for all three portions now you have to remove the keyboard by pulling it forward right you pull it forward now now how to remove these cables and you just pull it and there is more cable all the cables are removed now we have to move this portion this take take this keyboard away and now we have to remove these portions now remove this pose and I kept it there just close up now we have to remove this cover for a more this try to pull it from here but while doing this you like to be careful because just below this cover or multiple cell just pull it this little tight right to apply force and take it away from other four don't scratch it on manifold and you can just they are you can see a cable here which is connected to the screen and this can be a problem or for this blank screen and there is other possibilities also but it can be a problem in my case my laptop went down on this can be a problem maybe this is thing or something and what I will do is I will just remove it and I will break on it it back you now how connect everything back the keyboard everything and not fixed rate but just want to check okay I will cut the power cable right on yeah it worked that that was a problem if you have in this problem again or also try this thing okay

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  1. TRY THIS FIRST IF YOURE HAVING THIS PROBLEM. 1) Turn your computer off completely. 2) Hold down on the 'D" key. 3) Tap the power button. This starts LCD BIST. Your screen should flash multiple colors and then power on as usual.

  2. Hi,
    I was so happy after seeing your video it gives me a hope. I have follow all your instruction step by step but unfortunately it does not work for me.
    My laptop is still giving a white display
    When i push it and hold it back it gives a clear image but once i remove my hand, the screen display became white again.
    What should I do?

  3. my laptop has sometimes I open a program and it just white blank screen and then when I keep turning it on it will do the same thing but I just wait and then pow it works again.I can't do this unscrewing thing because I'm a kid.

  4. Sir when I on my pc it's open regularly but when I entered my password further it's play a green blank screen without any cursor

  5. Now that was amazing… what exactly did you do? It looks like you made some kind of reset!
    Thank u! I didn't try this yet…

  6. Hello Sir I have dell Inspiron n4050 and I am facing the same probelm. Would it work for that?? please reply!!!

  7. Hey I did the same thing you did but when I reassembled my laptop it does not turn on and it is not charging. When I press the power button the button lights up for 2 seconds and then turns off. Please tell me what to do.

  8. Listen I have listen that rush comment I have pressed "d" and the screen goes colourful on the top but my laptop didn't start…mere laptop ko kuch harm to nahi hua kya???

  9. My scree goes white and on one place it is some black when I touch it is very hot so how can I repair my laptop should I give it to service centre

  10. I have dell n5010 and display suddenly goes white while working i follow your step and do correctly what show on video but problem is still there..there was no beep or external monitor work fine as well i also reinstall lcd panel cabel twice but same white screen some line flickr….please help

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