How To Fix Shifter Not Catching/Clicking - Won't Shift

How To Fix Shifter Not Catching/Clicking – Won't Shift

I show how to easily fix many indexing type shifters that won’t shift. In this case it’s a road bike STI brifter, but it also works for mountain bike trigger shifters as well. Where the shifter just isn’t catching. The pawls get stuck with old grease. I just clean out the old grease with WD-40 and then lube the shifter with Tri-Flo. It only took a couple minutes to get the shifter working like new. I have heard of bike shops telling people the shifters were broken and needed to be replaced, but the people tried this method and got them working again. Though sometimes the shifters may be genuinely broken. But often than not, they are just gummed up.


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hey beers I recently bought this Fuji finest road bike and I got it for a great price I think part of the reason I got such a great deal on it is that this shifter up here is not working right right now has shifted up to like one of the bigger cogs there but the smaller lever here that shifts it down to one of the smaller cogs is just not catching right and I love this I get great deals on bikes or shifters with this issue and more often than not it's easy to fix them you know a lot of people think that they're just trashed but usually it's just they're gummed up inside so what I'm going to do is I'm going to clean this and lube it and I should be able to get this thing working and shifting perfectly what I'm going to do is I'm gonna start with wd-40 here to loosen up the old grease that's in there because what it is is there's like little pot what are called Paul's PA the catch on to the little ratcheting mechanism well they kind of get gummed up and they don't move right so I'm going to do is I'm going to just spray wd-40 into like a hole in the side of the shifter it's just kind of flood the inside of it in there with wd-40 and then start working the mechanism and I already feel it start to catch there so okay now it's catching where I wasn't catching before so shift it up shift it down and spray more in there see now it's catching it was not catching before at all and so now it is see you here clicking now and continue flood it in there cuz I want to get everything nice and cleaned up out of there all the old grease out of there and work the mechanism I'm doing this outside because this can be a little bit messy so now you can see that the derailleur here is shifting up through all the gears and also shifting down through the gears so everything is working now finding the shifter now so now that I have everything loosened up in there I want to lubricate it wd-40 is great for loosening up the grease in there but it makes a terrible lubricant it's mostly a solvent with a little bit of oil in it and so it's not good for lubricating these things what I like to loop these things with is something called tri flow I love the bike shops I know use this stuff it's a great lubricant for these kind of shifters it's safer like the plastic parts in there and so it's a spray can and I'll just spray this in I'm going to flood the inside of the shifter with it and again start working the mechanism to get everything kind of moved around in there and then just wipe off any excess here and I am done it's as simple as that now the shifter is shifting just like new hope you found this useful or interesting if you did please give my video a thumbs up if you're not subscribed to my channel click the big subscribe button you'll see new videos to comment out and I'm always coming out with new videos I'm over on Facebook RJ the bike guy go over there like my page I post a lot of stuff over there and I have a webpage RJ the bike guy comm go over there sign up for that page I have a lot of my videos category iced I have four forums where you can post up and ask questions anyway thank you very much watching

20 thoughts on “How To Fix Shifter Not Catching/Clicking – Won't Shift

  1. The WD40 trick just fixed my nagging Shimano click shift not working problem I've been wrestling with for a year. Good news is the housing comes off my shifter with one phillips head screw, so I was able to spray it right on the mechanism. Everything in the world can be fixed with WD-40, you just need to know where to spray it 😉

  2. Super great info! My bike gears didn't work when I came to my bike today. I did what you said in the video and after a short time, everything worked perfectly again. Big thanks!

  3. I had the same issue with my Shimano Ultegra shifters. Your suggestion did the trick. It is nice to nave consistent shifting again. Thanks RJ

  4. You just saved me $250, the price of a new pair of Ultegra 2×10 shifters: WD40 followed by light oil did the trick, and I didn't even need to unwrap the bar tape; just find the nub of the gear cable by sqeezing the lever and sqirt. Genius!

  5. Thanks mate. Worked for me. I was stumped. The shifter was doing nothing. A quick spray, and it works. 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for this. I've wrenched on my own bikes for 30 years, and was about to drop way too much money on a new ultegra shifter for a used cannondale I just picked up. The guy discounted it because the shifter wasn't working! This totally worked!!!!! Thank you!

  7. Hi RJ! Does this also work on Shimano LX shifters? My front shifter has a hard time shifting in to the biggest cog. I have to hold the clicker at just the right angle with just the right amount of pressure in order for it to make the shift. FYI I tried commenting on this video on your website but I can't login and the link to reset my password does not work… 🙂

  8. I was going to replace the whole brake shifter and then I saw this. 5 bucks for some silicone lubricant and it works perfectly. Thank you!

  9. Well, after trying this a second time today and not giving up, I succeeded in reviving a front shifter that had been locked up for maybe 10 years. I had switched to riding a hybrid but recently got motivated to use my road bike again. Now my 20-year-old GT Force, a bike I always really liked, is back on the road. Thank-you, RJ!

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