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The Ninja Turtles have conquered the box office – and divided their fanbase. We brought in our resident fixer Nick Mundy (and friends) to give some tips on how to make a radical sequel!!

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Series Created by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner
Executive Produced by Andy Signore
Written by Nick Mundy, Andy Signore, Dan Murrell & Hal Rudnick
Directed by Andy Signore & Dan Murrell
Edited by Dan Murrell

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Are you still reading this?? If so, tell us how YOU would fix the Turtles in the comments below!!

cowabunga everybody Ninja Turtles are in the theaters right now they won the weekend box office they've already greenlit a sequel but we believe that they can do better and we've brought in our resident fixer mr. Nick Mundy to lay it out for us Nick this is my segment but I guess my fearless leader said I need to learn about teamwork and you're a team here's the thing this is a subject that we are all passionate about so everyone wanted to be here to support unit all right fine fine so Ninja Turtles you guys won the box office Yuri got greenlit for a sequel but that doesn't mean you can rest on your laurels we're here to tell you how to fix Ninja Turtles – BAM a la bomba rule one more Turtles this isn't the bacon Fox movie we don't we don't care about Megan Fox we care about the Turtles and that's the one thing you guys got right they were fun that elevator scene was probably the best scene in the movie I will totally admit that I was impressed they did that because when I first saw those turtles yeah I was like holy I don't want to see this movie that looks ridiculous I have to totally give them credit for making me fall and actually enjoy those turtles yeah because when we just saw the pictures before the movie they look like write it out mugs drop I came in expecting to item I think the to your point though they really took too much from the Transformers franchise or I feel like the reason it did succeed over Trent I started gonna pitch this up like yeah I get can we can we just agree – can we it's really hard to have a serious discussion wearing these no let's flip my oh my oh yeah can we take these masks off cuz they're driving me damn crazy okay I was gonna say I think they took too much from the Transformers like scripting rule of filmmaking where it's like Sam's parents all these humans that ya overused and those transform movies but where turtles actually could succeed is the turtles have character the turtles are fun you want to watch them yes my other pull but my point is we've seen where you going front legs pull all the way down but my point is I just think like yes they got the turtles right they match their archetype that they've had but like for the sequel let's see some growth because they've been like what five turtle movies three TV shows they're never changing let's see them grow boom Nick what do you got next forget the origin story okay just completely forget it forever okay we will completely forget that splinter taught them ninjutsu from a book we're going to forget that April's dad and Eric Sachs created the turtles and we're also going to forget that April rescued them from a fire instead of saving their dad who either got shot by an arson fire forehead of all she jumps the minister comes of the sewer let's just agree the frogs got the origin out you had to jump it over we never talked about it damage has been done never discussed we don't have to talk about it don't try to wreck on it don't try to fix it's dust it's dumped on it's like how we forgot about the Man of Steel episode we completely forgot it you can move on and just focus on on other things on greater things okay we got that Nick give us another one how about we get a real shredder in the next Ninja Turtles movie what tonight I dine on turtle soup I don't know was Eric sacks supposed to be shredder it looked like that's the way it was going so apparently there were these reshoots right Dan well I there's I mean there's not been any confirmation but our good friend Andre the black nerd brought up a great point in his review of the movie which was that William Fichtner was supposed to have played the shredder he said I am sweet we've done interviewed I've seen interviews with him he said he was playing shredder I am the sheriff and if you go back and look at it it's like you only see the real shredder once I think or maybe yes and it's in like a black yard at a room shadowy there's no other characters on the scene but that leaves us with no shredder we had this blank vaguely Asian guy who does a nominal reference to the cartoon with serious he knives on each arm but we never see him again you know what with all that said let's put Fichtner in the shredder costume and then he could be a badass shredder yeah cuz he's a great actor you you're just wasting him when he's just like you know staring and like collecting his paycheck well he still got a pharmaceutical company to run yeah I just love that they actually were so worried because there was all this backlash of shredders in that Asian what are we gonna do flame finger a shredder was the least of this movies yeah yeah it was like the executives like hey guys the Internet's really a thing on a like a lot of our choices what's the easiest thing to do the shredder armors not supposed to be scary now shredders supposed to be yes for the second one William Fichtner is the shredder as Batman he's in the shadows he's scheming he's going to take revenge he's gonna take them down shredder needs his own boss and it needs to be cranked which takes us to our next rule embrace the Ninja Turtle universe so like Amy was saying shredder probably needs a boss hey that mutagen is alien like that's fine no one cares about that from what alien planet or what dimension right let's bring Krang into the movies there's been five movies why haven't we seen Krang let's explore the world Ninja Turtles does have a rich history that you can take from and Krang is the start of things like the Emperor and shredders Darth Vader you know it's just creepy awesome dynamic with even the villains that that we could be spending time on instead of Will Arnett trying to get an April O'Neil's pan hello you could also bring you could also bring Baxter Stockman let's talk about that who which characters do you each want to see cuz I think I even know he's been there again I still want to see Casey Jones again it'd be great to see some bebop and rocksteady there hey guys you know who would make the break you need them for sure you know who would make a great Casey Jones and he's worked with Michael Bay before Chris Meloni okay I was gonna say the rock cuz oh god how great would it be he's a legitimate threat he's bigger than the turtles right for Casey Joe hi mr. Johnson I love you but you're not right for kick Casey Joe why cuz he's a badass who can throw weapons up you're just trying to get your friend to work but I think this speaks to a bigger point as far as all the turtles movies go which is that it seems like the people are making these movies are afraid to open it up because they think it's too weird or they think it's everyone ready answer Ninja Turtles they're inherently weird why not go for that and the fact that the most weird out there crazy batch insane movie is yeah that has come out that I can remember it's gonna probably be the number movie this summer which gardens the galaxy and it proves that it doesn't matter who you characters are it doesn't matter where it takes place if you write a good movie it can tell a good story if you have compelling characters people are gonna go see it and I feel like the Ninja Turtles like a Dimension X in a big talking brain that's too weird make him a badass villain I would I would be there if a stuck had shown up at the end in Ninja Turtles fans would have lost their I'm tellin they ended the movie above Times Square with the shredder dangling a vial of ooze it would have been so easy for him to drop it and it falls on top of a pet store right is a rhino and a warthog duck and a rabbit and they all get coming the engine they don't have to grow it's just a teaser and they could have set up a whole universe right I would have been so much more exciting Oh with her trailer carrying zoo animals yes um oh that would have been circus yeah yeah how about some neutrinos no go to hell do you hear this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle writers and directors please we are excited about these give the fans what they want I feel like this is the first time Nick tell me if I'm wrong it seems like a lot of times we do this when we have would we do these how-to fixes it's like it's it's almost like we're we're shouting into the void because we know there's no chance that these things are gonna get fixed but I feel like we can do it yes perfect way to gather screen jockeys must we do these how to fix is usually when the movies already in the can that's it but now we we might a leave time we met the writers we should say that and they seem like very smart nice guys I don't mean to keep saying it's your fault who knows whose fault it really was but I do feel like now if you're back and I hear their producers of this franchise there's a rich Universal you need to educate yourself on yeah and that the fans are passionate about it doesn't have to always please the hardcore fans there's a younger audience that still wants to see I get it but you can please both Avengers is the perfect example of where you can please them both by having the Easter eggs and having everything there and still being a great movie what we're doing right now it comes out of like love and excitement that like there's a foundation of awesome turtles they a world that would that could make a really fun sequel that we would be excited to see and we're not this the other thing is like people are gonna watch this video but to thirty-three-year-old butthurt fanboys just bitching about the turtles that's not it at all like the turtles were I haven't watched Ninja Turtles in 20 years like I'm not connected it's just like it would be cool to see those characters cuz they're fun characters they don't have to be just like they were when I was a kid yeah but it would be fun to see a movie with those characters well and I think that's the thing people get wrong about this whole segment is we want I don't want movies to be bad I don't want to be doing this segment right I'd rather be doing hey this movie is great let me yell about it we want all the movies to be good we want them to be great fans and then but this one yeah if we do like a couple of things it could be great and that's what we want the first one happened okay we move on with our lives but let's make a kick-ass second one all right guys we've laid out how to make the next movie awesome now can we just reassemble put our masks back on give everybody a big Cowabunga dude right on the count of three all right hang on one two three Calabar I thought it was just half of us good dude peppers didn't well that was a good time how would you go about fixing the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie leave us an answer in the comment section below we want to know this episode it's brought to you by Best Buy where you can experience the best in ultra HD TVs and guess what screen junkies is giving away an ultimate Ultra HD TV click the Sweepstakes link in the description below and enter for a chance to win thanks again for watching the show on how Rudnik hit me up on twitter bye bye the rest of this thing is all schwarzenegger number 2 terminator against number 10 mando J OH

28 thoughts on “How to Fix NINJA TURTLES 2

  1. a lot of producers like to watch these. Some producers actually use the phrase "honest trailer proof" on set while making movies. For example Anthony and joe Russo both admit to this. ( but yet still get caught out by honest trailer! )

  2. More turtles? check
    Forget the origin story? check (except for that one line)
    Get a real shredder? check
    Add Kraang? check
    Add Baxter Stockman? check
    Add Casey Jones? check
    Add some Bebop and Rocksteady? check

    I feel like the writers saw this…
    They just forgot to mention pointless NBA cameos

  3. I just watched tmnt 2 and it was decent cause it followed nick's tips like abandoned origins, krang, more turtle scenes, Casey jones, and a real shredder

  4. Do they not know that Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady were created specifically for the cartoon? The people who make the movies can't always get the rights to those characters because the people who created the TMNT (Eastman and Laird) don't own them. Producers would have to get rights from multiple places.

  5. My main problem with most incarnations of the Turtles is having Splinter start out a rat.

    I'd love to see a series based on the Archie Turtles comics

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