How To Dress Like A French Woman | French Style Guide

How To Dress Like A French Woman | French Style Guide

Today I’m sharing how to dress like a french woman. These are my tips for achieving French girl style based on my observations while in France and from following some amazing French women on YouTube and Instagram. Thanks so much for watching! xx Audrey

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hi everybody welcome back to my channel in today's video I want to talk about French girls style I'm gonna go over and some of the things I've noticed from my own personal trips and then also things I've picked up from wonderful women here on YouTube and on Instagram that actually live in France and if these are hopefully going to be tips that we can all apply to our wardrobes in order to get that very effortless look that we associate with French women now for we hop into it I want to say that a lot of the videos and guides the EC on this topic tend to be a very generalized stereotype and they represent a very narrow representation not only of women but also certainly French women so I hope that I'm not gonna perpetuate any of those today and instead offer things that we can all use regardless of whether or not we look like a manual alt or want to dress like her so let's get started first up is personal style / fashion one thing that I've noticed very consistently has been an emphasis on really enhancing your style and not so much following what everyone else is wearing it's something I really really appreciate it's something that you can find really everywhere this is not exclusive to France by any means but it seems to be really celebrated in France and it's something that I really love because as you know you've been to this channel before it's something I've really encouraged I encourage all of us to take that time for ourselves and really try to find our style and really try to find things that feel like us things that when we wear them are an extension of who we are so when we represent ourselves to the world we're in harmony basically we aren't uncomfortable we're wearing things that we love and I think at the end of the day that is far more beneficial than any one article of clothing that you can wear it becomes a thing that comes from the inside almost you just look at peace with yourself and you can engage with people around you you're not constantly tugging your clothes and worrying about how you look that day and instead you are wearing things that just enhance you so you can really live your life and I love that along those same lines there really seems to be an emphasis on a few classics worn really well so a few things that are really timeless things that you can wear through your twenties all the way through your 40s 50s 60s 70s things that can become the cornerstone to your personal style playing off of the first tip and things that have been tailored and customed to you to really enhance all of that so instead of constantly chasing trends and constantly worrying about wearing what is in fashion at that moment there is a strong focus on finding pieces that can really take you through your life and really trying to find what those are for yourself and then fully embracing them so rather than changing up your jean silhouette just because the magazines are telling you to you are wearing the same jeans that you love because they work for you you work for your lifestyle you feel great in them and they go with the rest of your wardrobe and I love that that's something that I've really been working on for myself the past couple years and I've noticed a huge benefit when I stopped focusing on what everyone else was telling me to wear and instead focused on what I loved to wear and finding those timeless pieces within my own wardrobe I became much happier with not only how I looked but also how I felt and I think that when fashion is in harmony with you those things line up so beautifully and it's something that you can't buy it's just something that becomes so effortless and I think that's something really beautiful about French fashion in particular when many of us think of French style I think we're thinking of Parisian style and at the end of the day that really is City dressing and as a former City liber myself I lived in New York City for six years I can personally attest that city dressing tends to come down to necessity really so a lot of the things that we associate with French style and Parisian style are out of functionality and I think one of the cornerstones of that is a lack of space when you're living in a small apartment sometimes a very historic old apartment may be without a closet or a very small closet you don't have enough room to just buy things aimlessly so there really is strong focus on quality over quantity and really making sure that you're buying things you can rely on so you're not just aimlessly buying things because you don't have the space to do that so there was this real shift in thinking I think that is beautiful and something that we can all incorporate something that I work really hard on trying to retrain myself to do especially if you've been exposed to rampant consumerism but so many of us have it's very difficult to undo a lot of those habits but once you start looking at your clothing that's something that you want to have around for a very long time it changes how you look at it so really focusing on high quality pieces that are going to be versatile for you I think is fantastic something I love I highly encourage everyone to do and I think a beautiful cornerstone of French fashion as well because the wardrobes tend to be on the smaller sides and there is an emphasis on quality over quantity I think that's why we have such a beautiful use of accessories with French fashion and really making sure that you're able to wear something a bunch of different ways and have it look brand new so really playing around with great earrings beautiful scarves you know how I feel about scarves and I think that those are absolutely 100% used in a variety of ways in France I always find very inspiring but also handbags and great shoes and great sunglasses that's something I really noticed the last time I was there most recently it's just how many great sunglasses there are in eyeglasses and how those are really used as a personal accessory and an extension of personal style in great colors and great shapes I just love it and I think that by finding a few accessories for yourself that really represent your personal style and you could just throw on are so helpful for making you feel your best like I mentioned earlier when many of us are thinking of French style I think we're envisioning Parisian style and that really comes down to city dressing and City is all about practicality you really need things that are going to be useful for your life things you can actually wear to live and I think that that translates really beautifully into personal style and the adaptation of personal style because all of us love to see things that you can actually live your life in and we love seeing women represent that so really spending time to find those pieces for yourself is invaluable I think I highly recommend finding beautiful Footwear that's comfortable things that will last a long time when walking in cities things will protect your feet especially depending on where you're living and things that are going to be comfortable it's one thing to look great but it's another to actually be comfortable and I highly recommend finding that middle ground I think it's very possible and then also I think that's why when a lot of us think of French style we think of darker colors much like living in any major city you have to worry about grime and kind of city look all over the place so it's important to have colors that won't really show any stains means you can wear from day to night things that can take you from work into a beautiful restaurant so dark washed denim things like a really dark beautifully tailored blazer and trench coats things that are practical the trench coat will keep your beautiful outfit protected when you're in a city walking and you get caught in the rain and then a beautiful handbag that can accommodate all of those things something really sturdy and durable that you can put your change of shoes into something less practical for dinner and then a trench coat and umbrella maybe your makeup anything you're gonna need throughout the day a tote bag or reusable tote bags you can get groceries and not have to worry about not having anywhere to put them all of these things a real focus on practicality again I think it's just it's so nice it's something we can all really implement into our own style even though Paris is home to so many amazing designers that we all covet I personally see very few designer goods or obvious designer goods while in France and I think that comes down to a couple of reasons I've heard from other well you're on YouTube that part of that is because the taxes are so high so it's not possible to own a lot of these things but I think it also comes down to an emphasis on personal style and again quality over quantity and really making sure that something is going to be a good investment for your own personal wardrobe instead of wanting something just because it's designer so really focusing on how something has been made and whether or not you'll be able to enjoy it for many years I think it's a really really great way to look at fashion and I think it's something we can all implement into our own wardrobes if there is something designer that you really want I think that's more than okay obviously but I don't think that should be why you want something and I think that that's a really healthy way to look at not only shopping but also style because I don't think you can buy style I think style is attainable at every single price point and I certainly don't think you need designer to be stylish so I really appreciate that I think it's a very freeing thing and it's something that is just so beautifully done I think by so many amazing fashion icons and last but not least is the emphasis on fashion being for everyone there doesn't seem to be a limitation on who can participate in fashion and I love that I think that regardless of what you look like and how old you are we can all truly find our own unique personal style and I love that about French style and French women there seems to be this real eagerness to participate that I just love and I think that the more we do that for ourselves the happier we are because it becomes an extension of everything else obviously if fashion is not the only thing that matters but I do think it has a really great potential for enhancing our lives and making us feel like we're participating in life in a way that is a true extension of who we are on the inside so I love that and it's something that I think is just so wonderful to fully embrace and the internet now we have access to so many different personal styles that we can truly see all of the opportunity and all of the potential out there and use that to better ourselves so I will link some amazing inspiration down below for you and I hope that you go down the rabbit hole and really start finding that for yourself if you haven't already and just seeing how it can truly enhance your life and then of course focusing on things beyond fashion great hobbies loving those around you and participating in life and just really embracing everything as it comes to you I think is a lovely sentiment that we can all use and there you have it those are some of my tips for achieving french girls style some of the things we can implement into our own wardrobes to achieve that effortless chic look that we all want and things that we can use to enhance our own personal style I hope that you liked this and you found it helpful and I would love to know in the comments down below a fashion icon of yours who is someone that you love her style I want to grow my arsenal of great fashion so please let me know in the comments down below and like always thank you so much for watching and let's see my next one have a great day

28 thoughts on “How To Dress Like A French Woman | French Style Guide

  1. Also I should have added my dear grandmother and mother, beautiful and stylish French ladies: they were my best idols and inspiration 🙂 From our family photos I can tell that like many women, they tried to dress well even during WW2, in spite of the hardships and poverty. Because it was a matter of dignity and pride not to give up and let themselves fall apart, in spite of the most difficult times, and it was a kind of resistance against the Nazi occupation, among the other historic ways they found to resist.

  2. France is so much more than Paris 🙂 I am from Lorraine, where like many people there, my family has always prefered quality over quantity, all time classic pieces, basic or colours like navy blue, black, camel, grey, cherry red, white etc. Clothes and accessories don't have to be overpriced to be beautiful and stylish, and personal style is preferred to short-lived trends. It is the case in most parts of France, not only in large cities but smaller towns or even villages. Comfort is very important in our daily life, you are so right!There are a lot of French people who dress very simply and inexpensively but look nice. However, the influence of fast fashion is also present in France, like everywhere else, many styles can be found, France is a mosaic and Paris just another amazing part of it 🙂 Your channel is my favourite with Justine Leconte's and Marie-Anne Lecoeur's, very inspiring ladies too! and also Emma Hill (UK) style because her style is close to what my own style has been for decades, but with a more modern twist 🙂

  3. Wonderfully put. I am going through a wardrobe change slowly. And having a hard time finding my style and colors for myself but these videos really help encourage me in the right direction. Thankyou Audrey!

  4. Your smile is like a rainbow. So peaceful and beautiful. I just love that. I would like to have also a voice like your's 🙈

  5. Someone with great style was Jacqueline Kennedy (or Jackie O). Whichever decade you pick, she looked fabulous. I personally love her in the 70s as Jackie O.

  6. I like the concept of French style (minimalist), but these boxy silhouettes are not flattering on every body type. For me, I shop new and vintage with a focus on fit and a silhouette that enhances my body type. I also want pieces made in Europe or the USA that are made well and timeless. I rather spend more and have it forever.

  7. I’ll celebrate my 70 th birthday in Paris, France in April 2020. I’ll use the tips from you, Justine and Marie-Anne to assemble a suitable capsule wardrobe. Thank you for being so inspirational.

  8. Hi Audrey: As always, your videos are so refreshing to watch and listen to. You have given some really good food for thought on fashion and how a woman can be her own fashion icon, in her own right, without following all the many fashion trends. One thing tho is the cropped off slacks, jeans, and pants that are now in the short length. I do like this look but, I simply am very selective on the pants of mine that I want to have them cropped. In my wardrobe I have some really good clothes that I simply don't want to have cut short to fit this style and trend. Go figure, if I did that the trend would go back to full length pants. Anyway, I do appreciate your comments that whatever you like and feel good wearing then just do that. A woman can be made to feel that she is not in style by the manufacturers fashion trends; and you have given some extremely good words to go by. Thanks Audrey, you have made me feel good again about my clothes and style.

  9. One other point why French women do not flaunt fashion labels like many Americans (think L.A.), is that they are not ostentatious and flashy. It's considered poor taste.

  10. Any suggestions on where to buy the great staple pieces?? I have been having a very hard time the last 4/5 years finding beautifully cut & tailored items. My wieght was too low before, (I have a chronic illness) so now that I am at more stable number i need some new pieces that fit me now but I can not find what I like. Any suggestions?? Classic style clothing. Thank you very much for any help!!!! 🤗

  11. I'm falling asleep not because you're boring but because your voice is amazingly soothing and calming. Thanks for showing love to my country Audrey.

  12. Why are everyone so fond of the word "effortless"? I hear it every time people on youtube speak of fashion. Is it bad to care and to put some work and time into your outfit?

  13. The new hair cut and texture looks fabulous on you, Audrey. Great move. I want to know more. What product took the frizz out of your hair? I NEED IT!!

  14. You are lovely. I understand the allure of and respect for French/Parisian style. It’s pertinent to the French.
    People in every country have their own style as well, based on the special traditions and styles they’ve grown up with. That’s beautiful, and I hope we can all appreciate that!

  15. I'm an expat living in Paris and my greatest source of fashion inspirations are the elderly women who are both dressed elegantly and effortless in classic sneakers.

  16. Hello Audrey, I'm Lucie (and french) and your vision of French fashion is… so true. I live in Paris and I completely recognize myself in everything you say. Especially concerning the clothes that really makes you feel good in. I'll never sell my Hermès scarf or my 501 black Levi's jean. Thank you for not doing clichés about us 🙂

  17. I feel that it's more North American women want to dress like Europeans and Europeans want to dress like North Americans. Just my opinion.

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