How To Design A Patio Or Walkway

How To Design A Patio Or Walkway

Installing a patio or walkway requires more than just digging a hole and installing the pavers. Taking the time to design and lay out your walk way can make all the difference. Before you start you need to do some planning. There are some key points that you need to consider such as the size and location of your patio, what type of pavers or stone you will use and how will you lay your pavers. Think about how you will use it. To entertain? A Barbeque Area? A place to relax?

Installing a patio or walkway allows you to be a little creative whether you want to have natural stone, cut stone or brick stone and you can customize your design how you like it. The easiest designs for your pavers are jack on jack or basket weave, which require little cutting. More advanced designs include Pinwheel, 90 degree herringbone and 45 degree herring bone. When choosing a design, choose one that goes well with your home such as the complexity of the design or the color of the pavers.

As you begin to map out your space you will need: nylon, mason string, a hammer, steaks, marking paint, line level, tape measurer, a hose and paver sand. Before you start to mark your patio, make sure you have a professional come mark gas or electrical lines by simply dialing 811.

To begin, mark off the patio with steaks and strings. Level strings, measure them for square and measure diagonally to make sure you have a level, even patio. Mark with marking paint so that you know where to dig. When marking off your walkway or a curved corner, simply lay your hose in the shape you want, cover with pavers’ sand and remove the hose. Now you have a line where you can dig your walkway.

Once you have the area mapped out, take a step back and make sure it’s the size and shape you want. If not, just move your lines and mark it again. After you finalize your space, measure the area so that you know how much base material you will need. Now you can begin to lay your patio. Learn how to lay the foundation for a patio here: Learn how to install a brick patio here:

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installing a patio or a walkway requires a little more than just digging a hole and setting the pavers taking the time to design and layout your patio or walkway will ensure that you have years of enjoyment from your landscapes new addition now once you view this video go to prepare your projects foundation and complete the final installation before you start digging you should do some planning there's some key points that you may want to consider for your patio or walkway but always remember it's your house so choose a design that you like there really is no right or wrong design to help you determine the size and location of your patio or walkway think about how you'll use it an attractive area to entertain friends would work well near a pool or along the house a quiet retreat for you and your family near a garden might include a walkway and a small patio an outdoor barbecue area for summer cookouts will be most functional near your house and if you plan to use any existing outdoor furniture design an area large enough to accommodate those furnishings installing a patio or walkway allows you to be a little creative to pavers and stepping stones are available in many different styles colors and shapes so whether you want the look of brick pavers cut stone or natural stone you can customize your project to reflect your personality the easiest patterns to install are Jack on Jack and basket weave these two designs require minimal cutting pattern such as pin wheel a 90 degree herringbone and a 45 degree herringbone are a little more advanced our patio uses a running bond pattern which has staggered joints and isn't as difficult to install to see the installation watch how to install a paver patio at of course when choosing your pattern you want to pick a design that works well with the look of your house if your home has a traditional appearance a jack on jack or a running bond pattern may work best if you look for something a little more contemporary use a pinwheel design so now that you have some ideas of how to design your walkway or patio it's time to map out the space the time I will take to complete your project will depend on a size so plan ahead for example you may want to devote one weekend to preparing the foundation and the next for installing the pavers also before any digging project have a professional mark the location of electrical or gas lines by downing 8 1 1 you'll be connected to your local utility company for assistance free of charge you'll start your project the way we did by marking off the area you'll be paving with nylon Mason string and stakes level the strings and check them for square measure the diagonals of the area if they're equal then the area is square then mark the area with marking paint now you can visualize the end result make sure your path or patio steers clear of large trees so you can avoid disturbing tree roots when excavating the soil one way to make random curves is to create the shape on the ground using a garden hose lay your hose in the desired curved pattern cover it with sand and then lift it out of the way the sand will mark the shape after the hose has been removed so you'll know where to dig our patio and walkway have rounded corners we mark these curves by tying a piece of string to a stake that has equal distance from the two adjacent edges then we tie the other end of the string to a can of marking paint this created a compass to mark the curve once you have the area laid out step back take a look and make sure it's exactly the size and shape you want if not just move your lines and market again after making any necessary adjustments you can measure the square footage to determine the number of pavers and amount of base material you'll need in our lawn and garden area you'll find helpful guides to make the calculations and you'll also appreciate knowing that your Lowe's associate can arrange for delivery of your supplies put in how to prep your patio watch laying the foundation for a patio or walkway at for the details on completing that portion of your project you you

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