How to customize the Eventbrite orders report

How to customize the Eventbrite orders report

With Eventbrite, you can easily create and customize an orders report by date range and order types, then decide how to sort and view your orders.

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I'm going to show you how to customize an orders report on Eventbrite and get it ready to be exported and downloaded so that you can view a full list of all the orders for event including a breakdown of the revenue and fees for all of those orders now once you've reached the order section from your events manage page you'll see at the very top of the orders report that there are several different customization options that you can work with to actually customize the report before you download it now the very top option here to get started you'll see is actually called date range and by default the options I'm selected is it's called since sales started now this means that the orders report is gonna include a list of all of the orders since the sales started for your event however if you click the drop down you'll see that you do have a few different options here so for example you could see just the orders that were made this week orders that were made this month orders made this year or even a custom date range so if you click on custom date range for example a little calendar or pop up and you could choose specific dates when you'd like to view the orders in between so for example I'll just review the dates between the 9th and the 23rd like that two-week span uh now and once you do so that it should automatically update as well and you'll see that custom date range right here now if you scroll a little bit farther the next section after the date range is the order type so by default the orange bar is going to show you all completed orders for your event but you do have the option as well you could see all orders which will include every single order refunded orders or has made offline everything as well you can get a little more in get break now a little further so you can see orders just made by credit card orders that weren't manually made so orders made you know online on the website on your event page offline orders the payments receive meaning they paid offline and they have been marked as received in our system offline orders payment not receive meaning they have not been marked as received yet but the attendee supposed to pay you offline manual orders which means any orders that you have manually added in yourself using or how the attendees feature refunding canceled orders or any orders that you refunded for the event or canceled if it was a free event and any abandon or is meaning orders that did not actually go through for the event so this means an attendee attempted to buy it to get to your event online on the event page and the order just didn't go through and so you can customize that further for your report now the next option that you can customize is sort by and by default the orders report is going to have it sorted by the date descending meaning the most recent orders that have come through are going to appear in the report however you can choose to set this up over you'd like you can do data sending instead meaning the earliest order will be at the top of the report or you can also sort it in ascending or descending order by email and by amount now the next option is called number per page and by default the orders report is going to have 20 orders listed on the page but you can increase that if you'd like so for my event it's a little larger for example so I'm going to put 100 orders on each page and that will automatically update as well after you click that and the last thing you could also search for individual orders so you're clicking this box called search for orders then you can actually just type in a search for a person's enrolled order and you can search by name email address or order number and then from there you have the option you could actually edit the person individual order issue refunds canceled orders and do a lot more customer service functions once you're ready to expert your report all you have to do now is click on this file type drop-down menu and then you know the option you could export six a CSV file an excel file or a text file and that's how you customize the orders report for your that

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  1. Hi, thanks for the video. I tried to download the orders in Excel format. But some of the fields are not included in the file. Some have the columns, but the cells are empty. Other fields are just missing. Do you know how to solve the problem? Thanks 🙂

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