How To Code A Game In Note Pad

How To Code A Game In Note Pad

In this video i’ll show you how to make a cool game. This is for NEWER coders or people who want to start.

The code here feel free to mod and change:

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hey guys what's up its us polymer one here today and today I thought I would teach you guys how to code a little bit and this is also kind of a test video because I'm using is if it again um ah gonna make the font any bigger okay not sure how but what you want to do is just um create a text document and open it with notepad or notepad plus plus first thing you want to do is type at echo1 abhi format or font uh one size 18 okay okay so that's what you want to type first and then um you want to type CLS this kind of like blocks so like you can't see exactly what's happening Oh @echo off and then this clears the screen and you wanna click screen and then type color zero a lowercase a and then color again zero no one a now what this does this is going to change when you start your game the font color this is a batch file game by the way and then this is going to change the background color you can mess around with this I'm not exactly sure how to mess around with it so I always just use this and then type in CLS again and say you wanted to ask you know let's start let's have a menu first so now newtype go to menu there we go oops menu and then hit enter and now we need to make the menu to do that you want to come down just enter like twice and do semi or colon and then type in menu and then hit enter again now um first I want to type if you want to like keep doing this you type um echo hello and welcome also if you want if you're not sure exactly on what I type in I'll probably copy and paste this into the description of the video so then you hit enter and then you type echo period that'll give it a space and then um that period won't actually show um and then echo 1 dot parentheses that's what I like to do and then you can do start s ta RT start and then you can do echo again – period parentheses and then I'm just going to type exit okay now you want to type in well yeah now you need to do set slash P and in this case I think I'll use exclamation point let me just make sure I'm doing this right I'll be right back guys okay so I'm back and I just went back over and I edited the code a little bit um all I did really was add dot loop and then did slash set P number and I'll explain to you guys this in a minute if you want pause the video here and write down this code or if you want just copy down the description you can copy all of this so okay okay so pause the video so now I'm explaining this so this is simple so the /p the set /p number uh basically what i mean say in the game this allows you this code part right here allows you to type and this is what it's basically going to save us so now when you type in the variable percent number percent it's going to recognize okay what do they type in here and say they typed in one it's going to go to the game and if they typed in two it's going to go to exit and if it's not a defined number go to loop and that loop will take it right here and then it will go through menu CLS and it will go through all the stuff again so now if um now you're going to actually start coding the game now what I want to do here is I am going to make a username system and you guys don't have to put this in um but I'm going to go ahead and start so we're going to do go to no just go to just gain so it's going to go to game in that game is right here so now type CLS let me give myself some room um game CLS I'm actually going to move this um and ah I think here you want to do echo hello what's your name name and then hit enter and actually one two three sorry I like doing that and then you want to do the set slash peen but you don't want to put a number so I'm just going to type it in so set slash P and this put case I'm just going to put name and then equal so now they can type in their name so now let's call them by their name so see you less clear screen and then you want to do a hello percent name percent and that will call them whatever they typed in here that's pretty cool um I'm actually currently coding a game now that I'm probably going to release to the public soon it's a Minecraft like knowledge game there's only like ten questions and if you like fail it takes you back to the menu and you have to like keep doing it and you have to get it all right to get to the end and yeah so I'll probably make a video about that um I might have a few other people that I know make a video about it so yeah okay so oh and also before I forget this because I got a table um I want you guys to like do this and like code your own game and then leave me a link to like the download so I can see if you guys got anything from this video and like if you want more of these videos ok so hello % 9% would would you like to start the game um and then I like to do this just so I know what buttons to hit so now if I need to do set space /p H may not now will do I don't know it doesn't really matter what you type in or what you call it like I could call this John but then I would just have to put John here so we can do hey so now that slash okay and then put the equals whoops just put equals there and then do I'm just going to copy and paste it from up here because it's easier copy this paste it but now we just need to change this to hey change this to hey without an R on the end change this to Y change this to no and we want to actually change this to menu because if you say no I don't really want that the game it's just going to take you back to the menu and then if you want to quit you can just press to okay so now um so let me just make sure this is alright go to I'm just going to say the game game the game after this episode and like the next episode well at least you two I will show you guys what we accomplished so copy this paste it but change this to a capital n so that way in case like if the person does like a capital that our game will still take it okay so let me just double check the code right here okay guys so I'm back and I found two things that might give us problems um I put a CLS right under the color just clear screen just to make sure they can't see this and then I also put yeah I took out a space here just because I think that's going to give us an issue so now we need to make what I call sells sell the game so that way it sends you to when you hit yes when you hit Y it lets go to the game so now we need to write the sell for the game so just go watch the game so now we can type in echo I look at that echo this is the one and only love just because I don't want to do anymore for now this is the one and only level do this is the one and only level period echo360 question question question why / no okay and then set /p set / p and then we'll just do levy woman let's type in level because I'm not sure if you can type in the numbers middle store I don't know so we're just going to do that / P level and equal to and then enter and then just go back up here oh just go right here and just copy this and then enter enter paste it go to I'm just going to call it you win you win because that's like my only question for now and then you want to make the sauce script you win you win and then you have to say something so mr. CLS ec h oh wow that was hard how did you win I go by go to go to menu okay so I think that will be it yeah that's going to be it for this episode I hope to do yeah well at least have one more episode showing you the game that we made and I'll probably double-check my code and I will see you guys next time I spawn out peace

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  1. im watching this in 2017 and u have 888 subs thats good if u know what i mean by the way good job make more coding tuts

  2. @echo off
    echo Hello and Welcome.
    color 0a
    color 1a
    echo 1.)Start
    echo 2.)Exit
    set /p number=

    if %number% == 1 goto Game
    if %number% == 2 Exit

    if not defined number (
    goto loop

    echo Hello whats you name???
    set /p name=
    echo Hello %name% would you like to start the game??? (y/n)
    set /p hey=

    if %hey% == y goto thegame
    if %hey% == n menu
    if %hey% == N menu
    if %hey% == Y goto thegame

    echo The is the one and only level.
    echo do pig like mud??? (y/n)
    set /p level=

    if %hey% == y goto youwin
    if %hey% == n menu
    if %hey% == N menu
    if %hey% == Y goto youwin

    echo wow that was hard how did you win???
    echo by
    goto menu

  3. is everyone even serious evryone's thinkin he know how to code listen his words clearly and the pace he was typing even if he's slowly typin cause of letting us see he shouldnt ve done any mistakes and even if he dont sound like dat plus he even dont know 'bout wat to do like he dont know if he ve to change any code listen the whole vi carefully ….

  4. this doesnt teach you how to code, he just tells ya want to type, and ses what it means. he doesn't know how to code. if you want to learn to code look up html

  5. what do I do if I want to make more levels? I need help, do I just put

    set /p level2

    if %level% == y goto next
    if %level% == n got The game???

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