How to become a Doctor?

How to become a Doctor?

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The reason this video ended the way it did was to emphasize the student’s ignorance in the subject. Don’t end up like this student!

Detailed explanation on how to become a doctor! Being a doctor is not easy, so don’t do it for the money! Please follow this advice to be most successful, if you do not, YOU WILL NOT GET INTO MEDICAL SCHOOL, you will not succeed and you will not be very happy. Hopefully this video helped 🙂

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hi my name is Joelle Smith and I would like to become a doctor can you guide me through the necessary steps sure so you want to be a doctor well becoming a doctor will be the most difficult and rewarding thing to do if that is what you're motivated to do if you are seeking big money find something else to do right now here's the reality and I'm sorry I will not sugarcoat it you will study until you are driven to the point of insanity and you will study like a machine it will sound like a ton of work to you right now but until you have experienced university life it will be a hard concept to grasp doing that much homework the key to success is motivation and a passion for the career after you finish high school you will need to get into a pre-medical program at a university many people in your classes will quit the pre-medical program after they take organic chemistry when you are in a pre-medical program do not think that you are guaranteed to become a doctor because this is the beginning you will need to maintain about a 3.5 GPA at worst Medical School is very competitive and you need to get the best grades you can get how do you get these grades well often you will leave home at 8 a.m. and not come home until they kick you out of the library you will have to do what it takes to stay on top you will want to be doing research with a professor being involved in your school being an all-around good person Medical School is not easy to get into you will have to be studying for the Mackay 80 Medical College Admission Test and applying to medical school the mug 80 is a standardized tests that were dresses all of the information you learned in the past four years and your reading and writing skills you will need to do machine like studying for 12 hours straight you have to do the best you could do to stay on top there are only a handful of medical schools available and thousands of people like you try to stay on top they do not want four years of university gun to waste and if you don't make the requirements to get into Medical School you won't be you won't accomplish your dream and if you are lucky you will get dumped into a do school or a Caribbean school so when you are in pre-med I advise you to not get distracted because you may end up in failure there will be some many people ready to help you make your university experience the most successful if you know how to work hard you can get and succeed so you got into Medical School congratulations just four more years until you will become a doctor it has only just begun it's time to learn more information than you did in four years of university in less than two years your first two years are mostly classwork this is when you study until the point of insanity this is when you study like never before challenge your brain into the limits you will have to cram in four years of information into your brain in less than two years and the best part is that you cannot forget this information it will come back and haunt you for the rest of your life if you for if you forget this information and decide never to go back and revise you are dead in the water after your tedious studying and painful classes you still need clinical experience you still need to know how to act like a doctor you will have to take classes in a hospital this will account for two years this is where you actually start to feel like a doctor sometimes you will be put into a rotation where you don't sleep for 32 hours and do nothing but work but you love it and you will survive you will have to pick a specialty of your choice and when you do then you had just graduated medical school you graduated medical school and you have your license but you are still not a professional doctor you will need to do residency residency is the final blow this is when you actually start to work like a doctor and you will work as a doctor with supervisors breathing behind your neck the pay will not be that of a doctor yet this is where all of you learn goes into practice Wow you cannot afford to forget information from medical school because your supervisors will yell at you and some of them do payment deductions depending on what you chose for a specialty this will be your life for three to seven years it will be very hard work some weeks you will work for 80 – 90 hours or maybe more becoming a doctor is not easy and it requires a lot of your time in fact you will feel like college has taken over your life right now you have to make sure you develop those study habits you do not want to be experimenting ways to study in a university you have to train your body to study for long periods of time and keep going you have to be a machine and you have to be ready to attack those exams nothing matters more in university other than your grades in medical school you better get good grades or you are dropped there are many people who have been rejected to medical school they only accept you if you are the energetic hard worker and nowadays medical school is extremely hard to get into and it gets harder year after year the acceptance rate of many medical schools is low you are in competition with thousands of other people in your position you will have to be doing something that distinguishes you from other people maybe you should be doing volunteering in another place rather than the ER go to for example a bioengineering field they will think that you are interested in the entire field of medicine becoming a doctor is one of the hardest things you could do but it is not impossible you could still do it if you truly love medicine and you truly want to be a doctor but if you are ever let down focus on your main goal don't let anyone bring your concentration down every man is responsible for himself and if you want to be a doctor and you truly love it there is nothing stopping you think about this for years in the university for years in medical school three to seven years in residency this is more school than you have done already so you have got to want medicine more than you want the air if you wanted to IT well thank you for the information but I do think this is too much to be become a doctor I'm not barely interested to do it I just thought the pay was good you made it almost seem impossible to be a doctor it's not impossible it just requires a ton of work by

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  1. After making it through medical school and revisiting this video, I've realized that you exaggerated so much of the work it takes. Yes it is hard work but I NEVER had to stay in the library until they kicked me out in undergrad. I NEVER had to work anywhere near a 32 hour shift in my last 2 years of med school. Also, people don't get "dumped" into a D.O. school. D.O. schools, while their stats are slightly lower than MD schools, are extremely competitive too and you still have a 99.9% chance of getting a residency if you go to a D.O. school as opposed to a Caribbean school. Also, when you're a resident, you aren't just working "like a doctor", you ARE a doctor.

  2. IMO, Organic Chemistry is not hard. There's this chick who got a 98 on one of the exams and she has a high A average. So I don't think that it is soo hard, but stupid people tend to exaggerate the difficulty. I cannot confirm it since I never did Organic Chemistry, but I do know that it is easy.

  3. Honestly when I went for this I ended up wasting lots of pell grant. I was in it for the science and this was not a good fit. I am now extremely sensitive to low sleep and stress and my memory is somewhat damaged.

    So I ended up taking 4 years off and will go for a PhD instead.. you know.. to become a real doctor. lol

  4. I tried this as a first generation university student. It was not a great idea. People that succeed at this whole process have successful family members, and were pushed to get straight A's since the beginning of their education. You can help people in medicine without this much schooling and hospitals know this. They have had to adapt to the very low supply of doctors, due to this practice making it really hard to become a doctor.

    If you succeed, you will be in demand. American doctors are very sharp because of how hard it is to become a doctor. But if you have any doubts at all about your academic skills, go to medical school in another country.

  5. Medical school students said that medical school is a concept it's not actually hard it just keeps on coming and when you feel like you can't handle no more they'll give you more

  6. Really? They are making to be hard for student. I find another way to be a doctor. You can take public health for four years and you can take master program for public health and MD for three years. There is a school in the New York. You have to concentrate physical body part system, disease, infection disease, medicine, research, psychology, and field experience. Especially what kinds of field: surgical Md, etc… Like it? This group is using MD term. So please study MD terminology first before you take their requirements class. Your education experience will be more than a doctor! You will have two degrees also.

  7. For those that want to be a doctor, this is the non-sugarcoated view of what it will take. I think the message is that if you want to be a doctor don't do it for the wrong reasons. The message will only demotivate those who want to be a doctor strictly for the money. The video is saying there's more to it than money so chose this career only if you have the passion and motivation to do it. Great info!

  8. It was the hardest things I did! but also one of the most fun and rewarding parts of my life and the money is good 😉

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