How to Beat Velkhana: Tips, Strats, & 1st Impressions  (MHW)

How to Beat Velkhana: Tips, Strats, & 1st Impressions (MHW)

Velkhana is here and she is Very Fun. And Very Hard. We’ve gotten a lot of clears now, solo and multiplayer in viewer hunts, and have learned quite a few strategies and tips for how to handle Velkhana in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

The hardest part is managing to kill Velkhana in under the 15 minute time limit. But there is quite a bit you can do to help shave that time.

We’re loving this new PS4 MHW Iceborne Beta! How about you?

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hello everyone Jinxy I'm on the monster hunt some math guys so the new ice-born beta is out at Valhalla is included as the final master ranked quest valcara is the flagship of ice bone the new ice elder dragon and she is a very very fun fight so tuned and I have already managed to get several clears on her both in solos and multiplayer and we know a lot of you are struggling to get your clears out in that tight 15 minute window the quest gives you so while I am gonna spend the first part of this video just discussing how we felt about on our first impressions but we do also have a lot of tips and strategies for how to beat ur so you can get that nice juicy clear quick reminder though we do have a twitter as well as tuna does have a twitch which is where most of these clips came from to Renea equal business partners and split everything so following us over on twitter and following him on twitch is one of the best ways you can support us for free also i do want to mention that normally for these kinds of monster videos we do use relevant background footage related to what we're talking about but that does take a lot of time scrubbing through hours of footage and we want to get this information out as soon as possible so that's not gonna happen this time sorry in advance if we do a more complete ball kind of guide in the future we'll try to have relevant footage also y'all seem to enjoy the whole blooper at the end of the video things said as one at the end of this one too so let's start off by talking about tuna noise first impressions of all kona both tuna and I agree that she is well designed in our opinions now she does of course have aerial combat you have to deal with she has plenty of AoE you have to learn how to deal with and she also has a rather high attack tempo oh and like everything she does gives you ice blights all of these things combined make her rather challenging to tackle but challenging doesn't mean poorly designs yes she has a high attack tempo but it doesn't mean that she has an octane pad nuke Pappa gas-lamps now jab attack yes she does have a tail jab attack that a lot of people seem to be raging over because it does punish you for over committing but similar to Teo stray if you positioned near the side of her neck it can often just with you and its hitbox is so small and pinpoint if the steppin on your weapons attack is strong enough you'll just avoid it which acts at least I very often just dodge it by accident because I'm calm booing in the step-in is making me move forward so it's definitely no papaya slam and it just feels like a much more fair mechanic and on the nose of her AoE the AoE is very very big on a lover attacks but Oliver attacks feel well-designed and fair see well designed attacks are one of two things either you have a move that has a huge a OE hitbox but a very brief hitbox that doesn't linger so you can I frame it or you have an attack with a small hit box that has a lingering hitbox but you can get out of the way of it all of O'Connor's attacks fall into one of these two categories she has some AoE attacks that have such a huge radius you have to roll two or three times to get out of the way but all of these attacks have very instance very small hitbox times so you simply have to learn how to use your invincibility frames to dodge them that's how you design good AoE attacks to bring up a fall to contrast this with let's look at vu nostrils flame puddles the issue with lunara's flame puddles and why they generate so much rage is because the puddle Poots are triggered by an attack by loon Astra's and as a result the boots have a hitbox that is staggered compared to the hitbox of the attack that triggered them this means it's entirely possible you can perfectly iframe lunara's attack but in a puddle poot hits you off your eye frame run-outs the effective hitbox window you can get hit in is just really big but the AoE of the power Poots is so big you can't get out of the radius in a single roll and you have to be very close to frame perfect with your iframes to dodge both the attack and the puddle boot and in some situations is staggered so hard you can't even iframe it this is a poorly designed attack unless you have a weapon with a shield or a god point mechanic like longsword you don't have any options to defend yourself and the option you may have is so tight to time it's just unrealistic to expect to do it consistently now the flip side of this is the volcano does have some attacks that have very strong lingering hit boxes for example her turn tail jab lingers for such a long time you can get hit by it well after her stab finishes however this move is so pinpoint as I mentioned earlier you can easily roll out of the way of the attack the only move that really is a fault out of these categories that ball kana has is going to be her charge attack it's the same one you see Te'o strand ku shala doing and it has a similar issue with phat lingering hip boxes but her particular version is lot snappier at least so far I haven't seen her charge into a wall and continue charging into it creating a constant giant hitbox like ku shala does normally show just charge in an Ender hitbox by snapping 180 and facing you and it's fairly easy to roll out of the way of this attack unless you are standing dead center with O'Connor when she uses it which is bad positioning I will say I'm not a huge fan of how much her model moves with a lot of her attacks because it makes landing hits on her head consistently fairly challenging but I have only fought her like 15 times and outside of the beta at games calling the communities only had less than 24 hours to really learn her fight and this is something I feel like will clear up as we get more practice with her but yeah overall in our opinion a well-designed fight very fun fight very excited to actually fight her in master rank with proper sets alright that's our first impressions now let's talk about how to beat her in that tight 50 minute window so being completely honest valcara is not that difficult to beat except for the fact that you're going to time out most likely the sets we use in the beta are absolutely trashed we cannot fit any skills on there whatsoever on top of that as I mentioned Val Kanna is difficult but fair meaning you do have to spend some time learning her and getting used to her to be able to keep good damage uptime going and not being used to her also means getting hit a bunch and getting hit a bunch means burning a bunch of health items because we don't have health opens on our weapons etc etc it's very difficult at least to kill her in the 15-minute window with this a normal 50 minute quest I'm sure pretty much anyone will be able to get a kill on Val Khanna after a few tries in my opinion the reason this has a 15-minute window is to force you to have to use the new ice ball mechanics they wants you to clutch claw and off on her pots they wants you to clutch claw her and knock her into walls with slinger ammo they want you to use the paralysis and poison knives they give you much like how the arena is designed they want you to use all the tools at your disposal otherwise you won't get that a rank or in this case you wouldn't clear the quest all right so first off let's just cover general Vulcano strategies and tips and then after that let's talk about the area through area strategy that tuna and I use to get easier clears all right so general tips is first off any time volcana is not enraged pick up some slinger ammo and knock her into a wall keep in mind you have to use picked up slinger ammo for this you're gonna have to grab stones or pick up dragon pods that she drops or things like that but not only does slinging her into a wall deal some chunky damage you also get a free down off of it now you can't do this when she is enraged but anytime she's not enraged just throw her into a wall and on the topic of downs the second area you'll end up fighting valcara in has two rock drops so drop them on her head for chunky damage and more downs and if you want even more downs than you can mount Val kana fairly easily the first area fighter ian has a hill to slide down and a Ledge the hop off of so make use of those and the second area you fighter in is a crystal cave where there are lots of crystal pillars for you to climb up and get mounting attacks off with also valcara makes lots of ice platforms you can stand off of which also function as ledges for mounting attacks also don't forget you do you have paralyze you can use the get one paralysis off even solo and you might as well also use your poison knives to just get a free poison off to it's extra damage and final advice on downs you know how valcara has all of this ice armor all around her body well if you deal enough damage you'll break it now we definitely don't know all the mechanics behind what breaking her ice armor does but if you break the ice armor on the whole body so on her head on her body and her tail she will do a deviljho style drama-queen knockdown and this lasts for a long time this might be fairly difficult to get in a single player hunts just because pressuring her tail is fairly difficult solo but in multiplayer definitely something you might want to aim now on the topic of not downing her flashes function although kana the same way they do wounded Astra the flash will bring her down to the ground however it will not dunk her so she won't be lying on the ground flailing about she'll just start attacking in random directions because she's blind to be honest what kind of spend such little time in the air it's questionable whether it's even worth using flash pods in fact if she takes to the air we now have clutch claw meaning you can easily grapple on to her and hit her while she's flying no matter what weapon you are and if you are going to clutch claw onto her always aim to clutch Koval Kaunas head there are only three attacks Vulcan that can do that will knock you off of her head if your clutch clawing it now she has a giant move set so this means the chance of you getting knocked off if he commits to a clutch claw attack on her head is relatively low in fact clutch clawing her head is so effective that the news EST on switch axe is insanely strong against valcara so strong in fact there is a 5 minute 13 run against ball kana right now using switch axe I don't speak Japanese so I don't know the name of the speedrunner but link in the top right and description to the video so yeah a headquarter attacks very effective also moving on to a question that we have seen a lot should you handle this in solo or multiplayer the answer is probably solo but multiplayer has its advantages so for move one of the members of team darkside posted this a little bit of testing they did on the health of O'Connor so assuming that the rock drop damage does increase in proportion to the health gain depending on how many players in the quest as it does for everything else the multiplier for a health of ikana in a duo is one point nine seven seven four three players is two point nine five and for four players it is three point six eight seven which means that all four players have to be pulling their weights however on val Connor most of her body parts have pretty decent hits on values and breaking all of the ice armor she has does cause a do a double Joe style drama-queen fall to be honest in solo it's pretty hard to get this to happen just because it's hard to keep up attack pressure on her tail when she's constantly trying to face you and because she's a very high at attack pressure monster it's a lot easy to deal with that high attack pressure when they're split agro so if you can't manage to handle this solo offer of several attempts maybe try to find three other skilled hunters to work with two men I did do about ten different runs with various viewers of the streams and we only ever had one failure the entire time and that was cause of carting else not cause of timing out few other neat general law tips you do need God up for her beam attacks that come from her mouth scimitar attempt at Xena fortunately God up exists on the direwolf chest which also gives you the attack boost so you know use that also when she leaves a little ice patches on the ground you can actually slide off of that which is very useful of things like dual blades so you can get free beyblades off and if you are really struggling to survive against bail karna definitely recommend running the leg iana armor set because it has high ice resistance and evade windows 3 combine that with the ice resistance charm they give you as well as eating for elemental resistance medium and you have a lot of ice defense as we mentioned in our canteen guide we recently put out elemental resistance is very efficient for pointed damage reduction in fact even if you don't use leg Jana said simply eating for elemental resistance medium along with using the frost charm should put you over 20 ice defense at over 20 ice defense you no longer suffer from ice blight which is part of what makes this fight very challenging and on that note you should probably running the ice mantle because a lot about Connors attacks are eyespace and it'll save you a lot of damage as for the secondary tool I normally use Rocksteady because unless you make some more aggressive plays earlier on in the fight but glide the mantle and health booster can be very good in multiplayer environments to get some more mounts awful to get some more healing out also when volcana uses her quick laser mouth attack she likes to do it twice so be prepared to dodge it twice and as for her tail jabs depending on positioning she'll use one to two of them but when she is enraged she will use up to three of them in a row so be prepared to dodge three tail jabs in a row also volk Ana's biggest AoE attack is going to be the one where multiple rings of ice explode upwards this move functions exactly the same way as the ground slam hand exploding move the Tampa's ena uses as we discussed in our octopodes ino guide the way that you avoid this attack is to essentially roll towards it after you see the explosion in front of you go off there is a small gap in between the rings that you can stand in between but it is a very small gap so the spacing is a little rough we recommend just rolling forward final tip is that she does ko pretty easily so if you do have a kid weapon just keep aiming for the head all right let's talk area by area the strategy that tuna and I both use to clear her so first off when you look this quest if you're doing it solo load up into a multiplayer private session every time you do this quest the handlers going to waste about 30 of your precious seconds going through some tutorial stuff every time if you're playing in single-player next up volcano spawns right next to camp 16 so that's we're going to want to start on the way over make sure you pick up some slinger ammo when you get to Val kana you basically want to just immediately knock her into a wall with said slinger ammo and then you start beating on her head while she is down to know likes to do a strategy where you don't do too much damage when she's down so she doesn't get enraged when she gets up there so you can pick up some more slinger ammo either the stones on the ground or you can go ahead and clutch claw her if you have a technical weapon and drop some and then you can just knock her into a wall again personally since I use with Jax I do too much damage to do this so I just beat on her you can either get a mount or walk on building up a mount here with the ledges in the sliding area either way beat on her until she leaves and goes to the next area in the next area you'll have to rock drops though kana will start directly below one of them but when you run towards her to close she'll aggro and she could potentially run away from it so you want to drop the rocks on her before she does this but not too soon otherwise you won't get as much time to beat on her because there are two rock drops you'll want to try to pull up to the other ones you can get a second down and more free damage she'll remember you do have pillars here that you can use to get mounting damage off and mounts off personally if your solo I would recommend saving the mount for area three because that's when the fight gets a bit more difficult speaking of area three she's going to go to where Oregon rolls around as final area if you don't already have some make sure you have some slinger ammo on hand now you can either go directly over there or your the camp eight instead to restock regardless of whether you start at camp AIDS or you just go straight there you're going to use the same wedge beetle and jump to this little hang over here climb up and you'll be right where Vulcano is she should not be enraged at this point so take this opportunity to try to knock her into a wall at this point you have to just continue fighting her if you haven't gone on a mount already or you're in multiplayer and several people can focus on mounting damage you can use the sliding in this area to get some free mounts eventually she will go to sleep exactly where Oregon does when you follow behind them make sure you stop short at the entrance of the cave one of the AI changes they made an ice bone is that if you are too close to a monster when it tries to go to sleep it won't go to sleep so wait until volcano starts for a sleeping animation before entering the cave fully place down a bunch of bombs right here now unless you are a great soul and you're playing solo you don't want to wake her up normally but if you do have a great soul and you are playing solo then just go ahead and deal that 1500 damage otherwise what you'll want to do is instead make sure you have slinger ammo and then wake her up by clutching her on the head and shooting her into the wall in full players this is gonna deal 1360 damage which is about as much as at easiest wakeup anyway but also you get to knock her over which means everyone gets to beat on her for a while which is frankly a lot more valuable than any wakeup damage you would get the problem is a strong wakeup is gonna deal enough damage that she'll instantly enrage upon getting up which means you can't launch her into a wall to knock her over theoretically if you have a TCS wake up on her new time your clutch claw to be rides after it lands you can still knock her over but it's a really tight window now if you can coordinate that great if not just knock her into a wall and beat on her face at this point you're just fighting Belconnen normally if you have not gotten any of your CC off so you have para knives left over or you haven't go on a mount yet go for it and then eventually she will die and you will have your vel kana clear using these strategies with tuna tonight we did about 10 or so viewer hunts and we only had one failure do the carting outs and remember the multiplier for four players is three point six eight seven so everyone had to pull their weights but when you're mounting her one to two times knocking here in two walls three to four times the huns and you're also dropping two rocks on her and you're paralyzing her at least once it gets a lot easier to put that damage out but yet that's about it with these strategies you should hopefully have what you need along with some practice to be able to beat Bell Khanna but these are day one impressions and day one strategies they can definitely get more refined and if you have any tips of your own we didn't mention be sure to less than one the comments and thank you as always for watching the video if you're looking for some hunters to hunt with in the ice-born beta and get some multiplayer volcanic clears be sure to check out our discord server the math allows nest don't forget we do have a twitter where we post updates about videos and just various things we find interesting and tuna does have a twitch he streams there almost every day but this weekend it's going to be every day he does a lot of viewer hunts so be sure to check him out and thank you as always to honey over a honey hunter wall comm for creating and maintaining the tools we used to make all of our sets with and also a thank you too for mow over a team darkside for providing that information before Connors multiplier H be linked to his twitch Twitter and team Darkseid's youtube channel in the description and of course none of this would be possible without the generosity of our patrons so especially huge thank you to for a Yoshi Chow flight david Sternberg XEL ko7 hall canis gill ghee Hika david jus Sinclair john cowan simple by nature warren Chios and SATs again papa's slash web Manticore cap'n big brain mochi powders amia washington super fly Braham or soul roddy raw dog anti-spartan lightweights javac the local PB livingston flag oblast jordan patty Skyler yang miguel lopez lupin mangas Kumiko triple agent august oliveira caracas sera she ryan gates alan odom began zim sir kites Peru Billy Barthel malli yo Dee Cosmo para ramos dandy captain walmat magister obscura jaime and every single one of you who supports us on patreon it is insane to think that we hit 50,000 subscribers and we've been doing this for almost a year and to be completely honest tuna and I probably want to stop doing this a long time ago if we didn't have the amazing community that we have so I know I sound like a broken record but thank you guys so much because without your support we wouldn't be doing what we're doing all right that is all I have for you guys on this one that's day one impressions I am tired I'm gonna go lie down or something but be sure to subscribe hit the notification bell as well cuz you have to navigation bellow you too doesn't tell you when our stuff comes out and it's beta weekend so there's lots of streams and videos coming out happy hunting hunters by E so tuna is a toner is a toner horn ah-ha

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  1. Velk's super fun y'all. She's super new so we know we haven't scratched the surface of this glacier. Let us know if you have any other tips or strats that we missed in here!
    We'll be streaming all weekend, Tuna on twitch and Jinx on Youtube!

    Also cookie to anyone who can tell me the name of the musical score.

  2. Its ridicelous cant even play through the story with this stupid quest repelling Velkhana… it gets me edgy and mad at the same time

  3. Ive lost about 5 times already, each time taking 30 to 40 minutes, in 90°F, plus ive only died to consecutive combos from velkhana that go for about 3 or 4 hits. Should i be sane? Is this rng? If you ask me, this boss is totally broke, not fun, not hard, but simply luck based. I usually only die to the stun procs. And every single time it does the huge spherical ice block, i get hit. Superman dodge doesnt work all the time for me.
    Edit: hehe, just killed em. It can suck my weiner

  4. Can someone tell me is the Legiana set he talked about is the MR versions?

    And how do I craft the direwolf armor? Can't find it on workshop's list of MR armors..


  5. How the fuck did people do this in 15 mins? Just failed after 40 and hadn't even got her to sleep. Impossible to get anywhere close to keep up aggression without becoming a Siberian chew toy

  6. My only mistake with this fight was underasrimating it and pushing it to the last few hours of the beta… in the end I was so sleepy that I didn't even get her to sleep…

  7. The velk fight was really fun but I feel like besides the time it was too easy.
    Maybe archtemperd will speed up those animations.

  8. Multiplayer tip: we spawn at camp 8 run out grab honey, fly to 16 grab the might seeds and bitterbug..drop down and craft demondrug…plus you’ll have a might seed for some nice buffs and run up and grab the stones right by crystal room to start fight.

  9. Just gonna say lost like 10 times against her then I switched to hunting horn and the 2 longsworders and heavy bowgun rekt her

  10. To be honest, Velkhana's fight isn't that hard. The difficulty comes from the time limit and your limited armor/weapon choices.

  11. I am honestly struggling with this so I’m gonna try this strategy… it just sucks cause I don’t have friends who are very good so I have to hope I get a decent random team or try it solo

  12. Bleh, playing this outside solo, I don't see how it is possible. Either that or the game is glitched like the old Nergigante beta glitch where he sometimes wouldn't die. My last run we had her in the last area for over 5 minutes, flinching her over and over, hitting her out of the air and knocking her over and she still didn't die. Of course, every single time I've done the mission she went to a completely different area instead of going to sleep. So far every video I've seen and run I've been on where she went to the Rath area instead of sleeping she was unable to be killed before time.

    I know it isn't from lack of damage in the phase right before she sleeps. Something is causing her to go to a different area and become unkillable it seems.

  13. I hate this boss. So much. She’s too jumpy, she can knock you off the clutch too easy, she fucking spams attacks, AND FORMS BARRIERS!

    Everything about this boss pisses me off and I will never have fun fighting this stupid monster

  14. The song is by Vivaldi. It is "Winter", a part of the Four Seasons Violin Concerti. Prototyperaptor did a pretty bomb remix for those curious.

  15. Everyone including this tells me "Slam Velkhana into the wall over and over, you will win"…. man I did it 5x in one fight and hit both roof rocks on it, and still hit times up! >:O

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  20. I agree, the only thing annoying is how all of her body does usless moves just to be flashy when attacking, making it difficult to stay focus on her weak spot

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