How To Apply Eyeliner - Hacks, Tips & Tricks for Beginners!

How To Apply Eyeliner – Hacks, Tips & Tricks for Beginners!

Hey friends! Today I wanted to break down eyeliner application and make it super easy to follow so you can easily achieve winged liner for any occasion! Ask me any questions below and subscribe so you don’t miss out on more videos like this one!

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hey what's up you guys welcome back today's video is all about how to apply winged liner I go super duper in-depth with how to do it it's going to be very similar to my how to apply eye shadow video if you haven't checked that out I will link it down below basically I go and talk your ear off her forever about how to apply eye shadow but a lot of you guys really seem to like that one so I thought that I would do a very descriptive in depth video on how to apply eyeliner so I hope that you guys enjoy this I do show you how to apply it on my eyes with a gel eyeliner however I show you the other alternatives if you prefer a liquid cell tip or pencil as well so yeah you're going to get all of this information just thrown at you I really hope that this is helpful and that you guys like this but that's pretty much it please subscribe and let's just jump right into it now when you go in to do your eyeliner I think that the trickiest thing is to make sure that they're even and to get that down it can be really really tricky but I'm going to break it down for you now there are two ways of doing it I'm going to do it's a hooded eye way even though my eyes aren't technically hooded as you're looking at them right now but as soon as I put on my eyeliner that my lids tend to like practically disappear so when I do my liner I like to do with the hooded eye way but I'm going to show you both ways so if you've got a great lid space on your eyes you don't have to worry about the lid kind of like disappearing what you want to do is grab like another object like you can use like your your other liners that you have around or brushes or something like that but line it up and you can grab like a nude pencil or a white liner to market if you want because then it can disappear but what you want to do is measure so take the end of your nostril right here measure it to the corner of your eye right here and to the end of the brow so line it up like this and that is the line that your wing is going to form so grab like a nude pencil or something like that and you can mark it right along that you can use something Center than just a brush or whatever you can use a toothpick or you know anything to help you line that up but do it on both sides and then your wings will be even now if you have hooded eyes or a limited eyelid space is instead of lining it up going this way when I create my winged eye like it to go almost outwards and that line is this way outwards towards the top of my ear so if you have hooded eyes then it's not going to wing up like that because then when you open your eyes it's going to get cut and it's going to look really weird but if you do it more outwards it's just going to go and wing this way and you'll actually be able to see your wing so whichever way works best for you try it that way and that way your wings will be even so whether you want to go with the nose up to the brown have more of a lifted wing effect or if you want it to go more outwards towards your ear and have a more elongated dramatic effect that's totally up to you so now we just apply the eyeliner finally my personal favorite is the Inglot gel liner in shade 77 it can dry out very quickly so I highly recommend duraline which is something that you just drip into the product to revamp and liquify the gel again so it's a lot creamier and easier to apply so I'm just picking up a little bit on both sides of my brush and then what I do is I wipe it off as you can see the brush is really really flat looking so it's not really round what I did when I wipe this off is I flattened it like this when I go in with my liner I'm going to use it right there on the flat side of the brush and that's going to make it so it's not too sick right away it doesn't like glob on so what I do is I look straight into my mirror I'm not looking down I'm not looking up I'm looking directly straight this is level with like my nose here so what I do is I use my pinky as kind of like a balancing point because then you're going to be a lot more study so no matter what tool you're using use your pinky as a balancing point that's why a lot of times I like to do my foundation afterwards because if I do it first like I do right now if I put my finger on sometimes it can leave a fingerprint or something but keep that in mind so as you can see I'm not going this way with my brush I'm taking it this way going right at the bottom lashline corner of my eyeball so I'm not going up too high where like where my lashes stop I'm going where that bottom lashline end actually so not here I'm going here right where that ends so I'm bringing it and I'm going to bring it out towards my ear or if you like the uplifted effect you can bring it going this way going up towards the brow but I'm going to make it go outwards towards my ear and I'm just creating that now as you saw it's kind of hard to do it and talk about at the same time but what I did there is I flipped it now if you are nervous to flick it and if you feel like it's going to be a little bit more out of control or out of your control just do little itty-bitty flicks you know you don't have to do like one dramatic flick to say you do that and then it goes crazy across your face this will kind of control it a little bit by doing the little flicks so just do your little flicks and what you want to not do is end it with a lot of pressure on your brush the most pressure should be right when you apply it and then the least pressure should be towards the end because you kind of want your eyeliner to look like it goes and disappears you want it to go into nothing so if you bring that line and carry all the pressure all the way to the end you're going to have this big like tip of liner all the way at the end and that's really not what you want to do so now that you've got that I usually do it shorter at first because you can always elongate it later is now I'm going to go in with a little bit more product on both sides of my brush do the same thing wipe off the excess and make it really really flat now what I'm going to do is I'm not going to go from the end of that because we did already make it look very elongated and like it's going to disappear when we did that flick I'm going to go from probably right here at this point right here and I'm going to bring it in and go along my eye now sometimes I feel like this is going to be a little bit difficult if you've never done winged liner before so if it is you can start here instead and connect it but I find this to be a lot easier so do whatever works best for you I find that with liner it's going to take a lot of practice it's not like just slapping on a lipstick or something like that it does take practice so if you've never tried it this way just give it a try one night before you go to bed and then wipe it off just give it a try and see how you like it so I go from the middle part here right here I'm not going to go from over here because I don't I don't want that to be sick there I'm going to go right here and I'm just going to mirror my lid so I'm actually doing my wing almost backwards and I feel like a lot of people do it this way but I personally find it to be the easiest for me so I just went in with more products at the exact same way cool it is my brush both sides and then wiped off the excess so that it stays flat and I go pretty much to like the middle here to where like my iris starts going to go in with some more product so now I'm going to look straight into my mirror before I was kind of giving it my right side which I did forget to mention I apologize that entire time I had my mirror here but I looked this way and gave the mirror my right side of my face because I'm working on my right eye now I'm going to look straight into my mirror and almost downwards so I can get right there into the inner part of that liner area so right here and I'm also I'm not directly going at it like this because if you do it like that you're going to blink it's going to feel weird that you've got something directly coming at your eye you want to use the entire brush and this is a big tip for felt-tip liners or liquid liners is to use the entire brush space so I'm actually using it flat still I'm not just using the very itty-bitty tip part of the brush I'm using the flat part so using this entire area here and now this is actually going to connect to this now when you do it especially with Inglot gel liner you do want to work quickly or just not sit here and talk to a camera like I am because it will dry and once it dries it will be really difficult to work with once it does dry but usually and I'm sure you guys aren't going to be sitting here explaining it to a group of people or to a camera or whatever but as you can see like that's pretty much the base or outline of the eyeliner now say you you messed up you've got this big glob that kind of going up here let me just purposely do that really quick I'm going to make it like it say it looks like this and you kinda sorta messed up a little bit it's got that glob let it dry and we're going to fill in the rest of it here filling in the lines this is like the easiest part as you can see when I work on the outer part I'm giving them near my right side when I work on the inner part I'm looking straight forward and down so just fill that in the other thing is when you go low with your liner you want to make sure you really fill that in there in that outer corner like almost like your outer waterline very easy to miss this area down here it's very tricky so I've let that sit a little bit and let it dry it looks a little out of place right it looks like I've got a bump let go of your brush or whatever you're using make sure it's dry because if it's wet you'll smear it around use your fingernail or you can use like the back of your tweezers basically go right above it and just push it down make sure you don't get it all over and then mess it up you can use another one if you want but if you just push it down I kind of like the skin around it hides it I know that's kind of weird but it I do it all the time and it kind of helped so now I'm just going to go in with more product wipe it off and make it thin and kind of go over that area to make it more seamless but if you ever do something like that sometimes it's obviously more dramatic than the way I showed just now but that is how I fix that mistake and now I'm just going to go back over it and make it one with everything else so now we've got this awkward end which is honestly decent it's not bad but for me I like my wing to go like off into outer space so really clean off your brush and make sure it's really really flat and now what we're going to do is we're not going to start right where that ends we're going to come from the inside of that little outer triangle you see how that makes a little triangle there we're going to start from right here put our brush down and then flick it outwards very slowly now you don't want to wait here kind of like how I did you want to make sure it's really like wet with the liner because if it's dry it's going to be really complicated so let's do this again and that's kind of how you get that like disappearing edge you can also go in with some concealer and clean that up I personally don't like to do that just because I feel like if I if I get in the habit of doing that all the time just extra steps and then sometimes it kind of messes up unreal but that is an easy fix if something happens out here it's not the way that you want it to look like you can use concealers to fix that and now when I do my opposite I as my hand does that make sense like I'm right-handed this is my left eye I do the same thing like I did in my eyeshadow video where I literally cross my arm across my chest so when I'm doing it I look like this like this is like this and then I come in this way so I've got my anchor point with my pinky out towards the ear with this eye on the inner corner I kind of tilted my head to the left and then now I'm tilting it to the right to access that part of it filling in the lines so I would say that this is pretty much done I'm happy with how it looks it's they're pretty even unless you're like looking up super close and dissecting it but yeah just remember it does not have to be perfect nobody is going to be looking at your eyes being like oh her eyeliner is uneven and if you are that person stop it don't be mean people are trying and practicing and playing and being creative so don't be mean usually people aren't like that and if they are like that they've got more problems than you do so there's that I quickly wanted to share with you how to apply liquid liner and a tube like this felt liner and they look identical like this but you know what I mean the felt tip liner liquid liner and the pencil so this one here that I'm going to show you is very very similar and technique and the way you apply it as you would the gel liner that I just used so this one here is the NYX matte liquid liner and it comes in a bottle like this so just you know liquid liner anything that says liquid is going to be just like this and it's very very watery when you first pull this out of the bottle there's going to be this big glob here on the tip of the liner brush so you want to use your bottle to really get the excess off so it is very flat instant and make sure your also getting it from the base of that brush too because as you apply it that product is going to fall to the tip and give you more of that glob and apply too much product than you want so really really really make sure that you get that nice and flat like that then you're going to use it the exact same way that I showed you in this video it's just you have to make sure that you're really making sure that you get that excess product off because if you don't you're going to apply too much and it's gonna be a hassle when you apply the liquid liner to your eye the way that I did you're not going to be able to just like open your eye and look around right away you're gonna have to sit in that position just for a minute with your chin up kind of like looking down into your mirror just kind of like this you know because if you go like this and just start looking around that's going to transfer up into your crease and it's going to be messy and you're gonna be like crap I just spent all that time trying to do this and it's ruined so that's why I personally don't like to use liquid liners myself just because I'll forget and I'll screw it up and it's a pain in the butt and gel liner doesn't do that to me so but if you do prefer liquid liner just keep that in mind in the end they all end up looking the same so now what's felt tip liner the one that I have here is the Stila stay all day waterproof liquid liner this is a liquid liner but it is a felt tip for me personally I just as not a fan of felt tip liners the reasoning behind that is as you can hear there's like a little ball ii thing in here when you're doing it you end up running out of product and get to shake it again and get the product to ink down into the felt tube again which i find to be very very frustrating and very very annoying but a lot of people love felt-tip liners i don't like that you can't really control the tip of this however this does already have a very very fine tip I'm weird and I like to be able to control that kind of thing but when you apply this you're going to do it the exact same way but you really want to make sure that you utilize all of this space here on the felt tip you don't want to bring this and go directly at your eye like this and try to apply it like you would a pen or a marker it doesn't work that way because the majority of the product is here on this entire area if you try to just draw like this it'll work for a minute but it will eventually run out you want to make sure that you're really laying this flat on its side and using that entire space to create the line that's something that I learned when I worked at Sephora and I was getting certified you want it to be completely sideways like this going horizontally and lay it flat against it and it will be so much easier for you to achieve now this does dry quicker than the liquid liner that I showed you before this one however you still want to make sure that it dries completely completely before opening or moving or whatever especially if you have hooded eyes because it is a little bit more wet I also find that the felt tip liners are a little bit more sticky so whenever I would have my winged liner done and I would open my eyes throughout the day they would almost stick to my crease it was very frustrating and annoying but a lot of people love the felt tip liner is not their go-to and their favorite and that's awesome but I did want to share those techniques on how to apply those if you like those and master things and now lastly here I have an eyeliner pencil this is my personal favorite one it's the ardency in mobster eyeliner I do have this sharpened as much as it can possibly go and as you can see it is a lot thicker than the other options that I've showed you here so for this I wouldn't even recommend to use a pencil for a wing but if that is all that you have at home it is definitely achievable it's just going to be harder to do so what I would recommend is to do it the same way I just showed you but do not worry about the bottom part here being perfect because I would recommend to go in with a concealer than to clean up your mistakes just because this is going to be very very complicated to make it so precise just because it is so thick just go on kind of like you would a crayon or how you would normally use an eyeliner pencil create the wing like you would but don't worry so much about getting this so precise you're really going to get it to look precise by going in with your concealer and cleaning it up afterwards I personally love these pencils mainly for in the waterline or the bottom lash line or something like that and I really like this one the Arden cn1 just because it's very very creamy and pigmented so it goes on like super easily without having to go over it a billion times also last really really long so if you've got watery eyes or something like that I do recommend this one I also really love the Rimmel scandaleyes liners those are also really good they're just not as pigmented as this one but the price difference is there these are like $20 I don't know how much the room old ones are off the top of my head but they're significantly cheaper I'm going to go ahead and apply some mascara and some false lashes if you'd like a full video just like this one that's super in-depth on how to apply lashes just let me know I would definitely love to do one and go over all of my tips and tricks and stuff like that alright so that was everything on how to apply eyeliner I really really hope that this was helpful if you end up trying it out and it works out please let me know down below and if if any questions at all ask me that in the comments as well I do already have a video on how to apply eyeshadow just like this one where I go almost too in-depth on how to do it so I will link that down below in the description box of this video along with a bunch of other videos that I think that you would like that are very similar and if you want more videos like this that go so in-depth with it please let me know what those videos are down below if you'd like to see that because I would be more than happy to do that so thank you so much for watching this video please subscribe if you haven't already so you get notified whenever I post a new video and that is it thanks so much for watching and I'll see you later bye

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