How To: 6 Tips to Dribble A Basketball Better in 2018!๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ˜

How To: 6 Tips to Dribble A Basketball Better in 2018!๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ˜

How To: 6 Tips to Dribble A Basketball Better in 2018! In this video Coach Rocky explains 6 tips that will help you dribble a basketball better and improve your handles.

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hey coach rocky here I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving but it's time to get back to work in today's video I'm going to show you six tips that will help you instantly improve your handles let's get straight into it tip number one pound the ball and dribble hard the reason for this is because the harder you dribble the longer the ball is in your hands the shorter the ball is out of your hands the shorter the ball is out of your hands that's going to make it harder for the defender to steal the basketball if you don't pound on the ball then it'll make it easy for the defender to kind of pick your pocket when that ball is not in your hands it's not really easy to steal the ball from you when the ball is actually in your hands so pound the basketball and all your ball handling drills over pound it you know really try to throw that ball through the ground and then when you get in real games you don't have to pound the ball as hard but it will start to become second nature for you of just dribbling the basketball harder and again that's going to help you have more control with the basketball but another thing I didn't even mention is it's going to help you have a faster handle because the harder you can whip the ball left to right between your legs the faster your handles gonna be the harder it is going to be to guard you so pound the basket ball and dribble hard during all of your drills so tip number two we have used the finger pads of your hand we don't want to dribble with our fingertips we don't want to do that we also don't want to dribble with smack with our palm we want to dribble with our finger pads this is gonna give us the most control and I want you to think about pretend you're shooting the ball would you shoot the ball with your fingertips would you shoot with the ball flat on your palm you wouldn't do that you would dribble you would shoot the ball with the ball kind of on your pads resting in your hand like I'm showing here and that's pretty much how we want to dribble there's a reason why we shoot like that and we dribble like that because because of the destruction of our hand this makes it very easy to control the basketball so when you dribble you even want to kind of have that little follow-through flick of the wrist like when you shoot basketball so dribbling and shooting are actually more similar than a lot of people think so when we go back to the last tip you want to pound the ball and now you want to add this tip you want to dribble with your finger pads and you want to follow through every dribble like it's a shot and this is really going to help you control the ball it's going to help the ball go down and come back up into your hand if you don't do this follow through and you Pat with your hand you don't have any control over the ball and you're not 100% sure that ball is going to come back to the spot that you want it to come back to so use your finger pads again on all your dribbling drills and when you're dribbling in the games but use these tips in your drills because they will become second nature so when you step into the games you won't even have to think about it so tip number three keep your head up and the reason you want to keep your head up is simple you want to be able to see the defense you want you don't want to miss a teammate getting open or an opening that you can attack now you want to practice keeping your head up as much as possible please note that in a game you are gonna look down sometimes I look down when I'm doing my move sometimes to find the ball if you watch Stefan curry Kyrie Irving these guys also look down when they're doing their moves it's just going to happen so I don't want you to think if you look down you're in trouble or anything just try to focus on looking up as much as possible and really focus on it and your training because the more you have your head up the more you're going to be able to find teammates and open spots the more you're gonna be able to read the defense and the more you'll be able to pick your spots and you'll know when you can attack or when you can get a shot off so we don't want to be staring at the ground the whole time we want to be looking up but again remember that sometimes you are gonna look down to find the ball that that's only right you know you can't do every move you don't always know where the ball is gonna be sometimes you might lose the handle a lot of times I'm like say it behind the back move you have to look down to find the basketball again that's completely fine you can watch all the NBA players um they look down when they're move sometimes to find the basketball so keep that in mind when you're doing these moves but also try to keep your head up as much as possible so that you can see the defense and see the openings tip number four we're focusing on going north to south and not east to west so what I mean by this is you want to focus on going with your moves north to south straight and back to retreat versus going too much east to west now when I say used to West I'm not just I'm not talking about like a crossover where you quickly crossover left to right and then you blow by your man because that's still going north to south what I mean by east to west is starting from the left side of the court dribbling to the right side of the court instead of beating your man I'm in attacking so we don't want to go too much east to west we want to try to focus on going north to south I see a lot of players they do a whole bunch of ball handling moves but they don't go anywhere they just go side to side they don't attack the rim they don't blow by their men and attack the basket and they don't attack the paint so what you want to do here is yes come straight at your defender attack your defender do not attack the sidelines alright tip number five we have have a variety of moves and what I mean by this is have some go-to moves that you feel comfortable with and going to embroil games one way to practice this I love to do is what I'm doing here freestyle dribbling it's just going up and down the court practicing different moves that you feel comfortable with kind of building that rhythm as a ball handler I'm building that rhythm as a dribbler – to have moves that you feel comfortable using in games and the reason for this is because when a defender is guarding you you want to have these go-to moves that you can go to and you want to be comfortable with doing different types of moves remember in real games you don't know what's going to happen we can't predict anything all we can do is react the faster we are reacting the better we are reacting with our moves the better we're going to fare against the defense now remember this freestyle drill is just a drill that you're going to use to improve your variety of moves when getting real games you're not gonna do all these moves at one time right here all you're doing is kind of like sharpening those tools that you have so when it's time to use them you're ready to use them buying a game you know you keep it basic but when it's time to pull out one of these moves boom you got them think about Kyrie Irving Steph Curry all these guys have go-to moves but they also have a variety of counter moves and that doubles the amount of moves they have which makes them virtually unguardable so if you can develop you know a few go-to moves a variety of go-to moves and then have counters for those moves and maybe even counters for those counters then you're going to be very hard to guard now tip number six probably one of the more important advanced tips now obviously the main tips in the beginning are very important like don't hit the ball with your palm and stuff but this tip is important you don't want to go full speed a hundred percent speed all the time my coach used to tell me rocky I'd rather have a guy that can go zero to twenty to fifty back to 20 versus a player that can go zero to 100 the whole time so you'll notice NBA guys do this very well the best guards Chris Paul Steph Curry Kyrie they do a great job and changing speeds not going too hard not wasting all their energy but really just keeping their defender off balance and being able to change speeds so another good way to practice this is similar to that freestyle drill we did again full court dribbling like I'm doing here practice going hard speeding up going slow slowing down stopping reset up act like you're gonna go hard then go slow go hard stop do a little fake like this there's a lot of different things you can do but changing speeds is one of the most powerful weapons that a point guard could have whether you're in the full court or half court it'll make defenders it'll make it possible for them to guard you even if you're facing a very fast defender because you know what you're gonna do he's trying to react to what you're going to do so you'll always have the upper hand especially if you change speeds and you take control and you kind of having to do what you want and you don't let him to allow you to do what you want so changing speeds is extremely important for a point guard and you should definitely be practicing changing your speeds again it's one of the most powerful tools that you can use I hope you enjoyed today's video and if you want to improve your scoring and take your scoring to the next level so that you become a threat in a scoring machine and real games that I have a free elite scoring accelerator that I want to give to you to get access all you have to do is click the first link in the description um that's gonna take you to a page I'm gonna ask you for your first name in your email so I know where to send the scoring accelerator to um again if you enjoyed the video please do me a big favor hit that thumbs up for me comment below let me know what else you want to see what else you want me to talk about any other videos you want me to do last but not least please do not forget to 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