How are Madden YouTube Ratings Determined?

How are Madden YouTube Ratings Determined?

A source that wishes to have his identity protected discusses a ratings program.

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it's 4:30 a.m. in Orlando Florida at the Tiburon studios most people are long asleep most employees have yet to reach the door one employee who only wish to go by his first name John arrives John's have madan ratings performance adjuster but not the program you've heard about so much this year on field john has a much more important feel to play YouTube I saw these guys on a 60 about how they have the greatest job ever what they don't realize is the hard work that goes on behind the scenes oh yeah it's great in your office full of memorabilia in global trips those guys man let's just say if hard work was gasoline they couldn't get a fleas motorcycle around the penny John says like in Madden speed is key disliking videos early is critical to help influence others who view the video later and that his job goes beyond just ratings the real hard work is done on the internet are not here in the real trenches in the NFL these guys do ratings each week my players I'm updating daily the franchise guy not Alan slob drink sports these guys need adjustments each day some of these guys they put out content so quickly I can't get to it fast enough it's like boom just like the bug when asked John says it's not about when he'll step away from the game but how to him it's perseverance and he only plans to leave his position once he finds someone that can carry on the legacy that he has fought so hard to defend I won't be able to do this forever I know that but what I try to convey in every message is that you can't sprout masterpiece without EA and you can't spell EAD without man and I think that pretty much sums up how great that is

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  1. So apparently you can tell what your drafted players hidden development trait is just by looking at their animation. If their arms are crossed they’re a star , if one arm is raised they’re a superstar, if both are raised they’re a superstar X factor. I’m not sure if this is entirely true but if it is I think it deserves a video. It ruins the whole point of having the development trait “hidden”.

  2. I don't buy Madden anymore. I'm saving $60 every year. That's why NFL 2k5 and APF 2k8 are still ruling in 2020.

  3. The next ratings adjuster is actually going to be decided in a contest and they're picking the person to win.

  4. What difference does higher or lower ratings make … think about it if let's say speed Antonio Brown is a 94 speed…and Larry Fitzgerald is an 85 speed… the outcome is AB is just gonna glitch, fault, or hiccup 9 attributes faster 😒😩

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